Sexiest Instagram trends of decade laid bare from Glitter Boobs to Naked Tourism

As the 2010s draw to and end we’ve been looking at one of the most popular Apps to come out of the last decade. It might surprise you when you realise that 10 years ago, you didn’t have Instagram. The globally-famous photo sharing App launched in April 2012 and quickly took over our smartphones. The aesthetics-based App introduced trends to the world that include the ever-present Millenial Pink, its younger sibling Gen-Z Yellow, rose gold everything, breaking the internet and "filter face". W..

Holiday Gift Ideas For Her

Amaryllis Apparel With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to think about what to give that special woman in your life. We have rounded up some luxury products that she will surely love this season. The stylish lady will love a chic Amaryllis Apparel’s Leopard Two Pocket Cardigan. As beautiful as it is comfortable, this light cardigan has ..

How One Trip to Bhutan Inspired in The Launch of This Sustainable Fashion Brand

c/o Anna in Bhutan Meet Kate Broug, the entrepreneur, philanthropist and climate change activist who’s first trip to Bhutan inspired her to create Anna in Bhutan, a line of luxurious and sustainable silk and cotton scarves. Sandwiched between China and India, Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world, taking more greenhouse gasses f..

Model told she ‘might as well not wear clothes’ after she poses in minuscule...

When it comes to 2019 fashion, less really is more. After the Skinny Dipping bikini was released earlier this year, numerous retailers jumped on the naked swimwear bandwagon. Underboob-baring two-pieces and plunging cossies are among the crazes to take off. And now, there’s another saucy style to make a splash. Tammy Hembrow has teamed up with Minimale Animale to release one of the skimpiest bathing suits we’ve ever seen. Read More Related Articles Tammy modelled the dental floss-style swim..

Vintage 90s clothing from Eclipse, Spliffy and NAF NAF is selling for big money

Back in the mid-1990s, you could have picked up the latest NAF NAF jacket, Eclipse jeans or Karl Kani T-shirt for anything between £10 and £15 depending on your bartering skills. Worn, washed and weathered over the past three decades, you might expect to be able to pick up these retro garments for a fair bit less in today's market. But you'd be wrong. Labelled 'vintage', they now sell for big money online, with collectors seemingly willing to shell out big money for the gari..

Crotch-flashing bodysuit mocked by shoppers who say it’d give you a ‘wedgie’

Fashion Nova stocks plenty of jaw-dropping garments on its website. The retailer has flogged crotchless leggings and underboob-baring tops recently. And if that wasn’t enough to send customers into a frenzy, it has also started selling a sheer bodysuit with a difference. Fashion Nova’s Out In The Spotlight Lace Bodysuit can be snapped up for £19.18. It is almost completely see-through and features a very high-leg fit. This would undoubtedly leave you flashing your intimate areas if you wore ..

The naked petal pose is the sexy Instagram trend taking over your feeds

You can always count on Instagram for some picture inspiration. The social media platform is already home to a range of poses, including the sexy Knee Pop , the booty-flashing craze and the flattering Face Off . But the latest trend requires a whole lot of nudity and a prop. Celebrities, models and influencers are ditching their clothes and posing in bath tubs full of flower petals for their followers. Read More Not only does the stunning set-up make for gorgeous images and thousands of ..

You can now book ‘silent’ haircuts at salon that bans awkward small talk

Good news, introverts. You can now book a “silent” haircut so you don’t have to chat to salon staff. While clients are able to communicate about what styles they’re after, they don’t have to engage in any small talk. This prevents punters from having to bellow over the sound of hairdryers – and you won’t need to look at yourself awkwardly in the mirror as you chatter either. Read More Not Another Salon, a London-based venue, hopes to reel in customers with its “silent” hairdressing sessions..

Model mocked for wearing trousers so tight they look ‘painted on’

A model turned heads when she posed in a pair of latex bottoms. Alexis Sky, who was promoting the skin-tight trousers on Instagram, suffered a bit wardrobe malfunction. Commenters joked that the pants looked more like body paint than real clothing. But thankfully, the stunning influencer managed to pull off the figure-hugging garment in style. Read More Fashion Nova is flogging its Late Night Texts Vinyl Pants for £39.99 (around £30). The trousers have a wet look feel and a skin-tight fit...

Stripper’s brutally honest review of transparent bra leaves internet in stitches

Lingerie isn’t always the most practical clothing to wear. Whether it’s trying to keep a pair of suspenders up, or battling with a skimpy thong, sometimes racy undies aren’t very sexy in practice. These struggles were all too real for one Reddit user, who ran into some trouble when she wore a transparent bra. The stripper paid next to nothing for the cheap underwear from the Wish website, which is probably why she wasn’t a fan of it. The exotic dancer thought the see-through bra would go down..

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