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Camera Works Cafe presents Eva ArnqvistCamera Works Cafe continues its series of "meet-ups" for photographers and photography enthusiasts with a session 6-8 p.m. Dec. 21, at Redux Contemporary Art Center featuring Swedish visual artist Eva Arnqvist. Arnqvist, based in Stockholm, produces work with a variety of media. She holds a Master of Fine Art degree from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. Her work explores societal change and the influence of ideals, values, narratives, power and place. Arnqvist has initiated several collaborative and interdisciplinary projects such as “A Room With a View," which explores the post-industrial fate of Stockholm's meatpacking district. She has published several books, including "Grand Tour: A Travelogue" (2014) and "Decor" (2011). She is in Charleston at the invitation of Vassiliki Falkehag, an installation artist working at Redux and former teacher of Arnqvist. Arnqvist will speak about her work and ideas, then lead a discussion on the them..

Art showing cop aiming gun at black girl moved at high school

(NYPost)After multiple complaints, Sunset Park High School in Brooklyn was forced to move a controversial poster that showed a cop pointing a gun at a black child. The poster was originally put up in the lobby of the high school on Wednesday. The art, made by a student, depicts a cop crouching and aiming his gun at the back of a black girl and she spray paints “Bigger Than Hate” on a wall. — Drake goes to Miami schools for ‘God’s Plan’ video shoot, makes donations to students — The poster was made in an after-school program and was inspired by a near identical image created by the art duo Madam Muse. Sunset Park High School faced multiple complaints on Wednesday and Thursday after someone posted the photo on Facebook and asked those who objected to it to call the school and let them know how they felt about it. The school took the poster down from the lobby area and relocated it to another area of the school. “We got a million calls about it,” a school source stated. “They put it up a..

Eagan artists bring dinosaurs back to life

EAGAN, Minn. (KMSP) - It’s a period of time that scientists are still trying to piece together, but an artist here in the Twin Cities is able to bring some of the dinosaurs back to life. Walking into Blue Rhino studio in Eagan, Minnesota, is like taking a step back in time. "I get to be the person that I wanted to be when I was six. I'm working on pterosaurs and dinosaurs…what's not to like about that," said artist Kevin Beaudin. The studio is putting the finishing touches on a pair of pterosaurs - prehistoric creatures the size of giraffes with the wingspan of fighter jets - for the field museum in Chicago. The models are sculpted from foam, then covered in fiberglass and detailed with a special clay-like substance to look as realistic as possible. “This is something no one has ever had the opportunity to see. We are working with the people who have the best knowledge of what these should look like to bring their visions to life," said Tim Quady with Blue Rhino Studios. The..

A career in SFX

After completing education, it’s always a challenge to choose a career of your choice. However, nowadays there are many options available in both mainstream and offbeat areas. Talking about new career options, there are many choices in the fashion industry too where makeup plays an important role. The entertainment or fashion industry is growing fast and so a career in makeup artistry is competitive and successful in the given scenario. What you need A true makeup artist uses cosmetic skills to beautify the human body. Makeup can make you look beautiful as well as appear like a ghost. The ghosts and the zombies we see in movies are all created using Special Effects (SFX) Makeup. SFX Makeup Artistry is a recognised profession in India, and an increasingly sought-after career option, since Beauty Makeup professionals are already present in umpteen numbers. Special Effects Makeup is also called Prosthetic Makeup. A makeup artist who does SFX Makeup should have a wide perception in genera..

Artists Need to get their Work Seen, Says Elizabeth Smith

After several decades of working in museums, Elizabeth Smith was offered the chance to steward the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation as its first executive director. At first, Smith was unsure if this was the right move for her, but the more she thought about it, the more interested she became. “I respected Frankenthaler’s work,” Smith shared with me, “and I believed I could be a champion for the artist’s work. I also welcomed the chance to put the spotlight on a woman artist and I ultimately came to see working at the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation as another learning opportunity.” Since taking the job in 2013, she has not looked back. Elizabeth Smith has had a storied career as a curator, and her interest in art began early in life. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she still considers Boston her home town, though as a youngster her family lived for a time in Asheville, North Carolina and in Baltimore, Maryland, following her father’s job as a mining engineer. Her mother was a talented han..

Sarah Rorvig: Shaping Future Artists at Vivaluxx School of Makeup Art

Have you been a fan of fashion and beauty since you were little? Turning that passion into a profession is what led Bellingham local Sarah Rorvig to open Vivaluxx School of Makeup Art on Chestnut Street in downtown Bellingham in January 2017. She’s using her school to train new artists while supporting local charities. Rorvig and her Vivaluxx students donated their makeup skills at Lydia Place’s Handbags for Housing event. Photo courtesy: Vivaluxx School of Makeup Art.Rorvig has been interested in makeup since the age of five. Her first patient model was her supportive father, Mike. Rorvig continued to do makeup for high school theater productions and for friends for dances and special occasions. “I was always intrigued by makeup art and when I was a senior in high school I heard about the John Casablancas Institute of Makeup Artistry in Vancouver, B.C.,” remembers Rorvig. “I was shocked to hear that a career in makeup art was a real option. Touring the school made it click that this w..

Park City High School students design studio for the Kimball Art Center

Getting 100 percent on a miniature bridge made out of paper and sticks in a high school physics class is satisfying. Seeing a real structure you designed constructed is even better. Two students in Park City High School's PCCAPS program (Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies) were chosen to design plans for a metalworking studio for the Kimball Art Center. Christian Armstrong and Ryan Cook, both juniors, began working on the project in September and recently wrapped up preliminary designs. Amy MacDonald, outgoing artistic director of the Kimball Art Center, said that the center has been struggling to keep up with the demand for welding classes because of space constraints. Currently, the temporary metalworking studio is basically a tarp pulled over an open lot beside the center on Bonanza Drive. With little room, and availability cut short during the winter months, the space needed a revamp. But, the center also has plans to build a new home in a few years, so MacDona..

Stephen Albert knew how our arts institutions have to change

What is the responsibility of an arts organization to its local community? The answer to that question is far more complicated than you might think. And it is a key part of the legacy of Stephen J. Albert, the executive director of Chicago's Court Theatre, who died Dec. 28 at the age of 66, a great loss to the city he had come to love. Most cultural entities in the great industrial North American cities were founded not as places where the surrounding population could express their creativity, but as organizations that were designed to ennoble those cities by bringing world-class culture to their citizens' doorsteps. Museums competed to purchase the most impressive European masterworks, just as the orchestras of Chicago or Philadelphia tried to hire the most prestigious musical directors. With only very rare exceptions, the Cleveland Orchestra was not interested in Cleveland violinists, any more than the Art Institute of Chicago was inclined to exhibit the artists of the city..

Volunteers = Impact

For those who are on the ground working directly with communities, we know our work simply cannot be done without a number of partners, including donors; local, state, and federal government; other organizational partners; and of course, the children and families themselves. I’d like to shine a light on one of Pablove’s most important constituents—our volunteers—and discuss why they are so instrumental to the work that we do in the healing arts. Volunteers are your biggest advocates.In any organization, volunteers are not only your biggest advocates; they often are the first to adopt your mission. Many organizations, including Pablove, started with volunteers who believed in the idea of addressing childhood cancer through photography and providing opportunities for chronically ill children before our first staff member was hired. Why? They were the first adopters, going on instinct and belief in the arts. There isn’t much research out there about the correlation between photography ..

Atal Bihari Vajpayee's 93rd Birthday: 5 Quotes On Education

New Delhi: Today is the 93rd birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the 10th Prime Minister of India. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is not just known for his statesmanship but is also a notable poet. When it comes to the topic of education, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had always held the view that education is something which could lead to India on the path of development. On December 28, 2002, he delivered the inaugural speech at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the University Grants Commission. Here are the highlights from his inaugural speech which reflect his opinion about education. 1. Education as a catalyst to India's development "I am convinced that education especially higher education is that endeavour which will catapult India into a higher orbit of development. It is that undertaking which will, in innumerable tangible and intangible ways, benefit all our other undertakings in diverse fields of development." 2. Link between education and development "The linkage between education and d..

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