Famous Musicians’ Beloved Instruments on Show at The Met’s Exhibit ‘Play It Loud’ –...

What to KnowThe Met’s latest exhibit, “Play It Loud,” opened April 8 and features instruments once played by rock’s most famous names.In the exhibit, you’ll find iconic instruments like the Beatles’ drum set and Jimi Hendrix’s Gibson Flying V guitar. The exhibit will run until October 1. The instruments used to record and play some of the most recognizable songs in the world are on show right now at The Met. The museum's latest exhibit, “Play It Loud,” opened April 8 and features instrument..

Two African Musical Giants RIP: Dorothy Masuka & Simaro Lutumba – kcrw.com

This week we remember two African musicians who died recently. They might not be well-known here in the U.S., but both were legendary artists in African music. Dorothy Masuka (1935-2019) passed away in February in her Johannesburg home at the age of 83. I used to frequently feature her version of the famous South African song “Pata Pata” from a 1991 Mango Records CD. You probably know Miriam Makeba’s more famous version of the song—first with penny whistle jive master Spokes Mashiyane and later ..

Man pleads guilty to hacking Apple accounts of famous musicians and athletes – TechSpot

What just happened? Celebgate might have come and gone, but the Apple IDs of the rich and famous are still being hacked. Last week, Georgia man Kwamaine Ford pleaded guilty to accessing the accounts of musicians and athletes and stealing their credit card details. Like the 2014 celebgate, or fappening, incident, Ford used a phishing scheme in which he posed as an Apple customer support representative. He sent thousands of emails to NBA players, NFL players, and rappers, requesting their userna..

Following in the Footsteps of Famous Musicians Who Lived in Olympia – ThurstonTalk

Olympia might be famous for its water, or more specifically its beer, or its status as the state capital. But for the past 30 plus years, Olympia has been the fertile ground of a thriving music scene. While it’s impossible to cover all the famous musicians who have made their homes in Olympia at one time or another, let’s look at three of the biggies. Take a walk with me on a tour through some of Olympia’s musical history. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana Born in Aberdeen, grunge rock icon Kurt Cobain wa..

‘American Idol’ Rejects: These Now-Famous Musicians Were Turned Away By Judges – Newsweek

Since the show's premiere, American Idol has brought forth a number of successful singers, from Kelly Clarkson to Carrie Underwood to Adam Lambert, just to name a few. But for all the times the Idol judges have correctly identified a star in-the-making, there are several now-successful names who were turned away. In the entertainment industry, rejection is a part of the job. Here is a list of some Idol rejects who didn't let the "no" votes get in the way of their dreams. Maren Morris..

Anton Corbijn has photographed the world’s most legendary musicians since the 70s – British...

Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn’s portraits of musicians offer a unique insight into some of the most iconic artists in the industry; from the mid-Seventies, he has documented the biggest names in music in his characteristically frank style. As a regular contributor to the NME and The Face, Corbijn was able to form close relationships with his subjects and he became known for his unguarded black-and-white portraits. From Nick Cave and Nirvana to Siouxsie And The Banshees, Corbijn documented th..

HUMOR: Tax Planning for Musicians – Pagosa Daily Post News Events & Video for...

If you’re in the business of creating, performing, or recording music, there are steps you can take to make the most of your year-end gear purchases and potential tax deductions. But you need to wrap these up by December 31 to be able to claim them on your tax return, so you’ll want to plan your purchases now… Here’s a “nuts and bolts” explanation of Section 179 (first-year depreciation allowance for equipment) and how to take advantage of it. It’s important to know that the deduction limit for Section 179 increased to $1,000,000 for 2018 and beyond… … That was the December sales pitch from ..

Famous Musicians Who Contributed to Our Eating Habits – Foreign Policy 2018

We might forget that musicians have a life just like the rest of us. All we see when we look at them is the music they make or the part of their life that they show us. But they are just like any person with favorite places, venues, likes, and dislikes. And when they are not making music, they seem to appreciate the simpler part of life even more than us. One of life’s most interesting things is food, and musicians have their favorite foods just like us. In fact, some of the famous dishes that are popular today have been invented by musicians or actors, composers, singers, or other famous peo..

6 Times Steely Dan Nearly Crushed Famous Musicians’ Morale

Photo: Ed Caraeff/Morgan Media/Getty Images Listening to pretty much any Steely Dan song can best be described as swaddling into a virtuosic sonic cocoon, welcoming a dozen-plus instrumentalists to take you on an unforgettable journey of rock bliss. “Time Out of Mind” for when you want to boogie down. “Deacon Blues” for when you’re feeling sentimental. “Josie” for further boogying. Unsurprisingly, to get perfection you must demand perfection, and frontmen Donald Fagen and Walter Becker’s commitment to audiophile paradise wasn’t lost on the carousel of studio musicians who were recruited to w..

Watch The Strokes, Elvis Costello, the Chainsmokers, & More Read Mean Tweets On Kimmel

One of the most inspired running comedy bits in late-night television — a landscape increasingly dotted with not-particularly-inspired running comedy bits — is Mean Tweets, the Jimmy Kimmel Live franchise where famous people read angry shitposts about themselves and then give their most meme-friendly reaction faces. Musicians, for whatever reason, tend to be funnier than most other famous people, so this has led to some good stuff. (Rappers, for whatever reason, tend to be funnier than most other famous musicians, so this has led to some especially good stuff.) Last night, presumably in conju..

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