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Lighting Focus: Understated lighting

A pair of minimal schemes show the powerful impact of understated lighting – the Grupo Arca showroom in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the Alila Anji resort, Hangzhou, China Words by Jill Entwistle The final part of this lighting focus covers two minimal schemes that show the powerful impact of understated lighting – the Grupo Arca showroom in Guadalaj..

Lighting Focus: Light Bureau on lighting for social impact

Paul Traynor of Light Bureau looks at three schemes with a strong social impact, and how lighting approached creatively can elevate the functional to a higher level The continuum between lighting design and light art is a long one. At one end it concerns lighting that is highly pragmatic – light to see by, to find your way safely from point A to ..

Radical Thinking: Pippa Nissen of Nissen Richards Studio

Pippa Nissen, from Nissen Richards Studio, on what she thinks will provide inspiration for radical thought in the future Can you pinpoint the thought, whether yours or someone else’s, that led you to a career in design? I remember as a child suddenly working out that your emotions can be radically affected by your surroundings. The precise moment..

Shed ‘put the crazy back into crazy golf’ for Birdies Battersea

A surreal and immersive crazy golf experience in the Circus West Battersea Power Station Development, with interior design by Shed and lighting from Fagerhult Project Info Interior design Shed Design Lighting Fagerhult Client That Social Place (formally SFG Club) Size 450m2 Project manager Change changeprojectconsult..

If Only… from Align

If only people could escape from office environments directly into nature, says Align In many offices – especially those of urban SMEs, without the big bucks interiors schemes – people spend their working day without any connection to nature, bar the occasional potted plant. Poor posture, lack of movement and little visual stimulation negatively ..

Light+Tech: Light and design interacting to dramatic effect

Jill Entwistle looks at a trio of projects that demonstrate how light and design can interact to dramatic effect Words by Jill Entwistle By definition, good lighting is such an intrinsic part of the overall design that the two are seamless and inseparable. There are also schemes where it might play a more overt, active role but is equally integra..

Light+Tech: Red Dot Award winners

Jill Entwistle takes a look at 10 lighting winners from the Red Dot Awards Words by Jill Entwistle The red dot awards are nothing if not catholic in their scope. Their 49 categories range from robotics to kitchens and from materials to medical devices. And there are sub-categories. The lighting and lamps group, obviously of most concern to these ..

Bar and Leisure Focus: Instagrammable interiors

In an era when success on Instagram generally equates to success in the real world, Kay Hill discovers that considering social media at the design stage is essential Words by Kay Hill A seismic shift in client attitude towards social media happened relatively recently, says Katie Lea, head of design at Manchester creative studio NoChintz. ‘About ..

Bar and Leisure Focus: Texture heavy design

Designers are now embracing an eclectic diversity of textures and finishes, with surfaces in particular given key importance in this collection of ultra-tactile projects Words by Kay Hill Vyta Covent Garden, London Architect Collidanielarchitetto Structural design Richard F Gill & Associates Construction CJN Concept Custom furniture Carimati Cus..

Bar and Leisure Focus: Spa Design

The purpose of a spa is to provide rest, rejuvenation and healing for body and mind. Here, five projects take inspiration from nature or from history to help with that process Words by Kay Hill If there’s one overall remit when creating a spa environment, it’s that it must promote calm. In an atmosphere where phones are banned and dressing gowns ..

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