Canadian doctors slam Gwyneth Paltrow-endorsed coffee enema

Gwyneth Paltrow's natural lifestyle website Goop, which has been widely criticized for promoting potentially dangerous products based on pseudoscience, is now recommending a do-it-yourself coffee enema to "supercharge your detox." The $135 US Implant-O-Rama is the latest offering being touted on Goop's website featuring health, fitness and beauty products, which the actress has said she plans to make available to Canadians. The idea of using coffee as a colonic to detox the bowel and the body has been around for a long time, but it's been widely debunked and there's no scientific evidence to support it, said Tim Caulfield, a health law expert at the University of Alberta and a vocal critic of the culture of celebrity-based health advice. Gwyneth Paltrow's natural lifestyle website Goop has been widely criticized for promoting potentially dangerous products or services based on pseudoscience, including vaginal steaming. (Thibault Camus/Canadian Press/Associated ..

Racism in Canada: Racist rant against Vancouver woman; Sen. Lynn Beyak ousted for residential...

On the same day that a Canadian senator was being removed from the federal Conservative caucus for defending residential schools, a Vancouver woman posted a video to social media that captures a racist rant directed at her. On Facebook, Anika Vassell uploaded a video on January 5 that she said she shot while she was sitting in her car at Ontario Street and West Broadway on January 4. In the video, a white woman with an accent tells Vassell that she sees that she is black, arrogant, and that she should go back to her home country. "So you are not like the rest of us," the woman tells her, and that "maybe we'll hold the majority". She adds that if there are people like Vassell are "free" then they are "in big danger". In an interview with CTV News, Vassell said that she didn't know the woman. In her Facebook post, she stated that she is from Vancouver and is of Jamaican and South African ancestry. However, the woman did not state which country she is from. Vassell told CTV News..
Canada's Thompson Okanagan

Why you should visit Canada’s Thompson Okanagan – USA Today 10Best

Not far beyond the Canadian border, a beautiful destination offers a warm welcome and tucked-away surprises. Not only is British Columbia's Thompson Okanagan home to the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Canada's only desert and dozens of twinkling lakes, but the region also features world-class wineries, inventive, fresh fare, and rich indigenous culture that leaves a lasting mark. Visitors ogle Okanagan Lake views, with the Naramata Bench in the background — Photo courtesy of Destination British Columbia When connecting throug..

Star Trek Icon William Shatner Appointed to Order of Canada

The original Star Trek captain is being given one of the highest honors his homeland of Canada has to offer. Canadian Governor General Julie Payette appointed William Shatner to the Order of Canada. Shatner is the iconic actor who played Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek. Here's the official explanation for Shatner receiving the honor: "For his iconic contributions to popular culture spanning theater, television and film, and for his philanthropic support of causes related to health care, the environment and the well-being of children." Shatner's contributions to popular culture obviously include his role in Star Trek. He's also appeared in other television series, including TJ Hooker,3rd Rock from the Sun, Boston Legal, $h*! My Dad Says, Weird or What?, Shatner's Raw Nerve, Rescue 911, and Better Late Than Never. His charitable work includes donations to Habitat for Humanity. He has played for charity in World Poker Tour's Hollywood Home Games. He has also he..

Minnie’s Hope, where culture and medicine go hand in hand –

The women who created Minnie's Hope see Nathalie Esperon as a symbol of their success. Esperon and her six children live in Kuujjuarapik, an Inuit village at the mouth of the Great Whale river on the Hudson Bay coast. Last summer, one of her sons was being violent at home and she was struggling with depression. "I was almost close to giving up with my son because there were so many problems, especially in school," she said. She and her son started going to Minnie's Hope, a holistic child health centre, regularly — he got speech therap..

Kachin refugee in Canada buoyed by Pope's message

Despite being unable to use the word Rohingya while he was in Myanmar, the Pope’s message on religious diversity and respect for minorities got through loud and clear, a Catholic refugee from Myanmar told The Catholic Register. “His message is very clear about love and peace — support each other and pray for each other,” said Pri Ja N-Jang, a Catholic from Myanmar’s Kachin State who now lives in Toronto. “He was praying for all the ethnic people in the conflicts, including the Muslim people in Rakhine State.”Like the Rohingya people, the Kachin face persecution from the Myanmar government. Pri came to Canada 15 years ago before a 17-year-old peace agreement between the Kachin Independence Organization and Myanmar’s army, known as the Tatmadaw, fell apart in 2011. Since then at least 100,000 ethnic Kachin, mainly from Kachin State in northern Myanmar, have become refugees inside their own country. Estimates of the number of people living in camps for those displaced by civil war in Ka..

Globe editorial: In 2018, the fight for net neutrality must continue

Late last summer, Dana Barancik of Las Vegas, Nevada, and her father Frank filed comments in support of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's desire to do away with net neutrality. Their submissions would have been entirely above suspicion had the former not died in 2014, and the latter in 2015, or if their letters had not contained the same boilerplate language as thousands of other apparently bogus filings. The consultation process leading to the FCC's Dec. 14 vote to kill rules that ensure all internet traffic is treated equally, regardless of content or provenance, was seriously problematic, even fraudulent. And the decision itself was even worse. Story continues below advertisement Critics in Congress plan to vote in early 2018 on at least two proposals to overrule the FCC decision, and either partly or wholly restore net neutrality. Canadians should hope they succeed. In Canada, net neutrality is the long-standing policy of our equivalent of the FCC, the Canadian..

'Window Horses': Turning Poetry and Inclusion into an Animated Adventure

“The Breadwinner” isn’t the only female-driven animated feature directed by a woman inspired by peace and inclusion. In “Window Horses,” the darkest of dark horses in the Oscar race, Asian-Canadian director Ann Marie Fleming propels her Stick Girl avatar into the culturally rich world of Iran via a poetry festival. The fish-out-of-water novice not only attains more wisdom, but also reconnects with her Persian heritage. It’s a curious blend of hand-drawn styles that achieves a striking multi-cultural bridge to imagination and empathy. “A lot of my life experiences are in there except for the obvious bare bones of the family’s story, which is a compilation of a lot of people,” said Fleming (“The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam”), who financed through Indiegogo and co-produced with the National Film Board of Canada. Actress Sandra Oh (“Grey’s Anatomy”) not only voiced protagonist Rosie Ming, but also executive produced. [embedded content] Getting Personal Like the director, Rosie is also of..
Culture shock

‘Culture shock’ eases as Chinese students adapt to Canadian life –

Canadians typically eat raw vegetables in salads, and so lean to softer, leafier vegetables, they explain. "But in China, vegetables are mainly cooked, like stir fries. So we have many vegetables that are not good for salads, because they are hard and can be fibrous," Zhenzhong said. "When I came to Canada I found it difficult to cook, because I knew nothing about the Canadian vegetables." He turned to YouTube videos to figure out Canadian cooking. Chinese prize freshness. This typically means shopping more frequently for foods that are..

An inside look at truck culture and Ford's supersized MegaRaptor

For reasons not clear to those outside of it, truck culture is huge. Big trucks, tall trucks, loud trucks, chrome trucks, trucks that blow black smoke out their chimneys, trucks with nutz – it's all super popular. To call truck culture underground is incorrect. It's right there, out in the open. Trucks rule the road everywhere in Canada, with the exception of a few big cities where everyone drives baby SUVs and compact cars, if they drive at all. "Diesel trucks became the new hot rod," says Martin Barkey, CEO of MBRP, a custom exhaust company based in Huntsville, Ont. "There's people driving with paint cans in the back and ladders on the roof, going to work in 11-second trucks." For the uninitiated, that's a truck which blasts down a quarter-mile drag strip in 11 seconds. A new Ferrari 488 will do it in 10.6, but can't carry a ladder. Story continues below advertisement Martin Barkey, CEO of MBRP, poses with a SuperRaptor. It doesn't make sense though. W..

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