An Artist’s Archeology of the Mind – The New Yorker

A painting by Peter Sacks looks one way from a distance and another up close. From twenty paces, “Amnesty,” a large triptych hanging in his Tribeca studio, seems to depict three figures in procession, writhing in pain or rapture. From ten, details of its surface emerge—ridges, crenellations, ribbons of paint—and it resembles an aerial photograph of farmland, cities, rivers. From five, the variety of the work’s materials becomes visible: the river is a strip of West African cloth, dyed indigo; th..

Indian Supreme Court blasts Archeology department over Taj Mahal

News Analysis | Expressing concern over blue and green patches on the Taj Mahal, the Supreme Court on Wednesday slammed the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for ‘failure’ to protect it from rising pollution and even wondered whether the body should be relieved of the task to manage the affairs of the world heritage site. A bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta said ASI was not properly discharged its duty in maintaining the beauty of Taj Mahal and asked the Centre to consider whether some other agencies be given the responsibility to protect and preserve the 17th-century world heritage site. Advocate A D N Rao, appearing for ASI, told the bench that it was doing whatever is required to protect the monument. He said the patches on Taj were because of insect-breeding in the stagnated water on Yamuna river bed. The court, however, slammed ASI for not accepting the environmental threat to the Taj, saying it was not doing enough to save the monument. The Taj Mahal, liste..

Discovery of Ancient Israelite City Supports Biblical Account of King David

Discovery of Ancient Israelite City Supports Biblical Account of King David A new archaeological discovery is helping to confirm the biblical record that presents King David as an historical figure in ancient Israel. Some archaeologists and experts have doubted the biblical account because they have not been able to find any evidence of civilization dating back to the time when David is supposed to have ruled, according to the Bible: “no fortifications, public works or signs of statehood.” “Until 25 years ago no one doubted that King David was a historical figure,” adds Professor Avraham Faust, director of the archaeological dig. “In the last 25 years or so, however, David’s historicity, and especially the size of his kingdom, are hotly debated“. That is no longer true, however, after this recent discovery. “The new discovery at Tel ‘Eton, located in the Judean Shephelah to the east of the Hebron hills, seems to suggest that the highland kingdom controlled larger areas than so..

Miscreants rob historic tomb’s majesty

RAJKOT: The majestic sight of Mahabat Khan Makabra, the 19th century mausoleum right in the heart of town, leaves outsiders visiting Junagadh for the first time spellbound. Standing tall on a sprawling ground, the 120-year-old mausoleum is one of the most prominent monuments of the Mughal era rulers of Junagadh who had initially acceded to Pakistan but later agreed to merge it into India post-Independence. But walk closer to it and the mesmerising sight turns into sorrow within a few minutes. Several integral parts of this Indo-European architectural wonder with Islamic wonder lie in shambles. The intricately carved grills are shattered and some silver doors have actually been stolen or just silver taken away from some of them along with the gold canopy. There is no one to stop you from doing anything here. In the night, chances are strong that one may find Bachhus gulping down country-made liquor or even gambling. Though the main door of the mausoleum is locked, there is free ent..

The Bones of an Early Jamestown Settler May Soon Be Identified

An old, charred piece of long-forgotten flatbread has captured the interest of archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians around the world. Found in a stone fireplace in Jordan’s Black Desert, this proto-pita dates back 14,400 years, making it the oldest known example of bread, Reuters reports. To put the significance of this discovery in context: the flatbread predates the advent of agriculture by 4000 years, leading researchers to theorize that the laborious process of making the bread fr..

Sculpture found with Gouri draped in Lajja

The 1,500-year-old icon of the goddess, dating back to the time of Badami Chalukyas, has her characteristic exaggerated vulva drapedFor centuries, images of Lajja Gauri has been brushed aside from popular culture as puritanism discarded this pre-Vedic fertility god. A 1500-year-old sculpture discovered recently in Shivamogga attests to the fact that even back then, the Goddess was sought to be draped in 'Lajja' by even those who worshipped her. This very rare sculpture has been carved with the characteristic exaggerated vulva covered in what appears to be a lower garment. The affixation of 'Lajja' to the name of the Goddess is itself seen as a modern attempt to literally cover her up. The image was discovered in Kumsi village near Shivamogga a few days ago. The buried sculpture had surfaced during ploughing by a local farmer and had been put next to a small shrine nearby. An officer of the Department of Archaeology chanced upon it a few days ago. The image has now b..

The Colors of the Ancient Mediterranean in Vivid Dimensions – Hyperallergic

Ancient Color and the head of Bacchus, installation view (all images by the author for Hyperallergic)ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Much like dinosaurs having feathers, the fact that ancient Roman statuary was tricked out in bright paint colors is a truth difficult to digest for those of us accustomed to seeing austere unfinished marble in museums (like thinking of dinosaurs as fearsome mega-lizards rather than angry chickens). But Ancient Color, a new exhibition at University of Michigan’s Kelsey Museum of..

Best archaeological discoveries in 2017

ÖMER ERBİL The graves in Beşiktaş In 2017, 3,500-year-old graves were unearthed during subway construction works in Istanbul’s Beşiktaş neighborhood, shedding light on the history of both Anatolia and Turkey. Then there was The Urartian Castle, which was monitored using underwater cameras, and the tomb of a Russian commander, which was found accidentally at a construction site in the southeastern province of Ardahan. These were among the most talked about archaeological discoveries last year. Here is a list of top nine archaeological discoveries in Turkey in 2017. Beşiktaş graves Subway excavations on the site of a 3,500-year-old graveyard in the Beşiktaş neighborhood of Istanbul unearthed 35 graves. The discovery of cairn burials that pertain to the Northern Black Sea steppe culture – namely earlier Turkish and Altai cultures – was an exciting surprise for the scientific world. Although archaeologists stress how hard it is to determine the ethnicity of the people who made these bur..

Museum Events in New York City This Week – June 2-June 9

New York's museums have constantly changing exhibitions and special events; check in with City Guide's calendar for the latest goings-on in NYC, with all the great painting, photography, sculpture, video art, history, and general culture that the city's institutions are known for. Watson Adventures’ Cloisters Capers Scavenger Hunt - The Cloisters June 02, 2019 - New York Join Watson Adventures on a unique scavenger hunt for adults in one of upper Manhattan’s most unusual treasur..

Another new archaeological discovery in the Boyne Valley has just come to light

The triple ditch barrow with enclosures and barrow surrounding it. Source: Noel Meehan ANOTHER ARCHAEOLOGICAL FIND has been photographed in the Boyne Valley – this time the outline of a possible barrow cemetery and ancient settlement. It has been busy few weeks for the area around Newgrange, with two new potential henges found on the floodplains just a few hundred metres away from the well-known passage tomb, and an entirely new passage tomb uncovered in a long-term excavation near Dowth Hal..

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