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Gucci release £880 tartan ‘skirt’ for blokes – and it’s a head-turner

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Fashion giant Gucci has released a frumpy-looking “skirt” for blokes – with a hefty £880 price tag.

The tartan garment, which the designer brand claims is a pair of shorts, is cut like a women’s skirt and drops halfway down the leg.

A male model on Gucci’s website is shown wearing it with battered-looking £615 retro running trainers, thick woolly socks and a £700 oversize bowling shirt.

To see how the look would go down with the British public, I went out on to the streets wearing a similar outfit.

And I certainly raised a few eyebrows with my daring get-up.

Never have I felt so many eyes on me as I sported my designer-inspired attire among the suits and ties in London’s Canary Wharf.

I struggled to keep a straight face as I made eye contact with bemused workers on their lunch breaks. They stared at me with smirks, scowls and looks of horror. Strolling past a group of builders was not a particular highlight.

A few eyebrows were raised by the daring get-up
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While my skirt clearly caught their attention, they spared me any hilarious banter.

My ego took another hit when three women stopped in their tracks to laugh at me.

I was like a lamb to the slaughter as I walked into a busy bar and could feel myself getting redder with every step.

I was only too pleased to take my drink outside but I had not considered another potential fashion faux pas as I sipped my pint in the sunshine.

With each gust of wind, I feared the lunchtime crowds would see more than they bargained for.

I have no doubt at all that whatever man does embrace this trend will look a great deal cooler than I did.

And fair play to any bloke who wears a frumpy tartan skirt in public for more than an hour.

He’s clearly made of tougher stuff than I am.