Playing With Fire’s John Cena Pledges Big Donation In Honor Of First Responders Day

3 hours ago John Cena is doing his part to help all the first responders out there. The actor, who stars as a firefighter in the upcoming film Playing with Fire, has called on Paramount Pictures to make a donation to any charity that offers assistance to first responders and, in turn, he's pledged to make a personal donation of $500,000 in h..

How Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Threw Off A Co-Star During A Pivotal Scene

4 hours ago For fans of comedian Gary Gulman, the actor’s brief cameo in a pivotal scene during director Todd Phillips’ Joker must come as a complete surprise. What’s even more surprising is that during his big scene, a bout of constant laughter was throwing Gulman’s act just a little off its game. An audience member with an off-beat sense of tim..

What Should The DC Movies Do With The Joker Moving Forward?

4 hours ago What should the DC movies do with the Joker moving forward? It might seem like a strange question to ask, after all, Todd Phillips’ Joker is still in theaters, and despite all the controversy prior to its release, it has become an unmitigated success. So why worry about what’s next when we can revel in the Clown Prince of Crime’s triu..

James Gunn Reacts To Francis Ford Coppola Calling Marvel Movies ‘Despicable’

9 hours ago James Gunn has become a leading voice to defend Marvel movies, which is a wee bit ironic considering he was briefly fired from one, but never mind. The Guardians of the Galaxy director was saddened when Martin Scorsese said Marvel movies weren't cinema and theaters shouldn't be invaded by them. Now Francis Ford Coppola has j..

The Lighthouse’s Robert Pattinson Explains His Trick To Vomit Before Emotional Takes

9 hours ago In the years since the Twilight franchise came to a close, Robert Pattinson has proven that he’s capable of fully immersing himself in some complex characters. For his latest role in the psychological thriller The Lighthouse, he found himself taking some extreme measures to make sure he was convincingly portraying a man on the brink o..

Maleficent Box Office: Mistress Of Evil Underperforms While Zombieland: Double Tap Surprises

10 hours ago Coming out a full five years after the original, there was little chance that Joachim Ronning's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil was going to make as much money in its first three days as its predecessor. Robert Stromberg's Maleficent had a much stronger release date, hitting theaters in late May 2014, and released as part of t..

The Matrix 4: An Updated Cast List

3 hours ago The Matrix has now joined the ranks of properties and franchises that Hollywood has decided to resurrect and/or revitalize. Although there’d previously been talk several years back about returning to this sci-fi world through a spinoff or prequel, it was announced in August that a direct follow-up, i.e. The Matrix 4, is officially in ..

Zach Galifianakis Hilariously Tears Into Keanu Reeves In New Between Two Ferns Clip

8 hours ago 2019. It may be forever known as the year of Keanu Reeves. The Keanussance reached a special peak since he has kicked ass on the big-screen with John Wick 3, charmed Netflix subscribers in Always Be My Maybe, and voiced Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4. He took the gaming world by storm with his viral “breathtaking” appearance at E3, and no..

Oscars 2020 Voters Share Blunt Thoughts About Joker

9 hours ago We're now officially in awards season, and Oscars 2020 buzz is everywhere -- including, at the moment, for Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in Joker. Fans can debate all we want about which films or stars deserve Oscars, but what about the actual people who get to vote? You're probably familiar with The Hollywood Reporter&#0..

Who Decided Hocus Pocus Was A Great Movie?

4 hours ago Ah, Halloween time! When you think about it, All Hallows’ Eve really is the perfect holiday for movie fans, usually through paying homage to our favorites through pumpkin carvings, decorations, homemade costumes or movie marathons. But, I just have to ask: who crowned Hocus Pocus the on-repeat Pumpkin King of the holiday? Slow the urg..

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