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Cooking and recipes from diferent cuisines, foods with beauty benefits, functional drinks is the some of themes in the Dining section.

Trends & Happenings

A look at the events, issues, and innovations shaping specialty food, plus industry news, trends, and more. Cheers to Sparkling Wine First there was the spork. Now there’s the Cloupe. For decades the coupe and the flute were the preferred glasses for bubbly, but critics rejected each for either releasing the bubbles too soon or not offering enough..

Incubator Empowers Small Businesses with Community Marketplace

La Cocina, a nonprofit incubator focused on providing affordable kitchen space and mentorship to women- and immigrant-led food businesses, is working to bring a marketplace to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. La Cocina’s Municipal Market will feature seven businesses that sell healthy, affordable meals to area residents who often lack acc..

Trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show

Members of the Specialty Food Association’s Trendspotter Panel walked the recent Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco for three days, armed with their professional expertise and earlier predictions for Top 2020 food trends, to select a robust group of products and companies that represent eight notable specialty food and beverage trends. Winter ..

Wages, Tariffs, Gender Equality: Restaurant Operators Speak Out on Industry Issues

The restaurant industry is under relentless pressure not only from competition, but also due to regulatory changes such as minimum wage increases and new tariffs on imported foods, and pressure to re-examine work environments in the wake of the #MeToo movement and several high-profile cases of workplace discrimination and harassment. Specialty Food..

Producer Profile: Dinesh Tadepalli, Planeteer

Front Burner Foodservice Pitch Competition winner Dinesh Tadepalli is on a quest to save the planet from plastics, one edible spoon at a time. By Julie Besonen Dinesh Tadepalli, 33, has a sweet tooth and eats a lot of ice cream. A few years ago, as he was spooning some into his mouth, it occurred to him that his ten minutes of pleasure left a carb..

Zeroing in on Waste

These restaurants and foodservice facilities are joining the fight to reduce food and packaging waste. At Bresca in Washington, D.C., chef Ryan Ratino saves 125,000 plastic spoons from becoming garbage every year, simply by instead using stainless steel spoons for tasting in the kitchen. “I have a strong opinion about plastic waste and that’s why ..

Specialty Food Maker: A Job Seeker’s Market

In an effort to attract the most qualified job candidates, specialty food producers and retailers are offering competitive pay, generous benefits, and special perks. Specialty Food asked two food makers and a retailer how they draw potential employees and keep them engaged, once hired. They represent York, Maine-based specialty food and home goods ..

By the Numbers

This spring issue of Specialty Food is chock-full of content addressing the foodservice channel and best practices in staffing and retention. Here are some facts and figures representing this themed issue. 200% The increase in penetration of flake salt on restaurant menus, according to research by Datassential. Other salts gaining popularity includ..

Specialty Salt: What Buyers Should Know

Suppliers and retailers seek unique varieties and blends to differentiate their offerings. Retailers and suppliers of specialty and artisan salts are reaping the benefits of increasing consumer interest in the pedigree of the foods they eat. Many of these salts tout their minimal processing and discreet place of origin, appealing to consumers seek..

Category Spotlight: Sipping for Wellness

Sales of functional beverages are burgeoning thanks to ingredient innovations and the emergence of the bio hacking trend. Shoppers are taking their prescriptions to the grocery store and stocking up on ingredient-driven functional beverages that offer hydration with added health benefits. Beverage solutions are lining retail shelves that fulfill m..

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