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This article first appeared in the Winter 2019 issue of NewBeauty.

Danish fashion designer and mother of two, Anine Bing, has taken La
La Land by storm with her reinvention of cool-girl essentials. In true model off-duty fashion, her unwavering glow is just as sought after as her signature style. Here, the products that take the top spot.

NewBeauty: What skin care do you use every day?
Anine Bing: “I try to take really good care of my skin. I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup so my skincare routine is really important to me. I love the Radiance Renewal Mask ($36) and the Skin-Perfecting Toner ($30) from Paula’s Choice. The La Mer Eye Cream ($250) is my favorite product, it’s expensive but a little goes a long way—I use the Eye Serum ($255) too! The kids and I also use Supergoop everyday. Protecting my skin is my number one priority, especially in sunny California.”

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NewBeauty: Do you use a lot of masks?
AB: “Sheet masks are one of my favorite ways to have a little me time. They are quick and make me feel relaxed and like I’m doing something good for my skin. Lately I’ve been loving the La Mer [The Hydrating Facial] sheet masks ($250).”

What about your hair routine?
“I don’t wash my hair everyday so I use a lot of dry shampoo. I’m also obsessed
with this apple cider vinegar rinse from dpHUE ($35). I’ve been using that in place
of regular shampoo and it cleans my hair and gives it the best texture. I
prefer a loose wave for my hair. I use a wand from CVS. Honestly I’ve tried
every type of wand out there and I still think the ones from Target or CVS are
the best for getting that perfect texture and it’s the same thing for products.”

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What products can you not live without?
AB: “I
get sent so many really nice things and I love trying them all, but my
tried-and-true is Head & Shoulders ($5). I buy it in bulk. I work with hair
stylists and makeup artists all the time and they agree it’s the best-kept
industry secret.”

NB: What else do you buy in bulk?
AB: “I use so much dry shampoo, so I buy the one from BlowPro ($20) in bulk. I swear by the Kérastase Resistance Serum ($51) so I’ll buy a ton of those at a time too.”


NB: What’s
your holy grail makeup product?
AB: “The Clé de Peau Concealer ($70) has been my favorite beauty product
for years. I have never found another product that even comes close to doing
the same thing and it’s perfect for touch-ups throughout the day when I need
some brightening under my eyes.”

NB: Do you have any daily makeup staples?
AB: “I don’t wear a ton, I use
a little tinted moisturizer—either from Laura Mercier ($46) or Bobbi Brown ($47)— plus a little cream
blush from Laura Mercier, mascara and some highlighter around my eyes. I don’t
ever wear lipstick. I like to keep it super simple and down to a few minutes. I’m also really loving Gucci Westman’s minimalistic makeup
line ($48–$75), and La Mer’s new foundation ($120) is magic.”

NB: We hear you’re obsessed
with nail polish…
AB: “Yes! I’m nail-polish
obsessed and always have my nails done. I love Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI ($11) or Berry Naughty by essie ($9).”

NB: What would you call your signature scent?
AB: “I wear our Savage Rose ($69) perfume every day. I really feel like it captures my style. I love how layered
the scent is, it smells soft and complex at the same time and really smells
unique on everyone.”

NB: How do
you practice beauty from the inside out?
AB: “Sleep and self care are my
two main ways of recharging. I have to make it a priority to take at least 10
minutes a day just dedicated to me. Maybe that’s taking time to go for a walk
by myself, it just has to be something that feels nourishing and lets me