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Your backlink and advertisement in one word!


Choice your right keyword and boost your website.The keywords work inside in article via words without links, not on article title.

Your link to your website with two ways.



With logo on all keywords Magazine’s articles. The visitors see your logo and will remember that in futures. Logo: 120 px (width)



Your slogan on all keywords of Magazine’s articles. Maximum 30 character with white color and your link.



The keywords are marked with different color from other links and open in orange window.



On mobiles screen work perfect with logo, slogan preview and your link ready for visitors.


Six months or one year. Choice how long you want and start today!


Your keywords service with the best price. Choice your keyword today! Six months for $9.00 or 1 year for $16.00.



*The service will activate in next 48 hours max. after receiving cleared payment.

*You can check in every article in the bottom of sidebar the “Used Keywords”.


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