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NFL player turned art teacher Aaron Maybin paints a picture of Baltimore's cold schools:...

Former NFL linebacker Aaron Maybin was growing frustrated as he repeatedly vented on social media about shivering Baltimore City schoolchildren enduring unheated classrooms. “I was tweeting about it and people just weren’t getting it,” said Maybin, who teaches art at Matthew A. Henson Elementary School, on Monday. And then it struck him: People need to see it. So Maybin, 29, set his phone down and hit “record.” The Twitter video last week of kids seated in the school library with winter coats — and Maybin clasping his hands together for warmth — went viral and propelled him into the forefront of what’s become a prominent educational issue and the political debate over who is to blame. “When you see something with your own two eyes, then it’s harder to ignore it,” said Maybin, an artist and poet who tries to use his paintings to teach kids about life. “Until you see it, it’s easy to say, ‘It might not that be bad.’ ” Aided by national publicity generated by the former NFL first-round dr..

Artist and activist Tim Rollins dies aged 62

Tim Rollins and the K.O.S. collectivecourtesy Portland Museum of Art The US artist and activist Tim Rollins, known for launching the Art and Knowledge education workshop in the Bronx in 1982, has died aged 62. Pittsfield-born Rollins began his career as the assistant of the artist Joseph Kosuth, earning a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 1980. His work with students—some of them with emotional and learning difficulties—in the South Bronx workshop prompted him to found the collective K.O.S. (Kids of Survival) which he continued to lead for more than three decades. “I think what we've done is that we have challenged elite notions of fine art that put boundaries on who can appreciate art, who can make art, and who can feel the impact of that art,” Rollins told Artspace in 2012. The group, working collaboratively, make large-scale paintings on book pages and sheet music; their Animal Farm-G7 piece (1989-92), part of the Tate’s collection, shows former world leaders su..

How Saudi art's rollercoaster history has mirrored local culture

Saudi art is in its modern era, but Saudi artists have never had well-established schools of thought. Dr. Maha Al-Senan, an Art Historian and Associate Professor at Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University, believes that two Saudi artists have contributed to significant changes between 1980s and 90s. Mohammed AlSaleem, who was inspired by the desert’s horizon, and Abdul Halim Radwi, one of the kingdom's most-respected artists who was inspired by the holy city of Mecca. The story of art in Saudi began in the 1950s, when Saudi artists were stimulated by the renaissance era in Europe, especially Futurism that found societal acceptance, including Impressionism, Cubism and Abstract. In the mid of 80s and 90s, Surrealism was trending in the kingdom’s Eastern Province. The potential was obvious after as art schools started teaching Canon history in colleges using European framework, instead of educating on traditional art, and highlighting local artists achievements. During the “Tha’iqa..

Sibelius Academy of Music: An education built for your future

Social Buzz Part of the reputed University of the Arts Helsinki, the Sibelius Academy stands as Finland’s top provider of higher education in music. Set in the vibrant seaside capital of Helsinki – the largest and most populous city in the Finnish region – students here thrive off a tailor-made education dedicated to the art of music, fuelled by a passion found in one of the world’s most elegant urban spaces. This institution served as a starting block for many influential international musicians; from Esa -Pekka Salonen, the Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor to London’s Philharmonic Orchestra and globally-recognised composer; to Kaija Saariaho, the acclaimed Finnish composer; and Osmo Vänskä, Musical Director of the Minnesota Orchestra for more than a decade. As soon as you set foot in this hub of creative innovation, you join a legacy of music virtuosos known and celebrated in every corner of the globe. “At the Sibelius Academy, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, playing and cr..

Hamilton studio gives adults with developmental disabilities place to grow as artists

HAMILTON, Ohio —A studio and store in Hamilton is putting a twist on art education. InsideOut Studio, which specializes in glass and mosaics, provides an art education studio for adults with developmental disabilities. Advertisement InsideOut artists were commissioned by the city to most recently paint fire hydrants throughout the downtown area. The colorful fire hydrants that line the streets of downtown Hamilton come from a special place where artists like Jody Mann are different inside and out. Mann is one of 45 artists with a developmental disability who are trained to have a keen artistic eye. "It took me some time to get use to the art. I just got used to it since that,” Mann said. Stephen Smith is the art education consultant for the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities. “Our goals are to help our artists’ development skills over the course of time. Something that might take your eye a week or a month to learn, might take them six months to a year to learn. W..

Elementary School Art Panic: New at Reason

Administrators at a Utah elementary school fired an art teacher for circulating classical painting postcards in his class, a few of them displaying nude figures. The police got involved, Lindsay Marchello writes. Some students were okay with the classical nude paintings, but a few others expressed discomfort and approached Rueda about the cards. He promptly removed them and discussed the issue with his students. A few days later Rueda learned that some parents had complained to the school and someone even called the police, alleging the art teacher had shown his students pornography. Police called aff the investigation after prosecutors determined the images were not pornographic. School administrators initially suspended Rueda for a few days, but then sent him a termination letter. "In a Friday meeting, they gave me two choices: to resign, accepting their terms of my alleged wrongdoing (eliminating any possibility to voice my opinion in the future), or to be terminated with a scathing..

These Billings high-schoolers spent 24 hours of their vacation locked in school making art

There’s nothing quite like a deadline — noon Wednesday — to motivate Lisa Fine’s art students at Billings Central Catholic High School. Twenty-two of Fine’s talented painters participated in the 24-Hour Art Challenge at the school and made possible by, among other things, a cadre of parents who supplied pizza by night and pancakes the next morning. Fueled by near-continuous encouragement from their teacher, the students completed paintings that will be sold during a gala at Yellowstone Art Museum Feb. 9. A video explaining the artwork's creative process will accompany each piece. On Feb. 2, Clark Marten Photography will display the paintings during ArtWalk. +5 An iPad takes a timelapse video as Billings Central students Sarah Pankratz, right, and Ruth McCulloch work on filling in the lettering on Pankratz's piece as part of a 24-hour art challenge on Wednesday. CASEY PAGE, Gazette StaffOver the summer of 2018, students will use the proceeds from last year’s and this year’s ..

Artist seeks to put an end to sex trafficking of children

Lynne Barletta, artist, became Lynne Barletta, activist, after a visit to Singapore three years ago that she said changed her. She went to Singapore to paint a mural and wound up working with a young girl who had been sex trafficked by her father. “I was forever different,” Barletta said. Upon her return to South Florida, Barletta set about learning everything she could about the nefarious world of sex trafficking, then founded Catch the Wave of Hope to raise awareness. Her nonprofit is in the midst of a high-profile art piece, a 250-foot mural on the side of an AT&T building at 316 Akron Ave. in downtown Stuart. Work is underway on the river-themed mural, and children have been successful in finding $100 sponsors for each fish painted. Professional artists will paint other sea creatures for sponsorship, too, with the mural’s planned completion set for the end of January. Money raised from the mural will go toward creating a home for children rescued from sex trafficking, planned for s..

Wide variety of artists slated for EMPAC spring season

TROY, N.Y. >> The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institutes will welcome a wide range of artists in the first half of 2018. The venue recent announced its upcoming spring 2018 season, which is scheduled to include Kapwani Kiwanga, Laure Prouvost, Michael Gordon, David Lang, Mallory Catlett, Ellen Arkbro, Ni’Ja Whitson, Ephraim Asili, Ulysses Jenkins and more. These and other artists will present concerts, theatrical productions, dance performances, film screenings, installations, talks, and work-in-progress presentations at EMPAC during the college’s spring semester. The season kicks off on Jan. 6 with “Afrogalactica,” a film-performance by Canadian artist Kapwani Kiwanga. Drawing on the Afrofuturist tradition, Kiwanga assumes the role of speculative anthropologist, mixing poetry, mythology, science, and pop culture into an alternate history of the African diaspora. Advertisement On Jan. 23, Hudson Valley filmmaker Ephraim Asi..

Utah art teacher fired over classical nude images wants an apology from school district

Mateo Rueda had big plans for his Lincoln Elementary School students upon their return from winter break. The Cache County art teacher wanted to integrate lessons with other subjects, such as history and science, to develop his students’ visual thinking skills and explore more drawing, painting and sculpture work. But Rueda’s hopes for his kindergarten through sixth-graders were shattered in early December, he said, after a police investigation into a classroom-pornography complaint resulted in administrators firing him from the Hyrum school — a decision he believes was partly motivated by the region’s conservative, Mormon values. “I think there is a sense of entitlement,” Rueda said. “You add up the factors of living in a very conservative community, as it is in Hyrum, with the understanding that there is a huge influence from religious ideals, which can impact subjects that speak about any liberal point of view.” Once the agreement is finalize, Smith said the district and Rueda w..

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