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Cooking and recipes from diferent cuisines, foods with beauty benefits, functional drinks is the some of themes in the Dining section.

12 Under 35: Jenny Dorsey Founder, Studio ATAO

Age: 29 Jenny Dorsey fell in love with the food industry by accident. Before beginning an MBA program at Columbia University, Dorsey decided to take a “creative sabbatical” and enroll in culinary school. “The people there made me realize the life I wanted was very narrow. There were all kinds of people from all walks of life; it changed my values.”..

12 Under 35: Melissa Bartow, Founder, Wanna Date?

Age: 23 After growing up in the small town of Kennesaw, Georgia, moving to New York City to attend New York University was a culture shock for Melissa Bartow. “I was immersed in a whole new world of food,” she says. “I started shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, and trying all of these things I had never tried before!” One of those new foods..

Buyers’ Picks: Crackers and Crisps

Whether for dipping, to accompany a cheese plate, or just to enjoy on its own, there is a specialty cracker or crisp for every eating occasion. Here are some favorites from specialty retailer buyers from across the U.S. Sam Sevince, Amish Market, New York Carr’s Entertainment Cracker Collection Ka-Me Wasabi Rice Crackers Kii Cranberry Pumpkin ..

Category Spotlight: Breakfast Foods That Move With You

Portable and often protein-packed, creative on-the-go breakfast foods fuel and satiate. Sugar-conscious and protein-aware, time-starved consumers are embracing value-added on-the-go breakfast options that play to their broad array of diets and lifestyles choices. According to the NPD Group, consumers are shifting how, when, and where they get thei..

FDA Moves to Modernize Standards of Identity

Following a 15-year hiatus, the Food & Drug Administration is moving toward modernizing the food standards of identity. In 2005, the FDA and the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service proposed a rule to modernize these standards, many of which were more than 60 years old, long before ingredient listings and the nutrition labels were required on f..

Specialty Chocolate Hits the Sweet Spot

From bean-to-bar to region-specific varieties, craft chocolate is gaining ground in the mainstream. The craft chocolate industry has been enjoying booming demand, buoyed by the overall consumer interest in all things artisanal. Craft chocolate makers and retailers have been exploring new sourcing prospects, creating more origin-specific varieties,..

Cheese Focus: Cheeses of New England

These new entrants are making a name for themselves on the national cheese scene. Vermont is indisputably the epicenter of artisan cheesemaking in New England, but new creameries and cheeses are emerging from other states in the region as well. Leading East Coast retailers report that several new creations from New England are gaining traction in t..

Insurance Basics: Coverage During COVID-19 Disruptions and Beyond

Peter Picetti, senior vice president of Heffernan Insurance Brokers, outlined the types of coverage that companies should consider for their business. When we think about insurance, it’s not a guarantee,” said Peter Picetti, senior vice president of Heffernan Insurance Brokers. “It’s an agreement, a contractual agreement, with the expectation being..

Product Roundup: The Spice is Right

Regional flavors are trending in the food world as consumers expand their palates and experiment with flavors from around the globe. Here is a roundup of the newest seasonings to hit store shelves that will take taste buds on a world tour to places like Jamaica, Italy, Morocco, and beyond. Borgo de’ Medici Porcini & Garlic Sea Salt. This salt is..

2020 Lifetime Achievement Awards: Tim Metzger, Metzger Specialty Brands/Tillen Farms

“What’s the new normal going to look like?” Tim Metzger wonders, sequestered in Lenox, Massachusetts, during the coronavirus shutdown. The founder of Tillen Farms brand of cocktail garnishes (which he sold to Stonewall Kitchen in 2018) thinks that changes in the specialty food industry will be felt for years to come. “There will be no more samplin..

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