Second Museum in St. Louis to Achieve LEED Gold Certification

For the second time this year, a well-known museum in St. Louis, MO, has obtained LEED Gold certification. The Soldiers Memorial Military Museum was awarded the prestigious green building certification, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), during a ceremony at Soldiers Memorial in August. (Photo: Karen Goering, managing director o..

Hotel Design Tactics Continue to Pop Up in Corporate Settings

Transparency, instantaneous online gratification and hyper-personalized experiences are aspects the modern hotel guest has come to expect and demand. Comparably, the same is true for today’s employee. We are witnessing a power shift across industries from the traditional hierarchy which favors high-ranking executives to the individual, whether that..

Local Designs in Hotels Help Guests Connect to Destination

Local touches are popping up everywhere in hotel design. This can include the obvious like murals and artwork representing the location of the hotel; to the more subtle inclusion of local craft beer, spirits and food in a bar or restaurant; or even the nuanced or abstract design waiting to be discovered in more upscale hotels. Parker-Torres: The Ph..

How to Bring Children’s Library Design Into the 21st Century

Stepping into the Jackie and Harold Spielman Children’s Library at Port Washington Public Library in New York is like reaching a destination. The immersive environment inspires kids of any age with playful design, bold colors and an interactive landscape of learning. (Library entrance: From the moment children approach the Jackie and Harold Spielm..

2 Ceiling Acoustic Solutions to Consider

Since undergoing the open concept revolution, today’s offices tend to be vast spaces ripe for collaboration and flexibility. They’re also prone to uncomfortable noise levels. Acoustics continue to be top of mind for facilities managers and tenants—how do you create a sought-after space that’s also not distracting? (Photo courtesy of Kirei) “About..

3 Editor’s Choice Product Innovations Winners for Your Commercial Building

Product Innovations, BUILDINGS’ annual award program, showcases the most innovative interiors products of the year. The awards are open to any company exhibiting at NeoCon and evaluated by the BUILDINGS editorial team, which selects finalists based on dependable performance, durable construction, ease of maintenance and what sets them apart from ot..

Imaginative Art for Children’s Hospitals Brings Comforts

Years ago, Diane Brown was undergoing a CT scan at a hospital—and the experience was frightening. “I wanted to get out of the room,” she says. “The only way out was my imagination. So, I imagined a painting going across the ceiling.” The imagery occupied her mind and brought comfort. Afterward, Brown wanted to do the same for other people—bring pea..

Real Time Insights Can Drive Better Capital Planning

Building managers, whether they’re with development companies, corporations or in the public sector, are generally locked into capital planning exercises that are conducted annually, or even much less often, sometimes just once every three to five years. Why is it done so seldom? Because thorough and realistic capital planning is no trivial matter...

EDspaces Classroom Designs Showcase Trends in Educational Settings

Six modern classroom designs will be featured at the Education Market Association's educational facilities expo, EDspaces. Attendees will be able to experience the spaces, each with a different focus, at the Oct. 23-25 event in Milwaukee. At EDspaces more than 50 educational sessions will take place. These six trendy classroom settings will gi..

World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant Open for Business

Why eat somewhere that has a view of the ocean when you can now eat IN the ocean? (Jellyfish photo: Aequorea Victoria, also known as Crystal Jellyfish, as seen through the vertical window between the mezzanine and seabed level.) At the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline by the village of Båly, renowned Norwegian architectural and design..

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