First Nations, Inuit and Métis among Order of Canada appointees

Not too many recipients of the Order of Canada would say they felt sadness when notified that they were being awarded the honour. Elder Harry Bone from Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation in Manitoba, was one of 125 new appointees announced last week. His wife died three years ago, and her memory was the first thing he thought of when he found out he had been named for the honour. "She was very much a part of the things that I do now," he said. "She encouraged me to continue on." The official release from Rideau Hall said Bone will become a member of the Order of Canada "for his contributions to advancing Indigenous education and preserving traditional laws, and for creating bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities." Bone has spent his life working in administration and education and is currently a member of the Council of Elders of the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, as well as co-author of Untuwe Pi Kin He – Who We are: Treaty Elders' Teachin..

American pastor in Canada doesn't miss culture wars, church growth pressures

Justin Joplin heard something few, if any, ministers hear when interviewing for senior pastor positions in U.S. churches. “The chair of the search committee made it really clear to me: ‘We want to grow in our faith … whether that means more butts in the seats or not, doesn’t matter,’” Joplin said. “There is something liberating about that.” And the liberating — and often astonishing — differences didn’t end there for Joplin, lead pastor at Lorne Park Baptist Church in Mississauga, Ontario. Yes, as in Canada. Joplin, 39, and his family arrived in that country in 2014 after he served congregations through youth ministry and pastor positions with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregations in his native North Carolina and in Richmond, Va. The move wasn’t about politics as much as it was about a quest to experience a Baptist identity free from anxiety over a decline from majority cultural status. In the U.S., Joplin said, “I would drive to work past seven Baptist churches, all of which we..

NII Attractive Mustapha awarded film certificate by Commission on Culture and Canadian Commission

[unable to retrieve full-text content] NII Attractive Mustapha awarded film certificate by Commission on Culture and Canadian Commission Modern Ghana (press release) (blog)Full coverage

Indigenous filmmaking set to rise in Canada in 2018 and beyond

TORONTO — Indigenous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin never thought she would see this in her lifetime. Fifty years after starting her distinguished career amid major funding roadblocks, the Quebec-raised 85-year-old is elated to see Indigenous filmmaking finally at an “exciting” place heading into 2018, with new initiatives including an Indigenous Screen Office in Canada. “Any Indigenous person who wants to make a film … if ever there was a possible time — this is it,” the acclaimed Abenaki documentary maker says from Montreal, where she’s editing her 51st feature-length project. “I feel that we’re really going someplace where we’ve never gone before. I know that Canadians are really listening now and want to know the truth.” After decades of misrepresentation and under-representation of Indigenous culture in Canada’s screen industry, the community is experiencing a boost. One of the biggest game-changers is the Indigenous Screen Office, a collaboration between the Aboriginal Peoples Televi..

Can Corporate Canada really be the last to know about sexual harassment?

Martha Hall Findlay is president and CEO of the Canada West Foundation. It's not just Harvey Weinstein, it's not just the entertainment business – it's in business everywhere. It's about power and sex and intimidation. And it needs to stop. The first step is admitting there's a problem. Unfortunately, Corporate Canada doesn't want to go there. Story continues below advertisement More than nine in 10 Canadian corporate leaders say sexual harassment isn't a problem at their company. Are they kidding? (Of note, 95 per cent of the 153 Canadian executives interviewed for the most recent C-Suite survey were men.) This level of ignorance is astounding. Apparently our corporate leaders are truly just unaware (shameful); willfully blind (and therefore complicit); or are aggressors themselves. They clearly haven't bothered to ask their own staff about the issue. Three separate surveys of Canadian workers this year have found sexual harassment to be rampant..

William Shatner, Denis Villeneuve, and First Indigenous NHL Player Appointed to Order of Canada

125 Canadians have officially been named to the Order of Canada. The prestigious award, which has existed since 1967, was initially created to celebrate the nation's best and brightest from across all industries. Much like the Order of the British Empire, which grants knighthood to exceptional and accomplished people, the Order of Canada is one of the country's highest civilian honours and is reserved for a select few every year. In 2018, the honours will go to a number of familiar faces including actor, William Shatner, director Denis Villeneuve, and Fred Sasakamoose among others. Shatner is of course best known for his work as Captain James T. Kirk on the original and now legendary Star Trek show. While his turn on TV only lasted three seasons, his iconic performance and the franchise's numerous spin-off films extended Kirk's screen time to almost three decades. In addition to the captain's chair, Shatner has kept busy thanks to other lead roles in T.J. Hooke..

'Window Horses': Turning Poetry and Inclusion into an Animated Adventure

“The Breadwinner” isn’t the only female-driven animated feature directed by a woman inspired by peace and inclusion. In “Window Horses,” the darkest of dark horses in the Oscar race, Asian-Canadian director Ann Marie Fleming propels her Stick Girl avatar into the culturally rich world of Iran via a poetry festival. The fish-out-of-water novice not only attains more wisdom, but also reconnects with her Persian heritage. It’s a curious blend of hand-drawn styles that achieves a striking multi-cultural bridge to imagination and empathy. “A lot of my life experiences are in there except for the obvious bare bones of the family’s story, which is a compilation of a lot of people,” said Fleming (“The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam”), who financed through Indiegogo and co-produced with the National Film Board of Canada. Actress Sandra Oh (“Grey’s Anatomy”) not only voiced protagonist Rosie Ming, but also executive produced. [embedded content] Getting Personal Like the director, Rosie is also of..

MADDEAUX: #MeToo movement failing in Canada

BY SABRINA MADDEAUX Harvey Weinstein. Matt Lauer. Kevin Spacey. Charlie Rose. Russell Simmons. Louis C.K. Brett Ratner. Roy Moore. The list of alleged sexual predators and harassers outed and toppled by the #MeToo movement continues to grow by the day. The purge has been a long time coming. Never before have we seen so many powerful men, across multiple industries, forced to come to terms with allegations of abuse and the privilege that afforded them protection– until now. While Canadians have widely been supportive of the #MeToo movement, cheering on women and men south of the border, sharing stories online, petitioning for justice and boycotting the work of outed predators, we’ve yet to see #MeToo rock the core of any Canadian industries. Where is our Harvey Weinstein? Who’s the northern Louis C.K. in sheep’s clothing? There’s no question these men exist in the very upper echelons of the Canadian business, entertainment, sport and media industries. A recent survey by Insights West..

Iran Extends Film Censorship Reach Beyond Its Borders

Iran has taken its cultural censorship efforts to new levels by pressuring a filmmaker to cancel the screening of one of his films in Canada. The film, Delighted, by Abdolreza Kahani, was due to be screened last month at an independent theater in Toronto. But Kahani decided to cancel the screening after receiving a warning from Iran's Culture Ministry. A source close to Kahani's production team who did not want to be named told RFE/RL that the ministry "advised" the filmmaker that if he would go ahead with the screening his other film, We Love You Mrs. Yaya, which was filmed in Thailand, would not be allowed to be shown inside Iran. "When we announced that the film would be screened [in Canada] and tickets were sold, we received a message requesting the screening be cancelled; the message said that, if not, Kahani's [other] film – [which was] was made in Thailand and was costly -- will not receive a screening permit," the source said. Iranian director Abdolreza Kahani (f..

Syrian refugees say thanks to Canada with New Year's blood drive

Dozens of Syrian refugees in Calgary rang in the New Year by donating their blood. Yo Rasso, who arrived in Canada about 18 months ago, said he decided to roll up his sleeves “to say thank you Canada for help(ing) me and my children.” Blood drive organizer Sam Nammoura, from the Syrian Refugee Support Group, said that giving blood is considered a big honour in Syrian culture. “If people are really committed they say, ‘I will do this with my blood,’” he said. “This is (an) opportunity for them to show their appreciation and gratitude to the country.” Jhoanna Delrosario of Canadian Blood Services said she suggested New Year’s Day for the blood drive because the New Year’s holiday and January in general are a slow time for donations. “We are very grateful for the Syrian community and the newcomers,” Delrosario added. “What a way to celebrate the New Year and give back to the community.” Syrian newcomers welcoming the new year by donating blood for Canada! Posted by Saima ..

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