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11 DC Chefs to Follow on Instagram

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In real life, unfiltered access to tastemakers is rare. But thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to follow along as D.C. hospitality pofessionals tend to day-to-day activities ranging from recipe testing to orchestrating disaster relief efforts around the globe.

Here are 11 local chefs to get to know on Instagram.

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José Andrés, Thinkfoodgroup – @chefjoseandres

Restaurateur and philanthropist José Andrés was everywhere in 2017, racing from disaster zone to disaster zone last year with relief-oriented World Central Kitchen and a coterie of celebrity chefs in tow. His feed includes images of people in need, the army of volunteers he’s encountered along the way, and picture-perfect dishes created for his growing family of restaurants.

Erik Bruner-Yang, Brothers and Sisters/Paper Horse/Maketto/Shopkeepers/Spoken English – @erikbruneryang

One of the driving forces behind D.C.’s obsession with ramen, Erik Bruner-Yang’s feed provides a window into family life, current (and future) projects, and the global citizen’s various interests (food, music, clothing, politics).

Mesach Cisero, Prequel – @chefcisero

The current chef in residence at pop-up friendly Prequel, Cisero’s feed features shots of the different foods on his mind at any given moment (Southern, Caribbean, cheesesteaks) as well as baller birthday celebrations.

Paolo Dungca, Restaurant Eve – @paolodungca

An alum of critically acclaimed Bad Saint and an essential part of forthcoming Wharf restaurant Kaliwa, Dungca’s feed is full of the dishes he’s perfecting for Eat Good Food Group’s new South Asian restaurant, the exploratory eating he does around the area, and abstract takes on life in a working kitchen.

Adam Greenberg, Coconut Club – @tapaschef

This Chopped alum turned founder of forthcoming Coconut Club is currently doing pop-ups/serving as consulting chef all over town. His feed includes snapshots of research trips to Hawaii (skate parks included) as well as tropical-themed dishes he’s tinkering with.

Ryan Hackney, the Bird – @ryan_hackney

This bandana-loving, tattoo-covered chef lets it all hang out on Instagram. His feed is full of encounters with eye-catching ingredients, behind-the-scenes tours of charity events, and the friends he’s collected while working in restaurants all over town.

Tyler Kineman, West End Bistro – @tek_chef

A sous chef at one of D.C.’s toniest hotels, Kineman’s feed is full of gourmet dishes, inspirational quotes, and fun shots of Champagne-toting offspring.

Seng Luangrath, Padaek/Thip Khao – @chefseng

The founder of critically acclaimed restaurants Thip Khao and Padaek, and leader of the Lao food movement, Luangrath’s feed is full of artfully arranged food, images from trips abroad, and glimpses into her ongoing campaign to educate the whole world about Lao cuisine.

Jesse Miller, Bar Pilar – @jeszochef

The executive chef of Bar Pilar seeds his feed with photos of dishes he’s working on, updates about the new restaurant he’s opening in Maryland (Pennyroyal Station), and that time he ran into one of the most famous comedians in the world, D.C. native Dave Chappelle.

Kaz Okochi. Kaz Sushi Bistro/Masa 14 – @kazokochi

Seasoned restaurateur Kaz Okochi’s feed focuses on all things sushi, trips to Japan, and festive outings with the old guard chefs he came up with.

K. N. Vinod, Bombay Bistro/Indique – @chefvinod

Co-founder of long standing Indian eatery Bombay Bistro and neighborhood-friendly Indique, Vinod’s feed is packed with pictures of his family-run restaurants — including Rasa, the new fast-casual venture co-founded by his son, Rahul Vinod — trips to India, and the celebrity chefs he’s interacted with during the past few decades.

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