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2017 China (International) Tourism Brand Festival opens in Beijing
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BEIJING, Dec. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — On December 12, the award ceremony for 2017 China (International) Tourism Brand Festival and the Top Ten Recommended Tourism Destinations for World Travelers, hosted by Zhongjing Pinlian, was held successfully in Beijing. The opening ceremony was attended by World Tourism Cities Federation secretary-general Yan Han, former principal editor of the Ministry of Culture of China's journal Xu Shipi, China Tourism Reforming and Development Consulting Committee vice secretary and College of Tourism Management at Beijing International Studies University (BISU) dean Li Xinjian, sina.com tourism and government affairs deputy general manager Zhang Yueying and Beijing Zhongjing Pinlian International Cultural Communications CEO Zhang Wei.

Award-winning attractions and destinations
Award-winning attractions and destinations

During the event themed "Brands Drive China's Build Out As A Top Destination for Tourists", popular tourism attractions including the Tribe of the Three Gorges, the Wuzhizhou Island Tourist Area, Sanya and the landscape of Baili Rhododendra were awarded with honorary titles naming them among the ten top-rated recommended travel destinations for world travelers. Yichun in Heilongjiang province won the honorary title as a Recommended Eco-tourism Destination for World Travelers.

Yichun City

Yichun, also known as the Forest Capital of China, has recently emerged as an ecological tourism destination located in the hinterlands of the Xiao Hinggan Mountains in northeastern Heilongjiang province, lying between two of the country's major river systems, those of the Heilong and Songhua Rivers. Separated from Russia by the Heilong River, Yichun is defined by the abundant presence of Korean pine (pinus koraiensis), lending the area its green aura. The city is known for its quiet beauty and its serving as a model for what an ecological city of the future could look like. Yichun is truly a city where its inhabitants live in harmony with nature.

Yichun is noted for its four distinct seasons: beautiful flowers in spring, cool weather in summer, splendid mountain scenery in autumn and captivating snow scenes in winter. A refreshing urban environment, simple and honest folk customs, warm and hospitable people, and a prime natural ecological environment come together to create a unique travel destination in northern China.

Dahurian rhododendron (rhododendron dauricum), the city flower of Yichun, blooms every year in mid-May The red flower, spreading all over the region's mountains, has been compared to Chinese brocade and the glow of the evening sun as it is preparing to set. The fields of flowers at Hongxing Volcanic Geological Park and Meixi Jinsha River Forest attract many tourists for recreation and sightseeing as well as artists who choose the luscious scenery as a subject for their artistic endeavors.

Tribe of the Three Gorges

Three Gorges Tribe scenic area has graceful natural scenery. Thanks to the beauty of Longjing Brook, mystery of the Shadow Play Stones and majesty of the Tablet Stone, this scenic area looks like a huge gallery.

There are 16 main attraction spots and 8 intangible cultural heritages in the Three Gorges Tribe scenic area. It is a choice landscape invested by the Huanba Tourism Group co. ltd in Yichang, is the first large scale scenic area of scene style, experience module and primitive ecology in China.

This scenic area assembled the Ba Culture and Chu Culture. There are prehistoric geology and myths, the farming and legends of Ba tribe; folk and custom of the gorges. There are the famous relic King Ba Palace, and the palace feast accompanies ancient music of chime bells reflecting Ba and Chu culture essence. There are workman chants well known as the "Living fossil of the Three Gorges", and the most distinctive folk and custom experience Tujia marriage in this area. It is the distillate of the beautiful area in the Three Gorges in the memory, is a cultural, splendid, romantic and poetic Three Gorges.

Baili Rhododendra

Baili Rhododendra attraction is located in the middle of Bijie pilot site northwestward of Guizhou province. It is 112 kilometers away from provincial capital Guiyang, 120 kilometers away from the historical city Zunyi and 50 kilometers away from Bijie airport.

Baili Rhododendra attraction occupies more than 560 square kilometers, in which, the rhododendra attraction occupies 125.8 square kilometers. It is the largest rhododendra forest in China.

Wuzhizhou Island Tourist Area, Sanya

Located in the Haitang Bay, in the north of Sanya, Wuzhizhou Island takes the shape of an irregular butterfly. Extending 1,500 meters from the east to the west and 1,100 meters from the north to the south, it covers an area of 1.48 square kilometers. Its coastline is 5.7 kilometers long, and the highest peak in the south is 79.9 meters above sea level.

On the Island, the scenery is exquisite and charming. Around the Island, the rugged rocks and rough waters produce a splendid sight. In the middle of the Island, there are wooded hills and grasslands, with shadows of trees dancing in the breeze. On the smooth sandy beach, the waves are gentle, and the sands are white and fine, just like a natural jade belt. The surrounding waters are crystal clear. Gazing into the distance, you will find the sea is melted into the sky.

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SOURCE Beijing ZhongJing PinLian International Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

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