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Product Roundup: Elevated Stocking Stuffers

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The holidays can be a stressful time. Between the decorations, gifts, and food, the shopping lists never seem to end.

But these edible gifts, stocking-sized and beautifully packaged, are great for any holiday occasion, whether it’s an office party or Christmas morning with the family. From sweet treats to bold flavors, these fancy foods are sure to enhance holiday festivities.

Bone Doctors’ BBQ The Favorites Gift Set. This three-item gift crate contains Bone Doctors’ bestsellers: Original BBQ sauce, Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce, and Premium Spice Blend. Priced under $20, the sauces are gluten-free, contain no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Bone Doctors’ BBQ uses traditional sauce foundations, then adds contemporary nuances with unique ingredient combinations, glass stout bottles, and eye-catching labels. bonedoctorsbbq.com

Gerrit J. Verburg Co. Collectible Chewing Gum Tins. These collectible tins filled with recently reintroduced Black Jack, Clove, and Beemans Chewing Gum brands, depict nostalgic Americana scenes. Introduced in 1884 as Adams’ Black Jack, Black Jack Chewing Gum was the first flavored gum in America and the first gum sold in sticks. Beemans Chewing Gum originally was marketed as a digestive aid to the early flyers in the late 1800s because it was rumored to settle stomach acid in-flight. Clove Chewing Gum, with its spicy floral flavor, gained popularity during Prohibition for its ability to mask the smell of alcohol on the breath. gerritjverburg.com

Gourmet Du Village Maple Hot Chocolate Cup. This maple-flavored hot chocolate comes with a separate container of marshmallows so that you can add just the right amount. Despite its seasonally decorated packaging, its Canadian maple flavor gives it year-round appeal. Since 1982, Gourmet du Village has created award-winning recipes and artisan blends in the small village of Morin Heights, located in the Laurentians, a land of lakes and mountains one hour north of Montreal. gourmetduvillage.com

Kopper’s Chocolate Sparkling Prosecco Cordials. Pop a shimmering bite of bubbly with Kopper’s Prosecco-flavored liquid center cordials, covered with dark chocolate and coated in a shimmering gold shell and packaged in an elegant 5-ounce tin bottle. For the last 80 years, Kopper’s Chocolate has been one of the most respected specialty purveyors of gourmet chocolates and specialty confections in the world. Every bite-size piece is a labor of love and a work of art. kopperschocolate.com

McSteven’s Gnome Hot Chocolate Mix. What’s the holidays without cocoa? This gnome mix will warm your cup with 2.5-ounces of naturally flavored holiday hot chocolate. For over 38 years, McSteven’s has created instant, hot beverage mixes in decorative gift packaging in flavors like cocoa, white chocolate, cappuccino, chai, apple cider, and a unique hot chocolate that turns colors. mcstevens.com

Robert Rothschild Sweet Sampler. This collection of sweet sauces and spreads includes Rhubarb Strawberry Preserve, Raspberry Amaretto Preserve, Chocolate S’Mores Dip, and Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt Dessert Topping. Whether it’s adding some sweetness to breakfast or indulging in dessert, this sampler has something for everybody. After over 30 years, Robert Rothschild still makes products from scratch, using time-honored techniques, slowly cooking each small batch to perfection. robertrothschild.com (Not pictured.)

Stonewall Kitchen Holiday Jam. A hint of orange liqueur brings out the cheerfulness of ripe pears, tart cranberries, and sweet raspberries in Stonewall Kitchen’s very special jam. The beautiful color and taste make this jam a wonderful addition to the holiday brunch table. Gluten-free and non-GMO, Stonewall Kitchen’s Holiday Jam is available in both mini and regular size, with the smaller version perfect for stuffing in a stocking. stonewallkitchen.com

Straightaway Cocktails Set of Five. This set of 50-milliliter bottles is perfect for sampling all five of Straightaway Cocktails’ signature drinks. The line offers three gin-based drinks: Lintik with lemon, house-made simple syrup, and bitters; Negroni with bitter liqueur and sweet vermouth; and the Classic Martini with vermouth and house-made orange bitters. For whiskey lovers, the Oregon Old Fashioned is a Pacific Northwestern take on the classic drink, containing Filbert and Fir bitters, and for those looking for something summery, The Cosmos is made with vodka aged with lime, lemon, orange, and house-made cranberry shrub. straightawaycocktails.com

Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce. Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce is a curated blend of ripe chili peppers, organic agave nectar, white truffle, and a hint of organic coriander. Taking inspiration from its flagship black truffle experience, Truff shifted gears to capture the limited, seasonal availability of white truffle. Landing on a brighter sensation, White Truffle is presented in limited quantities and includes a special edition VIP box, fully designed to embody the essence of the holidays. Truff sources its ingredients with an open mind and a sophisticated palate and captures them in a uniquely designed bottle crowned with a geometric homage to the company’s truffle roots. truffhotsauce.com

Walkers Shortbread Piper Wobbly Tin. This fun, wobbly tin features a tartan kilt and bagpipes filled with Walkers pure butter shortbread rounds, baked to the traditional family recipe handed down through generations. Walkers offers a wide range of shortbread, traditional cookies, cakes, oatcakes, and puddings. Products are prepared in small batches, contain the finest ingredients available, and have no artificial flavorings, colorings, or additives and are certified kosher OUD. us.walkersshortbread.com

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Arielle Feger is content associate for Specialty Food Magazine.

Photo credit: Mark Ferri; Food Styling: Leslie Orlandin; Props Styling: Francine Matalon-Degni

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