The “Views of Greece” inspire 8 well-known painters

A group exhibition depicting many different views of Greece titled "Views of Greece Vol. 1" is hosted on iD ProjectArt with the participation of well-known painters such as: Yannis Adamakis, Chryssa Vergi, Erieta Vordoni, Maria Giannakaki, Giannis Kottis, Dimitris Koukos, Eleni Pavlopoulou, Pavlos Samian.

What do 50 birds hide in a new era?

Yannis Gounas and Konstantinos Sidiropoulos combine their two different worlds, one of which expresses the beginning and the other the evolution and continuity, at the exhibition "50 Haiku and New Age" to be hosted by the Cacoyannis Foundation since 23 February. Two faces of the same coin. On the one hand, with the excuse of childhood memories, a world is innocent, free and harmonious through the color palette of Yannis Gounas, while on the other, Konstantinos Sidiropoulos presents the impasse of a world that is hard and rough, fraud, lack of freedom and inhumanity.

Elite Dutch Art School Becomes Hotbed for Debate Over Freedom of Speech

Amsterdam’s prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academie is renowned for shaping generations of avant-garde artists and is not known to shy away from controversy. But now, a campus debate between the provocative art collector Bert Kreuk and the inflammatory artist duo KIRAC—whom students claim promote racism, misogyny, and homophobia—has provoked an uproar over the bounds of free speech. Bizarrely, the school is currently most at odds over a debate about a debate about the debate. The school—one of Europe’s most celebrated art academies—originally extended an invitation to the duo Stefan Ruitenbeek and Kate Sinha, known as Keeping It Real Art Critics (KIRAC), to screen a video the artists had produced about Kreuk and discuss the value of conceptual art with the collector before an open audience of students. Although Kreuk and KIRAC disagree significantly about what makes art matter, both share the view that, as Kreuk put it, “when you do not agree with someone is precisely when you have to ent..

“ROOMS 2018” with 22 new artists

 The Cappados Art Gallery organizes, carries out and presents for the 20th anniversary of the first event in 1999 the annual ROOMS2018 Contemporary Art...

Exclusive: Behold Alex Ross’ breathtaking new Black Panther fine art litho

In a powerhouse new team-up with Alex Ross Art, SYFY WIRE will be ripping the wrapper off many limited-edition Alex Ross lithos, rare variant covers, con-only surprises, behind-the-scenes videos, signed posters, intriguing interviews, and contest giveaways leading up to SDCC 2018, the coolest pop culture party on the planet. Last week, we revealed Ross' "Origins: Superman," a sweeping panoramic art print capturing the immortal legend of the Man of Steel. Today we present “Black Panther: Character Model,” a limited-edition fine art lithograph matted on premium foam core and made available exclusively through Alex Ross Art. This striking tri-part portrait of the King of Wakanda will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con on July 18, 2018 for the price of $50 each. Since springing out of the imaginations of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and into the pages of Fantastic Four #52 in 1966, Black Panther has remained one of the best-loved characters in the company's rich stables, and was furth..

31 Art Exhibitions to View in NYC This Weekend

31 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This WeekendImage“Thomas Bayrle: Playtime” is on view at the New Museum until Sept. 2.CreditBryan Thomas for The New York TimesAug. 16, 2018Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon. ‘THOMAS BAYRLE: PLAYTIME’ at the New Museum (through Sept. 2). In the digital fever dream of Mr. Bayrle’s work, pixelated pictures twist and bend and resolve into fuzzily warped images. Abstract films and videos pulse with psychedelic patterns. But if Mr. Bayrle’s art seems like the apex in early computer des..

A New Book Celebrates the Fine Art of Glass Pipes

Just like cannabis, glass pipes are not just for smoking anymore. This functional sculpture genre, once a vibrant but somewhat arcane subculture, has gone high-end, signature and artisanal. Far from $5 head shop or parking-lot blanket fare, these days the glass pipe world's best-known practitioners rival blue-chip art stars in both acclaim and prices. There's no doubt the wild proliferation and growing popularity of hand-blown glass pipes and accoutrements is related to the current trend toward mainstream acceptance of cannabis use. D..

All about Art search engine

Artmotion Search engine is not a simple directory. Our search engine is a spider, (crawler), are used by Internet to collect information about art...

Daves Avenue alumna returns to school as art teacher for a day

Artist Paula Lucia returned to Daves Avenue Elementary School on Monday, speaking briefly to students about her experiences there. The 2009 Los Gatos High School grad attended Daves when she was in the third through fifth grades and returned to town as a guest of the Art Docents of Los Gatos. The volunteer docents were formed in 1973 to bring high quality art education to Los Gatos Union School District students. “Because Paula has gone through Daves, Fisher Middle School and Los Gatos High School she brings it directly to the kids that they can be artists,” docent Theresa Bricker said. Lucia entertained 23 classes of kids Monday with stories about making “self portraits with weird faces that my mother uses for Halloween decorations,” but added that she needed to get serious about her art after college and make money. “So, I became an art teacher. Teaching art is a really cool job,” Lucia said. Like the Los Gatos Weekly Times Facebook page for neighborhood news and conversation from Lo..

Tate to stage its first Van Gogh exhibition since 1947 in London

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Tate to stage its first Van Gogh exhibition since 1947 in London The GuardianTate Britain to explore Van Gogh's links to UK in major new show Art NewspaperTate Britain exhibition to explore van Gogh's UK years WTOPFull coverage

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