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Commentary: Stop playing the blame game in a cybersecurity breach

SINGAPORE: Every week, we observe major cyberattacks against organisations of all sizes, from banks, healthcare organisations to even schools. Just in October, Yahoo announced the most shocking revelation about its August 2013 breach – that saw all three billion of Yahoo’s user accounts exposed. When such an attack occurs, who’s to blame? There’s no denying that cyber attackers should be held responsible. However, within each organisation, there is an excess of finger-pointing within the c-suite. Case in point, BAE Systems recently reported that 50 per cent of IT decision makers would blame their c-suite bosses in the event of a breach, and business leaders expect their IT department to take full responsibility for such incidents. Blame games can continue – the root cause is that both business and security teams are not aligned. They struggle to speak the same language and connect security incidents to business context to assess the business risk fast enough to make the right decisions..

Bekraf co-produces Indonesia-China film 'Boundless Love'

The Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) celebrated on Thursday its collaboration with Red and White China and PT Kamala Media Cipta to produce Boundless Love, a romantic drama to be directed by China's Wing Yiming. Gansu Biaoshi Culture Communication Group has also contributed co-production funding​ ​for Boundless Love. “This is not the first Chinese movie to be set against the backdrop of Indonesia. However, this is the first time Bekraf will be directly involved in the filming process,” Bekraf marketing deputy Joshua Puji Mulia Simanjuntak said at the agency's Central Jakarta office, reported Antara News Agency ( The jointly produced film is a direct result of the Indonesian Creative Incorporated (ICINC) for Film, which was introduced in May in Shanghai. Read also: Agency to host pitching, financing forum for Indonesian film projects The 90-minute drama tells of the rom..

What's Up! Eva Hype continues pursuit of music, eyes Latin America

He burst onto the scene back in 2011 with his debut mixtape, "Music & Her", and his single “Lovers Go”, as a student at Wolmer’s Boys’ School. Convinced he was following his true passion, Eva Hype, whose real name is Stefan Bowes, even entered talent shows in a bid to break into the mainstream. Fast-forward eight years later, Eva Hype is still pursuing a career in music and is finishing up his degree in sound design and music production at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, US. Finding a space in the local music industry hasn’t been an easy feat for the budding deejay, but he believes he has what it takes to make it big. “All of my favourite artistes, Jay Z, Kartel, Kanye West got a break at [age] 26, and me nuh reach 26 yet,” he said. Eva Hype also sees the Latin American market as a prime area for someone with his skills and talent, and is currently studying the Latin American culture and learning Spanish and Portuguese. He recently sat down with What’s Up to discuss ..

A Chinese Empire Reborn

Opinion|News Analysis The Communist Party’s emerging empire is more the result of force than a gravitational pull of Chinese ideas. A military parade in Beijing in 2015.CreditJonah M. Kessel/The New York Times Jan. 5, 2018I am the son of two empires, the United States and China. I was born in and raised around Washington in the Nixon-to-Reagan era, but my parents grew up in villages in southern China. My father was a member of the People’s Liberation Army in the 1950s, the first decade of Communist rule, before he soured on the revolution and left for Hong Kong. So it was with excitement that I landed in Beijing in April 2008 to start an assignment with The New York Times that stretched to almost a decade. I had just spent nearly four years reporting on the bloody failure of the American imperial project in Iraq, and now I was in the metropole that was building a new world order. China had entered a honeymoon phase with other nations. For years, anticipation had built for the 2008 Summ..

Bengaluru's window to Africa

Over a dozen young African girls, flaunted their beauty and talent in the Miss Africa Bangalore beauty contest which was held in Banaswadi recently. Organised by One Team Africa, an organisation that aims to bring all Africans in Bengaluru together, the contest is the first of its kind in the city. Contestants, who were mostly students, walked the ramp with different attires including traditional wear, which showed the diversity of the African continent. Speaking about the objective behind this initiative, Deborah Mbathe, one of the organisers said, "Africa is mistaken to be a country. Seldom do people understand the fact that it is a continent with about 54 countries. Africans in Bangalore are from different nations with different traditions and culture. Hence, this is an effort to provide them an opportunity to get together, showcase their talents and represent their countries as well." Eleven contestants qualified for the final round after a number of challenges. The first one was c..

Boardriders' acquisition of Billabong could help company expand its global focus

The splashy neon logos and beachy vibe of brands Billabong and Quiksilver ruled the U.S. fashion scene in the 1990s and early 2000s, when teens across the country wanted to channel surfer culture. In time, the boom subsided, and American teens moved on to the next big trend. Now with the acquisition of Australia’s Billabong International Ltd., Huntington Beach surfwear and active apparel company Boardriders Inc. — owner of the downsized Quiksilver brand, which has reduced its store count — is looking to tap global interest in the action-sports lifestyle. Together, the two companies combined generate less than 40% of revenue from North America, said Dave Tanner, currently managing director at Oaktree Capital Management and chief turnaround officer at Boardriders. Los Angeles-based global investment manager Oaktree is the private company’s controlling shareholder. Tanner will become the company’s chief executive once the deal closes. Japan is one of the company’s biggest growth markets t..

Time for an icebreaker: on India-Pakistan relations

In the late 1960s, shortly after the India-Pakistan war, the official in the Ministry of External Affairs handling the Pakistan desk received a strange request during his meeting with the new Pakistan High Commissioner. “I hope that you would deal with Pakistan as a foreign country,” the High Commissioner told the slightly puzzled Indian official, explaining that the familiarity of Indian officials with both language and culture of Pakistan ran counter to Pakistan’s desire to build their identity as a newly sovereign nation. Two years apart While the two countries had been physically partitioned, and borders and check-posts now controlled people from crossing over, the ‘intellectual partition’ of India and Pakistan had not taken place at the time. Decades later, it would be hard for a Pakistani envoy to make such a complaint. India and Pakistan are not just foreign countries for each other, they are practically alien, with little to engage on in various spheres. The “intellectual and e..

Russia carries out 1300 humanitarian missions in Syria in 2017

© Russian Defense Ministry/TASS HMEYMIM /Syria/, December 30. /TASS/. The Russian center for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria has carried out nearly 1,300 humanitarian missions since the beginning of 2017, the center said on Saturday in a daily bulletin. "In total, the center has held 1,296 humanitarian missions this year," the bulletin says. "Syrians have received over 2,000 tonnes of food, medicines and household supplies. More than 67,000 Syrians have received medical assistance." Due to the joint work of Russian center and local authorities, 88 medical institutions, 178 schools, 35 nursery schools and 152 water and energy supply facilities have been rebuilt. Since the beginning of 2017, more than 1,000 ceasefire agreements have been signed. At least 140 illegal armed groups have agreed to the ceasefire. The Russian Defense Ministry declared the establishment of the reconciliation center on February 23, 2016. It is headquartered at the Hmeymim air base, Latakia province. O..

The Problem With Australia's Next Apple Store

A rendering of Melbourne's future Apple Store, which will be built in the city's Federation Square. AppleThe company’s latest flagship will displace an Aboriginal cultural center in Melbourne. When Federation Square first opened 15 years ago, Melbourne residents were skeptical. Understandably so: Its deconstructivist buildings were literally edgy; its abstract bluestone-paved plaza was like nothing else in town. This was Melbourne’s first proper public square—a civic center explicitly devoted to culture—and it took some getting used to. Since then, Federation Square has become the heart of Melbourne, as The Age tells it. While the multifaceted geometries and sharp façades of the buildings may not be for everyone, even residents who don’t care for the design grudgingly admit that area has emerged as one of the city’s most recognizable features. Others simply see Federation Square as lucrative property, including its ostensible caretakers. Just before Christmas, the government ..

Travelogue: What to expect when moving from South Africa to London

Image Credits: In October 2016, I moved from sunny South Africa to the wonderful winter that only the United Kingdom can be well known for! I joined my wonderful boyfriend (FYI – he is from SA too!) and adjusted to the change – and have never looked back! The next points will only be based on my experience in the UK thus far (for now!). The Cold Climate MythDon’t get me wrong, the blazing hot sun and warm temperatures certainly do wonders for a person! But, if your biggest concern that you have when emigrating is the weather, I am sure you can find an article about emigrating to the Bahamas in the summer somewhere on the web! Yes, it rains. Yes, it is overcast a lot of the time and yes, the temperature drops are quite drastic – but (and this is a big BUT) – Don’t be fooled by the image portrayed of the UK weather that you see on TV and in films. With that being said, the weather is easy to adapt to. The buildings are designed with insulation and almost everywhere you go ther..

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