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Theater Plays ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Instead Of ‘Black Panther’ And It Didn’t Go Well

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“Black Panther” is bar-none the most anticipated movie of the year. “Fifty Shades Freed,” meanwhile, is the most anticipated movie of the year with an ice cream sex scene, so make of that what you will.

Moviegoers at Atlanta’s Regal Atlantic Station were in for a surprise on Thursday night when the theater mistakenly played the final installment of the erotic drama franchise instead of the superhero flick.

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Fans around the country came out in droves for the Marvel movie’s debut, with many dressing in traditional African garb or clothing inspired by the film’s Afro-futurist aesthetic. “Black Panther” is already breaking records, and is predicted to have an enormous opening weekend.

Twitter user @ChefWaites was apparently in the Atlanta theater when it all went down, and live-tweeted his disappointment and the hilarious reaction from the crowd when the first thing they saw was a wedding, not Wakanda.

In a video he shared, audience members can be heard yelling, booing and laughing at the screen, with one person exclaiming, “What are we doing?”

The snafu was corrected about five minutes into the final “50 Shades” film, according to people in the theater.


All is right in the world again.

Regal Cinemas did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.