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How can Surprise be captured on the lens?

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Surprise continues with the “Feelings” Project Project, which organizes this season the VAULT Multipurpose, after last year’s Seven (based on the 7 deadly sins). The exhibition will last 8 days, from Wednesday 18th to Wednesday 25th April.

This is a Project of 8 photo expositions inspired by the Circle of Emotions, which includes the 8 basic feelings that determine the life and the course of the people.

How do Hara, Tribulation, Love, Anime, Fear, Anger, Surprise and Shame of the Modern Greek depict? How can these feelings be inspired by an artist living in Greece? What we are happy with, what makes us sad, what we love, what saddens us, what scares us, what makes us angry, what else can surprise us and what are we embarrassed in our country today?

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Opening: Wednesday March 18 at 8:00 pm

The photographers: Babis breeze, Georgia Antonopoulos, George Argyropoulos, Ioannis Vlachiotis Evangelos Gouvelis Linda Zoitze Constantinos Ioannou Eve Zampetaki-hut, Nicholas Carman, Katerina scurfy, Christos Katsinis Nikos kichem Konstantinos Kritsalos, George Makrides, Vangelis Makrygiannis , Konstantinos Mitrovievis, Angelos Barai, Nikos Bibizas, Penny Orfanou, Stefanos Papazaparidis, Maria Papanastassiou, Evgenia Pappa, Katerina Pavlidaki, Katerina Poulea, Nikolas Pourliaros, Stella Pilarinou, Vasiliki Sfik Farming choke Panagiotis felucca, Stelios Charalampakis Maria Chatzimina Christos Chirmpos, Royal Chios Annita Christofides

WHAT IS THE FEELINGS? This is a Project of 8 photo expositions inspired by the Circle of Emotions, which includes the 8 basic feelings that determine the life and the course of the people.

The 8 main families of emotions are:

Joy (happiness, relief, pleasure, satisfaction, well-being, pleasure, fun, pride, aesthetic pleasure, enthusiasm, pleasure, pleasure, euphoria, cheerfulness, ecstasy and in the extreme form of mania)

Sadness (sadness, anguish, gloom, melancholy, self-deception, loneliness, sorrow, despair, and abnormal depression)

Love (trust, acceptance, friendliness, affection, courtesy, matching, devotion, worship, romance, love)

Annia (aversion, contempt, discomfort, abhorrence, sigh, horror, abomination)

Fear (anxiety, anxiety, nervousness, worry, astonishment, tremor, anxiety, awe, horror, shyness, horror, and in his psychopathological forms of phobia and panic)

Anger (rage, anger, bitterness, indignation, despair, frustration, annoyance, irritability, hostility and perhaps in extreme situations pathological hatred and violence).

Surprise (shock, wonder, admiration, wonder)

Shame (guilt, embarrassment, disappointment, remorse, humiliation, humiliation, shyness, shyness and repentance).

Project has a duration of 8 months, from October 2017 to May 2018. Every month, a photo exhibition inspired by one of the eight feelings will be presented for 8 days at the VAULT Multi-Room.

In April the Surprise and May is Shame. Already in October, Hara, sadness in December, Love in December, Ananda in January, Fear in February, and anger in February

The opening of the exhibitions will take place on the 8th of each month, starting at 8:00 in the evening. (Apart from Surprise, due to Easter holidays, the inauguration will take place on April 18).


A panel of 8 distinguished photographers will select the 8 best of the photos of the participants (who can take part in two or more photos per emotion) each time.

Our Committee:

Nikos Giavropoulos (visual artist, master of ceremonies)

Thomas Daskalakis (photographers and couriers at ndpphoto.gr)

Dionysis Koutsis (photographer, photography teacher (Black Studio Art))

Fanis Pavlopoulos (mobile photographer, actor)

Yannis Priftis (photographer (Trinity Productions))

Giorgos Striftaris (photographer, actor, casting director)

Elena Fakou (journalist, fashion & beauty editor)

Christina Filakopoulou (photographer, theatrical lighting technician)

At the end of the photographic project, the 64 selected photos will be exhibited on June 8th at VAULT and will be published in a photo album by Kapa Publishing (http://www.kapaekdotiki.gr/).

At the winner, the VAULT will host his personal photography exhibition next year.

Tospirto team

18 April 2018
Until 25 April. VAULT THEATER PLUS Multipurpose: 26 Melenikou Str., Gazi, Votanikos. Info-Reservations: 213 0356472/6949534889 (Call Center 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 21:00) Email: vaultvotanikos@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/VAULTTheatreGr1