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May I Have This Dance and Finding Our Way – More Black and White

©Lisa Call May I Have This Dance fabric, textile paint, thread, acrylic paint, canvas 12 x 16 inches (30 x 41 cm) I Love Mark Making!After completing my 100 day project in 2017 I knew my art practiced had changed. Mark making is now an important part of my process. I love it! While I don’t see that I’ll be using it in all of my textile paintings going forward, certainly for the foreseeable future it will be featured quite a bit. I love the patterning and fine detail it adds to the work. And I love that I have so much to learn about how to incorporate it into my compositions. This was exactly what I was looking for last year, I was looking to reinvigorate my studio time. Making pieced improvisational textiles had gotten too easy. I was a little bored with it, hence the reason I declared my Structures series over in 2016. These first two larger works are just a start at what I intend to be an in depth exploration into the marriage of mark making and improvisational pieced compositions. ..

Advancing Arts Locally

As part of October’s National Arts and Humanities Month and in support of Americans for the Arts, Perry County Council of the Arts (PCCA) organized, hosted, and facilitated several “Creative Conversations” during a community fair, via social media, and within a coalition meeting of nonprofit arts professionals. A 30-minute drive from our state capital in Pennsylvania, nestled near mountains and within a river valley, our home base of Newport, PA, can seem remote. Truly, with its beautifully preserved architectural detail, supportive community, and natural beauty, some locals prefer its remote reputation. We are located close to the fifth wealthiest county in our state (ours is ranked 25th). Our lived mission is to make our community a better place to live through the arts, and much of our programming is free or low cost, and intended for local children and families to enjoy. In our Creative Conversations, we first asked our PCCA member artists, “Why should art exist?” They were generou..

Andy’s First Art Show in South Walton

Although he didn’t officially launch his art career until March 2010, can you guess when Andy’s first art show in South Walton was held? If his dated outfit and hairstyle don’t give you a clue, I’ll tell you… March 4, 2005! Andy and I grew up on the Emerald Coast, but moved away for a few years after we got married. When we moved back to the area in 2004, we reconnected with Arix Zalace, our friend from high school. Andy and Arix were both experimenting with mixed media assemblage art and discussed doing a show together. Arix had a connection with a homeowner in Seaside who was excited about opening her home for an art show. Of course, art was still only a hobby for Andy back in 2005, but this was a good opportunity to get his feet wet in the business. I get nostalgic looking at these old photos. Andy has developed his skills so much in the past 13 years! If someone had told me that night that we’d someday have a gallery in Grayton Beach and that Andy would be a full-time artist, I don..

Faces of Santa Rosa by Kyle Paxton

portrait by Kyle Paxton | 36×48 inches | Oil on PanelSouth Walton artist Kyle Paxton is currently working on “FACES of SANTA ROSA.” It’s an exhibit featuring between 10 to 20 portraits; sharing the stories of the day-to-day people of Santa Rosa Beach/South Walton. He desires to capture the people who make Santa Rosa Beach what it is today; as a unique place to live, work, and visit. This is part of his mission for culture care; to leave a deposit of work to benefit his community and even those beyond. He desires this show to be one of the most significant exhibits for his local community. It will be his biggest show to date. In Kyle’s words: “I’ve known Andy as a fellow artist, friend, and surf buddy for the past couple years. Andy is considered one of the most well-known artists in South Walton. I guess it makes sense he received the 2013 South Walton Artist of the Year and Best Local Artist three years in a row. Not only is Andy highly acclaimed in the local arts, but he is a great p..

Americans for the Arts Joins Federal Amicus Brief in Support of Free Speech Rights...

On January 5, 2018, Americans for the Arts joined 17 national, state, and local arts service organizations as amicus curiae in the Pulphus v. Ayers case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, urging reversal of a ruling that permitted Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers to remove a painting by St. Louis high school student David Pulphus from a Congressional Art Competition exhibit at the U.S. Capitol. Left unchallenged, this case could create bad legal precedence for many local and state arts or education agencies that install temporary art exhibits in government buildings. Americans for the Arts believes that arts education and creative expression is a central right of every young person. A vital component of learning in and through the arts is connecting artwork to one’s self, one’s community, and the greater world, as well as presenting the work to real audiences. This type of quality arts learning is what happened in the case of David Pulphus. In alignment wi..

A Conversation with Outgoing Board Chair Abel Lopez

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to speak with Abel Lopez, outgoing Chair of the Board of Directors at Americans for the Arts. As Chair since 2013, Abel has been an instrumental part of the growth of Americans for the Arts, particularly in sustaining leadership, developing goals as part of the organization’s most recent Strategic Plan, and spearheading the Statement on Cultural Equity. In addition to his leadership with Americans for the Arts, Abel is also involved in the creative arts community as the Associate Producing Director of GALA Hispanic Theatre. He has directed productions at GALA, Horizons Theatre, DC Arts Center, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Source Theater, In Series, and other venues in Washington, D.C., and across the United States and the world. In this interview, Abel talks about his history with Americans for the Arts, his experience as Chair, and his excitement for the future of Americans for the Arts and the nonprofit arts and cultu..

Art Redo

Sometimes Andy thinks a piece is done, but after a few months he changes his mind. This was the case with Sound of the Sea. Time for an art redo! As you can see, he added a lot of color and a few mixed media elements. This piece is 25 inches wide and 54 inches tall, and available for $1500. Related PostsLet's block ads! (Why?)

Symphony in Black and White – the Individual Tiles

Symphony in Black and White – Day 80 ©Lisa Call fabric, textile paint, thread, acrylic paint, canvas 5 x 5 inches (13 x 13cm) DetailsSymphony in Black and White is the result of my participation in the 100 days project in 2017. I previously wrote about my investigation for the project and here share larger images of the individual tiles that comprise the collection. The complexity and bold graphic nature of the set of tiles together can draw you in from across the room. The details of the individual tiles hold your attention once you come closer. Some lines are drawn with paint, some with thread. The interplay of the two was fascinating to explore over the 100 days. Individual Tiles AvailableFor a limited time (now through January 31, 2018) I am offering the individual tiles for sale as single works of art. In 2018 they will only be available in larger groupings. If you would like to purchase a tile (or 2 or 3), scroll through the images below and select your favorites (note the number..

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We Should All Value the Artists and Their Vital Role in Our Communities

My business travels take me to one city a week on average. From Des Moines to Miami to Portlands both east and west, the first thing my hosts usually show me is the work of a local artist, whether at the airport or on a stage. When I think back over 2017, I have a clear mental montage of my travels, and it serves as a reminder that art and artists are integrated into everything—from the sights of our cities and communities, to who we are. Artists are also at the core of what my organization, Americans for the Arts, does. They are deeply integrated into our advocacy and community building efforts. While in recent years actor Kerry Washington testified before Congress on arts funding as a member of the Americans for the Arts’ Artists Committee, as early as the 1960s artists like Harry Belafonte and Ralph Ellison were making a significant difference in the work of Americans for the Arts. Singer-songwriter and arts activist Harry Chapin famously said in a conference keynote address, “Let’s..

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