Conjuring up the Ghibli mystique

Conjuring up the Ghibli mystique Updated: 2019-08-16 07:10 By Mathew Scott(HK Edition) Imagine immersing yourself in the fantasy worlds created by some of the world's most inspired minds on a daily basis. That's exactly what Koji Hoshino gets to do as his job. As chairman of the multi-million dollar Studio Ghibli, his duties include interacting with animation film legends Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, besides introducing weird and ..

Animating the next generation

With an immersive show by Japan's Studio Ghibli running in HK and local filmmaker Yonfan's newest flick all set to compete in Venice, the city's animation artists do not need to look far for inspiration, says Mathew Scott. Hong Kong has long had a fascination with animation. The genre was first showcased in Chinese-language cinema in 1941 with Princess Iron Fan, which had a story lifted from the pages of the 16th-century Chinese n..

Responsible HK people must pull together to stop violence

Responsible HK people must pull together to stop violence Updated: 2019-08-16 07:08 (HK Edition) Nine weeks of unabated and increasingly violent anti-government protests have taken a toll on ordinary people in Hong Kong. They have grown tired of living with uncertainties and disruptions. The protests have not only seriously affected livelihoods but also threatened the way of life and personal freedom of many Hong Kong residents. "If the lips ar..

China Raises Reward for Informants in Tibet

Chinese authorities in Tibet are offering large cash rewards to informants in a bid to stamp out online activities considered threatening to Beijing’s control over the restive Himalayan region, with amounts paid out now tripled over amounts offered last year, sources say. Rewards of 300,000 yuan (U.S. $42,582) are now being promised for information..

Weak Oversight, Strong Demand From China Drives Illicit Wildlife Trade in Myanmar Border Town

Weak implementation of the law and strong demand in neighboring China are fueling the illicit trade of endangered wildlife in Myanmar’s Shan State, according to shop owners in the regional town of Mongla, despite claims by local authorities that the practice has been stamped out. Shan State’s Special Region 4, where the border town of Mongla is loc..

Hong Kong Police Release Student Leader, Who Goes Straight to Hospital

The head of a Hong Kong college student body has been released without charge, two days after being arrested on suspicion of carrying "offensive weapons" after he bought a pack of laser pointers. Keith Fong, president of the Hong Kong Baptist University Student Union was released unconditionally after hundreds of angry students gathered on the coll..

Government decries violence after another restless Sunday

Government decries violence after another restless Sunday Updated: 2019-08-05 07:28 By Staff Writer in Hong Kong(HK Edition) Hong Kong on the verge of 'danger' as city plunges into chaos after violent protests at several locations over the weekend In another chaotic and turbulent Sunday, groups of protesters against the shelved extradition bill ran amok in different parts of the city, blocking roads, attacking police stations and clash..

Violence has to end, or blood will be shed

Violence has to end, or blood will be shed Updated: 2019-08-05 07:28 By Staff Writer in Hong Kong(HK Edition) The chaotic world suddenly became incredibly quiet when an unknown "bomb" flung by anti-extradition bill protesters hit my neck from behind. I couldn't move and the dizziness lasted about 10 seconds. Gradually regaining consciousness, I still managed to capture the moments when clashes raged on between radical protesters and police ..

Police Hit Back After Angry Crowds Surround Police Stations, Occupy Roads, Block Tunnel

Hong Kong continued to be rocked by "wildcat" anti-extradition and anti-police protests across the city all weekend, ahead of a general strike planned for Monday. Police repeatedly fired tear gas and pepper spray at crowds of protesters who surrounded police stations, gathered near Beijing's Central Liaison Office in Western district, and bloc..

Uyghur Man in Qatar Fears Forced Return to China

A Uyghur man held in an airport in Qatar has sent out an appeal for help to avoid being deported to China, where he said he will face persecution, media reports said on Saturday. Ablikim Yusup, 53, said in a video posted to Facebook from Doha International Airport that he fears for his safety if sent back. “I need the world’s help,” Yusup said. For..

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