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Sir Paul McCartney: ‘Retire from what?’

"This is it - the actual one!" Sir Paul McCartney is holding the double bass that belonged to Elvis Presley's original bassist Bill Black. It's leaning in the corner of his office, above his recording studio in deepest East Sussex. "Just imagine," he enthuses like a teenage fan "This was here…" he gestures a couple of feet to his left, "… and Elvis stood here!" He picks it up and starts plucking and singing Heartbreak Hotel. He rests it back on its stand and smiles: "I'd like to think one day this will be in a museum with my little Hofner bass next to it." It's clear Sir Paul is aware of his standing as the world's most successful and famous musician, but seemingly carries the weight effortlessly. He's open, funny, cheerily self-analytical and enthusiastic, especially about releasing his first new album in four years, Egypt Station. The first single to be taken from it is the double A-sided Come On To Me and I Don't Know Sir Paul spoke to the BBC ..

Off Broadway Theater Cuts Ties With Neil LaBute

Advertisement Neil LaBute, a prominent American playwright and screenwriter known for his portraits of misanthropic and misogynistic men, has been abruptly cut off by one of New York’s leading nonprofit theaters. MCC Theater, a prestigious Off Broadway company, announced Thursday that it was canceling an upcoming production of Mr. LaBute’s latest play and terminating his tenure as its playwright-in-residence, effective immediately. The theater’s leadership repeatedly declined to explain the reason for its action, but on Friday, Blake West, its executive director, said, “We’re committed to creating and maintaining a respectful and professional work environment for everyone we work with.” Mr. LaBute did not respond to a request for comment. The action is a startling development in the 15-year relationship between the nonprofit theater and the polarizing playwright: MCC has been a longtime champion of Mr. LaBute’s work, which often raises uncomfortable questions about sex and power and le..

Nile Rodgers gets unique Abbey Road role

Nile Rodgers is to take up a new role at Abbey Road Studios - home to some of the most revered albums of all time. The disco legend will be the studio's chief creative advisor - nurturing new talent, as well as recording with some of rock and pop's biggest artists. The 65-year-old, who is recording a new Chic album, will also use the studio as his primary creative base in the UK. "Come on, it's Abbey Road!" he told the BBC. "The Beatles made all their stuff here." The star, whose hits include Chic's Le Freak, Madonna's Like A Virgin, David Bowie's Let's Dance and Daft Punk's Get Lucky, said the studio held a certain magic for artists the world over. "One thing that all musicians are, is they're all superstitious," he said. "When we made [Chic's] huge string of hits at the Power Station in New York, people would fly from all over the world just to record there. "But Abbey Road is Abbey Road, man. "Every day I come to work, there'..

Meet Kamille: The stockbroker who writes hits for Little Mix and Jess Glynne

You don't get many pop stars with a degree in economics... but that's just one of the things that makes Camille Purcell unique. The south London singer quit a lucrative job as a City stockbroker six years ago to try her hand at songwriting. Her first song, What About Us, gave girl group The Saturdays a number one. Since then, she's become Little Mix's go-to songwriter, composing hits like Black Magic and the Brit award-winning Shout Out To My Ex. "Camille knows us so well," says the band's Perrie Edwards. "She knows what we want to write about, she knows what sound we're going for. She's incredible. She's so talented." Purcell also wrote this week's number one single, Jess Glynne's I'll Be There, while another of her compositions, Clean Bandit's Solo, looks set to replace it on Friday. Meanwhile, the 29-year-old just released her own song, Emotional, under the stage name Kamille. Hey Kamille. You're doing pretty well at ..

Theater Plays ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Instead Of ‘Black Panther’ And It Didn’t Go Well

“Black Panther” is bar-none the most anticipated movie of the year. “Fifty Shades Freed,” meanwhile, is the most anticipated movie of the year with an ice cream sex scene, so make of that what you will. Moviegoers at Atlanta’s Regal Atlantic Station were in for a surprise on Thursday night when the theater mistakenly played the final installment of the erotic drama franchise instead of the superhero flick. Fans around the country came out in droves for the Marvel movie’s debut, with many dressing in traditional African garb or clothing inspired by the film’s Afro-futurist aesthetic. “Black Panther” is already breaking records, and is predicted to have an enormous opening weekend. Twitter user @ChefWaites was apparently in the Atlanta theater when it all went down, and live-tweeted his disappointment and the hilarious reaction from the crowd when the first thing they saw was a wedding, not Wakanda. LMMFNFNDNDNDNDNDN DAWG THEY PLAYING THE WRONG MOVIE — The Chef (Steve) (@ChefWaites) ..

Comedy actress Bella Emberg dies, aged 80

British comedy actress Bella Emberg - best known for her role in The Russ Abbot Show - has died, aged 80. One of her most memorable characters was Blunder Woman, the comic sidekick of the hapless superhero, Cooperman. Emberg also appeared on The Benny Hill Show, Z Cars, and Doctor Who. Her agent said she would be "greatly missed", while friend and pianist Bobby Crush described her as a "truly gentle soul". The "funniest fairy", comedy actor Paul Chuckle said. Skip Twitter post by @theBobbyCrushSuch sad news ... my wonderful friend Bella Emberg has passed away. We’ve been chums since appearing together in a Summer show with Russ Abbot at the Princess Theatre, Torquay in 1981. A genuinely nice woman and despite her fierce on-stage characterisations, a truly gentle soul. — Bobby Crush (@theBobbyCrush) January 12, 2018End of Twitter post by @theBobbyCrush Emberg had just finished filming a new Sky One comedy, In the Long Run, created by Idris Elba and due to be released later this year...

Tokyo Metro to trial playing classical music on Hibiya Line

Starting Monday, Tokyo Metro Co. will experiment with playing background music on their trains in a bid to provide a more comfortable travel experience for passengers. The background music will be played on the recently introduced 13000 series trains on the Hibiya Line, for a limited number of trains that run between Naka-Meguro and Kita-Senju, the subway operator said. A selection of classical music, including popular pieces such as “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy as well as relaxation music conducted by a composer named Mitsuhiro, will be heard on the trains. The 13000 series trains, which entered service in March last year, boast a high-quality stereo system. Although the upgraded system was initially intended for special events and automated speaker checks, a recent event sparked an idea to utilize the speakers on regular train services as well, a Tokyo Metro official said. “A train conductor played some classical music (which is usually used for speaker checks) by accident durin..

Slaters face shock return storyline in EastEnders

If you're an EastEnders fan and like to avoid the upcoming storylines, look away now. Kat is back. The Albert Square favourite is making a surprise return as her family plans for her funeral. Jean and Mo Slater - played by Gillian Wright and Laila Morse - have already returned to the soap, with Mo claiming Kat is dead. Actress Lacey Turner, who plays Kat's cousin Stacey Slater, said the shake-up "sort of ruins Stacey's life". The importance of strong female characters in soaps - Duncan Lindsay, soaps editor at Metro.co.ukThe resurgence of the Slaters is down to show boss John Yorke wanting to push the strong and feisty women that EastEnders - and the soap genre as a whole - is synonymous with. With such rich histories and layered personalities, there is a lot to be explored with these characters and having them all back together again is sure to create some big drama and hilarious dialogue. Strong female roles are relatable - we all know a real life matriarch who we can ..

Weinstein, Toback and Ratner Cases Almost Ready for D.A. Review

Weinstein, Toback, RatnerCases Almost Ready for D.A. Review 1/12/2018 11:11 AM PST EXCLUSIVE LAPD detectives will be sitting down with the L.A. County District Attorney next month to go over a huge number of files involving alleged sexual misconduct ... and there are 3 famous people who will be at the top of the pile based on the number of complaints ... Harvey Weinstein, James Toback and Brett Ratner. Sources familiar with the investigation tell TMZ the LAPD's Sexual Assault Section is now "winding down" its investigation, but there are still some interviews that have not been conducted and reports to write. One law enforcement source tells us detectives are stunned that they were able to get statements from some of the people accused of sexual misconduct. Turns out early on -- before some of the suspects got criminal defense lawyers -- their entertainment lawyers drafted statements signed by their clients denying the claims. One law enforcement source put it this way ... "These ..

Casey Affleck pulls out of presenting best actress Oscar

Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck has pulled out of this year's Academy Awards, his publicist has confirmed. By tradition, Affleck - who won best actor for Manchester By The Sea in 2017 - would have been expected to present the best actress award this year. The actor, brother of Hollywood star Ben Affleck, was sued by two female crew members for alleged sexual harassment in 2010. He denies the allegations, and the lawsuits were settled out of court. An Oscars spokeswoman confirmed that Affleck would not attend, saying: "We appreciate the decision to keep the focus on the show and on the great work of this year." Oscars 2018: The nominees in fullWhat are the claims against Affleck?Affleck's accusers, producer Amanda White and director of photography Magdalena Gorka, say they were harassed during the making of the mockumentary film I'm Still Here, which Affleck directed. Ms White claimed that Affleck had refused to pay her salary because she would not spend the night in ..

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