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Philadelphia Green Roof Embeds Charles Library Visitors in Nature

On the fourth floor of the new Charles Library at Temple University in Philadelphia, visitors will find an unexpected retreat that feels embedded in nature. The sun-filled space, glazed on all four sides with glass, offers views of a lushly planted green roof. At 47,300 square feet, the sloping green roof covers 70% of the building’s roof surface, ..

FM Friday: Editors Chat About the 2020 Colors of the Year

Valerie is an experienced journalist with an emphasis in the B2B market. As the director of editorial services and editor-in-chief of interiors+sources, she leads the editorial staff in producing the monthly print magazine, coordinates topics for the newsletter and online, and contributes relevant content. Read more articles from this author > Le..

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020, Classic Blue, Adds Calm & Comfort

Pantone announces Classic Blue (19-4052) as its Color of the Year 2020. It’s a timeless hue, suggestive of the sky at dusk. Its simplicity is described in a press release announcing the color as highlighting desire for a dependable and stable foundation from which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. Classic Blue “is a solid and depen..

BUILDINGS 2019 Year in Review

Facilities managers keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry, and the top-performing articles on are proof. The top 25 most-viewed content of 2019 ranged from smart energy-saving strategies to today’s top tenant amenities, created and curated by the BUILDINGS staff to help you save time, money and headaches. Here are the topics..

6 Open Office Design Tips that Increase Productivity

Furnishings and space layout play a vital role in the success or failure of open office design. But an intuitive layout and fun furniture alone won’t ensure a productive open office workspace. The best open office designs account for all factors that affect productivity, such as comfort, noise and ease in finding a space to work. Create a well-roun..

Retrofitting Audiovisual in a Historic Space

We live in an age of sustainability and the old adage “what’s old is new again” and this sentiment carries over into the preservation of historical buildings and sites. Historical buildings lend themselves well to energy efficiency, calling on the use of good ventilation, durable materials and space considerations. However, there can be a number of..

3 Multipurpose Furniture Trends for Open Office Design

In open office layouts, furniture should be chosen not only for its pleasing aesthetics, but also for proper functionality. Successful open office interior design gives employees furniture choices that jive with different tasks and functions. At the 2019 IFMA World Workplace conference and expo in Phoenix, we noticed a variety of multipurpose furni..

Open Office Furniture and Layout Concepts

More than any other single factors, furnishings and layout drive the success—or failure—of open plan office design. Creating an open plan office where people can be productive demands an honest look at your client’s company culture and the way they do business. Open office design means different things to different people, notes Dave Madson, princi..

AIA Compensation Report 2019 Finds Pay and Benefit Increases

AIA has released positive findings from the AIA Compensation Report 2019. The survey finds average pay for architecture staff positions is up over $10,000 since 2017. The increase in compensation is a result of a 40% increase in non-residential construction over the last few years and a near 50-year low unemployment rate. The Middle Atlantic regio..

EDspaces to Feature Modern Cafe and Classroom Settings

EDspaces—the Education Market Associations’ educational facilities expo—revealed designs for its EDspaces Café, where attendees of the Oct. 23-25 event in Milwaukee will eat lunch. The three distinct designs feature next-generation school cafeteria and campus dining settings. Cafeterias are transforming beyond places to eat during food service, not..

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