Sheer Martini Bikini takes naked trend to new level with olives as nipple covers

Racy swimwear trends are the latest craze. New York Fashion Week brought us extreme high-cut swimming costumes, while Australian designer Karen Hurley recently launched the barely-there Slash Bikini. But we may just have come across a bikini that's taken the 'near naked' trend to a whole new level. Talented Brazilian designer Adriana Degreas is known for her creative designs. The Martini Bikini is inspired by divas of old Hollywod (Image: Adriana Degreas) Read More This yea..

Bride mocked for wedding dress which looks like she’s covered in ‘period blood’

When it comes to weddings, it’s one of the most important fashion choices you’ll ever have to make in your life. Sadly for one bride, her bridal dress didn’t go down smoothly after it was shared online. In the photo, the woman can be seen wearing a white gown with a red ribbon, while the groom is in a pair of jeans and converses. Sharing a photo of the anonymous bride on the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming Facebook group, a user wrote: “I'm all for non-traditional wedding dresses (I wore..

TIPTO appoints eighth Agent Ambassador

Published on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 TIPTO has welcomed Amanda Parsonage as its eighth Agent Ambassador. Director of Grosvenor Travel in Chester, she joins the programme to help to inform TIPTO's strategic direction for the coming year. She will be invited to TIPTO's General Meetings and play an integral role in influencing the s..

French auctioneer defies Mexico with sale of pre-Columbian artifacts

A stone kneeling figure of Aztec water goddess Chalchiuhtlicue, one of pre-Columbian artefacts, is presented to the press at Drouot auction house in Paris, France, September 18, 2019. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier PARIS (Reuters) - French auction house Millon denied accusations by the Mexican government that a sale of dozens of pre-Columbian artifacts was illegal and proceeded with an auction on Wednesday. Mexico’s foreign ministry on Tuesday said that..

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: The invisible sign you could be lacking the vitamin

Vitamin D is incredibly important for the body for a number of reasons. It plays an essential role in the regulation of calcium, which is important for healthy bones. It’s also important for the immune system, helps keep the muscles healthy and can reduce the risk of diabetes. Vitamin D can’t be created by the body, and has to be taken in from sunshine or through diet. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are hard to spot (Image: GETTY) Read More This is why it’s important to know the signs and sym..

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Femvertising or advertising that celebrates women with feel-good messages encouraging empowerment, confidence, and self-esteem, is missing the mark with 61 percent of American women, especially those in Gen Z. According to Kantar’s recent study, 74 percent of Gen Z women believe advertising directed at them is “completely out of touch” with them a..

You can now buy CBD oil leggings, here’s what you need to know

Just when you thought the health industry couldn’t take things any further, fitness brand Acabada has just dropped the latest bombshell: CBD infused activewear. According to the NYC based brand, they believe infusing clothes with CBD can help speed up the recovery process. Cannabidiol or CBD – naturally sourced from hemp plants - is one of the fast..

Siete Foods Experiences Distribution Boom

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Siete Foods, a grain-free tortilla and chip maker, is expanding its products nationwide at Target this month, reports Forbes. The product will be available at 1,600 Target locations, as well as 3,000 additional Walmart stores and another 750 Kroger stores. This means, by the end of the year, Siete will be in m..

Wildist Elevated Essentials

Press Sample I’ve been trying for the last few years to incorporate more natural products into my beauty routine and even my home. Wildist is helping me to replace my chemical-laden essentials with natural and organic products like toothpaste and deodorant. Wildist Wild + Alchemist = Wildist. Each product is an unexpected combination of wild, nat..

How to burn 700 calories in just over an hour by doing this simple...

Summer might be over but some people would still be thinking about their weight loss journeys. Burning calories doesn’t have to take all the time in the world and sometimes it works by completing a simple activity. According to Livestrong, an average person can slash up to 700 calories by doing a bit of gardening. However it's a bit unclear what type of gardening can burn this amount of fat – but it's still a perfect excuse to water the plants. The American Council on Exercise re..

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