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Ryan Speedo Green: From juvenile delinquency to opera stardom – 60 Minutes – CBS...

As a 12-year-old in Virginia, Ryan Speedo Green was the author of an impressive rap sheet. He was so violent he was banished to a class for delinquents. And when he couldn't be contained there, he was sent to a juvenile lockup. Those who knew the boy with the unusual name, could see that the child was writing a tragedy. Now, as a man, tragedy has become the dominant theme in his life, but in a way that no one could have imagined. The high priest in the temple of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, is Ryan Speedo Green, starring in Rossini's "Semiramide." Green blessed the hall with a voice that reaches from bass to baritone. Ryan Speedo Green performs Metropolitan Opera At age 32, he is a member of the Vienna State Opera and performs on stages of the world in German, French, English and Italian. Some call his sound a gift, but that sells short the life of struggle, and the sacrifices of others, that lifted him to the high altar of success. Ryan Speedo Green: I lived in a t..

Famous Musicians Who Contributed to Our Eating Habits – Foreign Policy 2018

We might forget that musicians have a life just like the rest of us. All we see when we look at them is the music they make or the part of their life that they show us. But they are just like any person with favorite places, venues, likes, and dislikes. And when they are not making music, they seem to appreciate the simpler part of life even more than us. One of life’s most interesting things is food, and musicians have their favorite foods just like us. In fact, some of the famous dishes that are popular today have been invented by musicians or actors, composers, singers, or other famous peo..

St. Petersburg MFA To Show Largest Collection Of Jean Schlumberger Jewels And Objects –...

One of the most extensive collections of jewels created by Jean Schlumberger will be on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Fla. Titled “Jewels of the Imagination,” the exhibition will feature more than 135 pieces of jewelry and art objects by the famed designer, best known for his work with Tiffany & Co. The show will open December 15 and run till March 15, 2009. All of the pieces are from the collection of Rachel Lambert Mellon (August 9, 1910 – March 17, 2014), best known as “Bunny” Mellon, a socialite, philanthropist and h..

SEO Title: The best fashion designer and artist collaborations of all time –

When it comes to fashion’s love affair with collaboration, few of its unions sit quite as comfortably as that of leading designers and the art world’s most interesting talents. From walking works of art like Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 Modernist collection, which featured his now iconic Piet Mondrian dresses, to complete creative exchanges that become part of a house’s DNA (see Kim Jones’s Dior menswear), these increasingly symbiotic relationships are fed by an enduring appetite for artfully erudite couture. Advertisement From Sketch To Ca..

How actor and comedian Bruce Bell became a famous Toronto historian – Global News

Bruce Bell has become a big part of Toronto, well-known for his non-traditional walking tours. Even though Bell is deeply rooted in the community he didn’t grow up in the city. “I was born and raised in Sudbury,” the Toronto historian told Global News. “I came to Toronto to pursue a career in acting. It started out I was in a film – ‘Class of ’44’ in 1972. I met Mark Breslin around that time and he was putting together this comedy club, Yuk Yuk’s.” Story continues below “I became one of his very first comedians back in the ‘70s and for the ne..

Borneo cave discovery: is the world’s oldest rock art in Southeast Asia?

Cave paintings in remote mountains in Borneo have been dated to at least 40,000 years ago – much earlier than first thought – according to a study published today in Nature. These artworks include a painting of what seems to be a local species of wild cattle, which makes it the world’s oldest example of figurative art – that is, an image that looks like the thing it is intended to represent. Read more: Ancient stone tools found on Sulawesi, but who made them remains a mystery This discover..
ancient city of Tenea

Greek archaeologists uncover first remnants of ancient city of Tenea

Written by Matthew Robinson, CNN A team of Greek archaeologists has just uncovered the first remnants of a once lost city believed to have been founded by former Trojan prisoners of war in the 12th or 13th century BC. Excavations close to the village of Chiliomodi, in the southern peninsula region of the Peloponnese, unearthed a wide variety of artifacts which indicate the presence of the wealthy ancient city of Tenea. Western portion of the excavation site, showing remnants of the city of Ten..

The Chase viewers get the giggles as contestants’ names make up two very famous...

THE Chase viewers got the giggles when they realised the contestants' names spelt out two famous comedians. Fans couldn't help but laugh when host Bradley Walsh introduced Vicki, Gervaise, Peter and Kay on the ITV quiz show tonight. ITV The Chase viewers got the giggles after they realised the contestants' names made up two famous comedians After the TV star welcomed viewers to the show, the line-up each introduced themselves. They included Kay, 31, from Leeds, and Peter, 64, from Doncaster. Also vying to win thousands of pou..

Celebrity birthdays for the week of Nov. 18-24

Here are some celebrities celebrating a birthday this week. Actor Owen Wilson turns 50 on Nov. 18. Actor Owen Wilson speaks during a news conference before the NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla., Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017. Wilson is the grand marshall of the race. (AP Photo/Terry Renna) Nov. 18: Actress Brenda Vaccaro is 79. Actress Linda Evans is 76. Actress Susan Sullivan is 76. Country singer Jacky Ward is 72. Actor Jameson Parker is 71. Act..

Southern California Fires Uproot Hollywood Celebrities

Thousands of firefighters in California are battling deadly wildfires in northern and southern parts of the state. So far 56 people in the state have died as a result of the fires. Many more have lost their homes. The wildfires in Southern California have been sweeping through many affluent communities near Los Angeles. Some residents are now returning home. Among them, celebrities are who posting their thoughts and experiences on social media. VOA's Elizabeth Lee reports from Los Angeles. ..

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