‘I gave up my social life for the ‘Adele’ Sirtfood diet’

Rachael Martin bravely tried the Sirtfood Diet - which has been credited to Adele's dramatic weight loss - and even though she lost 3 kilograms in the first week, it's not something she will be voluntarily doing again. Rumour has it that Grammy-winning superstar Adele has lost 18 kilograms since her last worldwide tour and the mum-of-one..

The best gear to help you become a runner (even if you think you...

There's a good chance you're not wearing the right gear if you're someone who struggles to find the motivation to run. Here are the only 5 products you need to change that. We might be living in a world where Pilates, Crossfit, Lagree and HIIT are the trendy workouts to be doing, but there’s no denying the fact that running has, is a..

What is your belly fat trying to tell you about your body?

Eating all the right foods and exercising regularly but not seeing any results? Dr Libby Weaver explains why that stubborn belly fat isn't budging. Where our body chooses to deposit body fat can tell us a lot about what’s happening on the inside. Some of our hormones, for example, can be linked to a specific pattern of body fat storage in dif..

A bacon-scented ‘meat patch’ exists to help vegans fight cravings

The world's first meat-patch is currently been tested to help newly committed vegans satisfy their meat cravings. A patch infused with the scent of fried bacon has been developed with the aim of helping people who have chosen to adopt a plant-based diet to curb their meat cravings. Created by scientist Charles Spence, a professor of experimen..

Tried and tested: maternity activewear

The I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear blues ramps up a notch or three in pregnancy. While you can get away with your regular wardrobe well into the second trimester thanks to loose fabrics and clever cuts - hello elasticized pants - the same doesn’t apply to activewear. Before the first trimester is up, there’s every chance that belly is straining agai..

Ditch the squats – here’s 5 yoga poses to firm and strengthen your booty

If you thought squats were the only answer to achieving that toned butt, think again. A yoga expert shares the low-intensity exercises that will get you a perky behind. While we aspire for Beyonce’s “bootylicious” butt, there are many important reasons to take care of the gluteus muscles that go beyond looks or aesthetics. The butt is associated wi..

Inside the Insta-perfect Melbourne studio bringing ‘LA Pilates’ to Australia

You could be forgiven for thinking that this pretty Pilates studio was created purely for the 'gram, but we discovered that Love Athletica's reformer class delivers a full-body burn that you'll feel long after your last Insta story expires. Give a big, sweaty high five to our new editorial series, Class in Review. This is where the ..

3 post-pregnancy exercises to never do if you’ve given birth in the last three...

After you’ve had your baby, it takes time for your muscles to strengthen up again, and for your ligaments to stiffen up and support your joints. If you return to exercise too early, you can slow the repair and recovery process, or even overstretch and strain the recovering muscles leading to pain or injury. Although you might be super keen to get b..

‘I lost 38kg eating six meals a day’

Kylie Pryor went from eating three meals a day to six, and lost 38kg in the process. Here, the mother-of-three reveals her diet secrets. Kylie Pryor was typically reasonable when it came to healthy foods, but her weight gain was largely due to big portions of meals and the indulgence of chocolate as a frequent treat after dinner. “I typically ate t..

Sam Wood says you should always workout your core before glutes

Fitness expert Sam Wood reveals why your core should be the first muscle you warm-up when exercising, plus he shares a 5-move workout that will help you get that six-pack. Should your core be the first muscle you activate when working out? The short answer is… yes. I like to do my core movements either integrated with mobility or before I train my ..

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