Turmeric may contain dangerous levels of lead

Is the desire for brightly colored turmeric causing a dangerous phenomenon? A new report discusses how companies in Bangladesh are adding lead chromate to turmeric to make it appear more yellow. Share on PinterestResearchers have found high levels of toxic lead in the popular spice turmeric.What is lead chromate, and why do people use it to color ..

Bride who lost 8st to wear dress of dreams looked ‘unrecognisable’ at her wedding

Gemma Dobbing weighed 17st at her heaviest and struggled to find clothes for her size 22 figure. The 32-year-old told how she'd been so focused on looking after her three-year-old son Charlie that her diet spiralled out of control. After booking her wedding in October 2018 and finding the perfect dress, Gemma, from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, set herself a challenge to fit into the bridal gown in less than a year. Gemma tied the knot two weeks ago and was met by "gasps" from wedding guests ..

Prostate cancer risk could be lowered by eating mushrooms, according to study

A new study has revealed a link between eating mushrooms and lower risk of prostate cancer. Researchers from Tohoku University, in Japan, suggest that consuming the ingredient on a regular basis reduces the risk of the male cancer – especially in those aged 50 or older. Dr Shu Zhang, who led the study, said: "Test-tube studies and studies conducted on living organisms have shown that mushrooms have the potential to prevent prostate cancer. "However, the relationship between mushroom consumptio..

Can more vegetarian options tempt carnivores away from meat?

With climate change on people's minds and livestock farming in trouble for greenhouse gas emissions, many people see vegetarianism as a positive step. A study suggests that offering a greater vegetarian selection could be a way to lure meat eaters into choosing more veggie meals. New research looks at ways to get more people to eat a vegetari..

Psychopaths make the best doctors because they can switch off emotionally

Experts have revealed their ruthless nature and emotional detachment are the perfect attributes for medicine. Leading cardiac surgeon professor Stephen Westaby claimed he developed his own appetite for risk after fracturing his skull playing rugby. Speaking at Cheltenham Literary Festival, he said: “When they shipped me back to medical school they could immediately tell that I was different to the shy and retiring person I’d been before. “‘I didn’t register fear and that became significan..

Women warned to avoid putting toothpaste in their vaginas to tighten them

People are doing all sorts to their genitals in a bid to keep the area clean and healthy. Women using a sponge on a stick to clean up "excess fluids" after sex and men are putting toothpaste on their penises in a bid to help them last longer in the sack. Now ladies have jumped on the dental product craze by using toothpaste to tighten their vaginas. Unsurprisingly, doctors have warned against the method as it could do some nasty damage. It's a myth putting toothpaste up the vagina (I..

How air pollution may lead to hair loss

New research might have found an explanation for why outdoor air pollution is likely to cause hair loss. New research sheds light on what causes hair loss. Hair loss affects around two-thirds of men under the age of 35 in the United States, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Also, almost 85% of men lose a significant amount of hair a..

Study links home cooked meals with fewer harmful chemicals

Cooking and eating more meals at home may keep harmful chemicals at bay, suggests new research. A new study explains why eating more homemade meals could be better for people's health. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of chemicals that humans have created. They are in packaged foods, household products, kitchen appliance..

Dibsy debates if ‘fat-shaming’ works after he was banned from takeaways

Fat-shaming someone into losing weight is definitely a controversial method. While some associate it with “bullying”, others believe you need to be cruel to be kind. Darren McClintock, known as Dibsy, voiced his opinion on the matter. During a Good Morning Britain segment, the Middlesbrough man admitted his friends’ intervention helped him to shed 20st. But when Piers Morgan suggested is transformation was all down to “fat shaming”, the guest didn’t completely share the same view. Dibsy a..

Bridesmaid sheds 9st after fearing she would be ‘too fat’ for her dad’s wedding

Danielle Richmond, from Lossiemouth, Scotland, tipped the scales at 21st after a diet of pizzas and takeaways. The 27-year-old shop assistant couldn't vacuum the stairs at work without getting out of breath and decided to take action when she had a health scare after a holiday in Tenerife. Doctors claims her chest pains were down to her size and lifestyle, so she ditched the junk food and kick-started her incredible weight loss journey. And now, Danielle, who wore a UK size 26, has dropp..

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