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Sarah Palin's Oldest Son, Track Palin, Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

Sarah PalinOldest Son Arrested ... On Domestic Violence Charges 12/17/2017 6:48 PM PST Breaking News Sarah Palin's oldest son has been arrested again on charges of domestic violence ... the second time he's been busted in 2 years. Track Palin was reportedly arrested Saturday in Wasilla, Alaska and arraigned on 3 separate charges -- felony burglary, misdemeanor reckless assault, and misdemeanor criminal mischief for causing up to $500 in property damage. Details of the incident weren't immediately released. We've reached out Wasilla PD for further comment ... so far, no word back. As we reported ... Track was also arrested on domestic violence charges in January 2016 after cops say he drunkenly assaulted a woman while in possession of a firearm. Track, who's 28 years old, appeared on Gov. Palin's reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska" for at least 5 episodes between 2010 and 2011. He has 2 kids -- one with his ex-wife, Britta Hanson, and another from e..

Tallulah Willis Calls Out Haters Who Called Her Ugly With Christmas Bikini Hot Shot

Tallulah WillisMerry Xmas, Haters ... Who's Ugly Now? 12/26/2017 8:14 AM PST Tallulah Willis has a holiday message for anyone who used to call her ugly as a kid ... drink it all in for Xmas. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's youngest daughter posted a bikini hot shot on Christmas Eve alongside her 2 sisters, Rumer and Scout -- who were also bikini-clad -- as they all took a dip in what looks like a river surrounded by snow. Tallulah captioned the photo ... "dedicated to everyone who called me ugly at 13." The youngest Willis kid has made it known she used to be bullied about her looks growing up. She told Katie Couric in 2014 ... "I had people when I was 13 telling me how ugly I was, and how could two beautiful actors create such hideous troll children?" Looks like she's done a full 180 since completing rehab back then. Merry Christmas, indeed. Let's block ads! (Why?)

Jay Glazer: The NFL Needs Diddy, Here's Why

Jay Glazer The NFL Needs Diddy... Here's Why 12/20/2017 9:22 AM PST EXCLUSIVE Jay Glazer says the NFL should be rollin' out the red carpet for Diddy -- 'cause they need him more than he needs them. We got the NFL Insider leaving Craig's in L.A. ... and Jay told us why the league would be lucky to bring on a man of Diddy's diverse talents. "Great businessman, guy knows sports ... the NFL needs more people like Diddy in the league who can kinda forward think a little bit more and certainly knows how to build a brand," Glazer told TMZ Sports. So when it comes to Puff potentially buying the Carolina Panthers -- Jay's with Nipsey Hussle. "Diddy should be an owner. Absolutely. A million percent." Let's block ads! (Why?)

Countryfile's Helen Skelton, ditches the wellies for see-through dress

WENN BLONDE BOMBSHELL: Helen Skelton wows at awardsCountryfile’s Helen Skelton looked breathtaking as she posed up a storm for photographers. The pretty presenter looked incredible in the flesh-flashing ensemble. The stunning star wowed in a semi-sheer dress that featured racy lace inserts. WENN HEAD-TURNING: Helen looks sensational at awardsThe gorgeous gown was gold and black in colour and was a mixture of mesh and lace as the blonde beauty put on an eye-catching display. Helen, 34, paired the frock with nude strappy heels which revealed a fresh black pedicure which coordinated with the gown. She pulled her hair back into a tousled up-do, which saw delicate curls cascade down her face. WENN LOVED-UP: Helen and Richie put on a romantic displayHelen was flanked by hubby, Richie Myler, 27, at the event, who looked dapper in a black velvet jacket and grey trousers. Elsewhere at the bash, Rebecca Adlington, 28, wowed in a see-through jumpsuit. The British swimmer showed off her statuesque..

Nipsey Hussle Trashes Anti-Diddy Newscasters, 'We Gon' Beat Yo Ass!'

Nipsey HussleRips Anti-Diddy Newscasters... 'We Gon' Beat Yo Ass!' 12/19/2017 8:59 AM PST EXCLUSIVE Nipsey Hussle says Diddy and Colin Kaepernick are about to be the NFL's first black owners -- and he's gonna personally smack anyone trying to hold 'em down! FYI, a Bay Area newscaster is under fire over a segment mocking Puff's bid to buy the Panthers -- with the reporter saying he looked drunk and high, and claiming the hip-hop mogul was too broke to buy the team. Nipsey's response? "F*ck the n***a that was doubtin' them on the news, woofin’ that sh*t. We gon’ catch you and beat yo ass, n***a." [embedded content] "Got some homegirls for that bitch, too!" the rapper told TMZ Sports outside Catch in L.A. We also got Nipsey's bro, YG, out at Staples Center ... and it's pretty clear he's got Diddy and Kaep's backs, too. Let's block ads! (Why?)

Sound Observations: Reflecting on a year's worth of music columns

Dan Armonaitis Arts & Entertainment Writer @DanArmSHJ As 2017 winds to a close, it’s coming upon a year since I started this music column that I call “Sound Observations.” It’s been one of the bright spots of the year, offering me a space to write about whatever I want pretty much however I see fit. At the risk of coming across as self-centered, there’s something cool about getting to write in the first-person for a newspaper and sharing my own thoughts and personal experiences with readers on a weekly basis. That’s the good part. The bad part is that I “have to” come up with something every week, which isn’t always easy. I often tell people that I hate writing, which I’ll immediately follow up with “but I absolutely love having written.” What I enjoy most is the getting to talk with people, especially those involved in music, and experiencing things firsthand. I’ve received a good bit of feedback regarding my “Sound Observations” columns this year, which leads me to believe I m..

Dave Chappelle Comedians Say Dave's Kevin Spacey Jokes are Fair Game

EXCLUSIVE Dave Chappelle is taking heat for some comments he made on his new Netflix special -- that actor Anthony Rapp was not really harmed by Kevin Spacey's conduct because he "grew up to be gay anyway" -- but some big comedians are squarely in Chappelle's corner. Chappelle cracked the jokes during his special, The Bird Revolution, referring to Rapp's claim that Spacey tried to grope and seduce him at a party when he was just 14. Chappelle quips, "And not to victim-blame, but it seems like the kid of situation that a gay 14-year-old kid would get himself into." We got a trio of comedians who say it's all fair game. Norm McDonald praises Chappelle as the greatest comedian on earth. Donnell Rawlings says don't expect any apologies from Dave. And Adam Devine says going after "royalty" is off limits. Let's block ads! (Why?)

Celebrities take aim at Logan Paul for 'suicide forest' video

Apologizing may not be enough for YouTube star Logan Paul, who is still being slammed for posting a video of what appeared to be a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest.” “How dare you! You disgust me,” “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul tweeted to the vlogger Monday night. “I can’t believe that so many young people look up to you. So sad. Hopefully this latest video woke them up. You are pure trash. Plain and simple. Suicide is not a joke. Go rot in hell.” “Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner wrote, “You’re an idiot. You’re not raising awareness. You’re mocking. I can’t believe how self-praising your “apology” is. You don’t deserve the success (views) you have. I pray to God you never have to experience anything like that man did. He has since apologized — twice. Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen attempted to start a conversation about whether to attack people who make mistakes or forgive them. She wrote on Tuesday, “Re: Logan Paul, something I always think about is when people make…ethical mi..

Chris Evans' 'Avengers 4' Photos Hint At Huge 'Infinity War' Plot Twist

Chris Evans'Avengers 4' Pics Hint At ...(Brace Yourself) 1/10/2018 1:11 PM PST Buckle up, everyone ... it's about to get real nerdy. Here's Chris Evans on set as Captain America, with his castmates, filming scenes for 'Avengers 4' ... and the pics might have just spilled the beans on a HUGE question about the fate of ol' Cap. It's been widely speculated Cap bites it in "Avengers: Infinity War," with the honchos at Marvel promising that some of the main characters wouldn't survive the big showdown with Thanos. Pictures from set would seem to indicate his character survives, since '4' will follow 'Infinity War' -- but maybe not once you take a closer look. Our TMZ nerds (we have many) pointed out Chris is wearing his ORIGINAL Captain America suit, which he ditched after the first Avengers movie ... meaning this scene is likely a flashback. [embedded content] Also, his face is completely clean shaven of the bushy beard he sp..

A titan of Jazz, Milwaukee native Willie Pickens left a legacy of music and...

Famed jazz pianist Willie Pickens. The Milwaukee native died this month in Chicago.(Photo: Alice Hanson-Drew) Willie L. Pickens’ music career began when he was about 8 years old, performing a song and dance routine on street corners in Milwaukee. It was the late 1930s, and Pickens, who grew up in the 1600 block of N. 6th St., was already turning heads for his talents as a singer, dancer and piano player. As a boy, he was a gifted pianist who would grow up to become a world-famous jazz musician with a powerful presence in Chicago’s music scene. “Willie Pickens was a towering figure in our city’s cultural landscape, lighting the keyboard on fire with splashy chords and lightning runs over a career that spanned more than half a century,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement following Pickens' death on Dec. 13 at age 86. A jazz artist, teacher and mentor to generations of musicians, “his impact will always be felt across our city’s clubs and stages, and his music will be re..

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