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China Anti-Crime Campaign in Tibet Used to Punish Critics, Dalai Lama Supporters: HRW

A campaign launched two years ago by Chinese authorities in Tibet to combat crime is also targeting political dissidents, critics of corruption, and activists promoting use of the Tibetan language, Human Rights Watch said in a report on Friday. Also drawing attention from the police are Tibetan supporters of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, ..

Southeast Asia Beset by Flood of Cheap Methamphetamines, Synthetic Opioids: UN Report

The synthetic drug market in East and Southeast Asia is expanding and diversifying with the price of methamphetamines dropping to its lowest level in the past 10 years, while supplies of synthetic opioids have risen sharply, according to a new report issued Friday by the United Nations drug crimes agency. The report from the Vienna-based United Na..

Indonesia: Lawyer for Dead Fishermen Seeks Human Trafficking Probe

A lawyer for Indonesians who alleged they had worked in slave-like conditions aboard Chinese fishing boats called Monday for companies that recruited and employed them to be prosecuted for human trafficking and bondage. Last week, the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta summoned the Chinese ambassador over the deaths of four Indonesians and the treatment ..

‘Losing Him Has Been an Attack on Our People’: Remembering Uyghur Religious Teacher Abdulahad...

Abdulahad Mahsum was a prominent Uyghur religious figure who died in 2018 while detained at one of the vast system of internment camps in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) where authorities are believed to have held up to 1.8 million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities since April 2017. He had been placed in the camp in 201..

Tibetan Man Kept Under Travel Ban Over Eight-Year-Old Charges

A walnut-seller visiting Tibet’s regional capital Lhasa eight years ago has been kept by Chinese authorities ever since under travel restrictions after being found with a photo of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on his mobile phone, Tibetan sources say. Jampa Sonam, now 59 and a resident of Lhachu village in Chamdo (in Chinese, Changdu) pre..

Daughter of Uyghur Historian Questions Legitimacy of State Media Video Denying His Detention

A Chinese state newspaper has released a video in which a prominent Uyghur historian who disappeared in 2017 in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) denies reports that he had been detained, prompting his daughter to suggest the recording was made under duress. Iminjan Seydin, 54, began teaching courses on Chinese history at ..

Tibetan Political Prisoner Dies at Home After Being Refused Medical Help

A former Tibetan political prisoner died at his home in China’s Sichuan province on Thursday after authorities repeatedly denied his requests to seek medical treatment for failing health resulting from harsh treatment in prison, Tibetan sources said. Choekyi, who was also a monk, had served a four-year term in Sichuan’s Mianyang prison for making a..

Polluting Casino in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville Still Standing Months After Demolition Order

More than two months after being ordered to demolish a casino closed for polluting a beach in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville, the Chinese owners have yet to tear it down, an activist said Thursday, suggesting that authorities “don’t intend to resolve the issue.” The Jin Ding casino located on Koh Rong Samloem Island, a popular tourist destination in the..

North Koreans in China Live in Fear of Repatriation: Church Members

Illegal migrants from North Korea hiding in northeastern China fear immediate and violent reprisals if they are repatriated, according to missionaries working with the community. Despite ever-tightening border controls in recent years, an unknown number of North Koreans still manage to live, study, and work on the Chinese side of the border, mostly..

Hong Kong Court Quashes Appeal From Protest Movement’s ‘Spiritual Leader’

Hong Kong's Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by a jailed Hong Kong politician who advocated "separation" between the former British colony and mainland China, upholding his six-year jail term for "rioting" during the 2016 "fishball revolution" in Mong Kok. Edward Leung, who is widely regarded as the "spiritual leader" of the pro-democra..

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