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Boohoo fan buys dress with splits – but it’s so high she’s flashing her...

An online shopper from Boohoo wasn’t quite impressed with her latest delivery. Beccy Carr, 27, from Wirral, was “gobsmacked” when she tried on the £18 Flutter Sleve Floral Midi Dress from the retailer. Luckily, the sales administrator found the funny side of things and posted a photo of the fashion fail on Facebook . In the eye-popping photos, it showed the dress with awkwardly cut splits exposing her black knickers. She said: “Expectation vs Reality. (Pardon the knickers. Nice on

Is it safe to shave pubic hair? How to remove your pubes safely

Whether you choose to shave your pubic hair or not is a deeply personal matter. But should you choose to take a razor to your genital area to give it a bit of a trim it’s important to make sure you know what you’re doing. Pubic hair removal has become more common in both men and women in recent years. Some people choose to get their pubic hair removed professionally, while others opt for shaving it at home. Some choose to shave the whole thing, while others go for a neat trim. Shaving is the..

Bride baffles people by contemplating to wear trainers or Crocs for her wedding

While most brides tend to keep it traditional on their wedding day with a white gown, others want to change it up a bit. One bride is actually going for a very different approach to her special day – by considering a pair of trainers or Crocs. Taking to Facebook , the woman asked for public opinion on which of the four shoe options she should go with, along with a list of reasons why they’re suitable for the day. She had a pair of heels, along with Crocs, Converse or Vans which she wanted to ..

Fashion Nova shoppers question whether you can wear risqué lace dress in public

Fashion Nova is known for its risqué attire. From bum-baring jumpsuits to kinky underwear , the online fashion retailer certainly loves its out-there styles. Now the Californian website has released another racy garment on Instagram and people don’t know what to make of it. It’s called the Without A Trace Lace Dress and it comes in four colours, black, red, white and purple for $34.99 (around £27). While many Fashion Nova fans gushed about the dress on the official website, some on Insta..

Instagram model flashes major underboob in new upside-down bikini swimwear trend

It may only be March but a weird new swimwear craze is already appearing on social media. Instagram stars and blogger who are catching some rays in winter sun locations are posing with their bikini tops on upside down. And it means some serious underboss is on show. Australian influencer Tammy Hembrow , who has 10.8 million Instagram followers, lead the trend after posting a snap of herself in an upside down pink Dior bikini. The string bikini unveiled an impressive amount of underboob after..

The Luxury Brand Celine Continues to Impress

Photo Credits: Shutterstock It’s hard to be a fashionable woman and not be—at least on some level—a francophile. Parisian women are known for their sartorial minimalism and a certain je ne sais quoi that leaves women around the world eager to emulate that iconic style. Shirts that hang just right, pants that cut just so and jackets that somehow tra..

TK Maxx mocked by shoppers who ask ‘how many Muppets died’ to make fluffy...

Would you wear fluffy shoes? If you said yes, prepare to be branded a “muppet”. On Facebook, fashion critics roasted a pair of TK Maxx heels. The heels – which come in pink, purple, blue, yellow, green and orange shades – have a fuzzy finish. And because of their furry texture, the footwear has been likened to the skin of Muppets. On the TK MAXX gallery of horrors Facebook group, commenters giggled at the quirky stilettos. Read More Related Articles Read More Related Articles One commen..

How to get the perfect ‘no makeup’ base, according to Rita Ora’s makeup artist

Beauty trends come and go with every season and according to celebrity make-up artists the ‘it look’ right now is one of minimalism and natural enhancement. Gone are the days of dark, chunky brows, thick contouring and hyper-glittery cheeks. In 2020, we’re all about the no-makeup makeup look. So, we spoke to Emma Osborne the celebrity makeup artist who’s cosmetics looks were influential in launching Rita Ora into stardom. Emma used her beauty skills on Rita’s face for over six years and has n..

Chaps are back! Naughty ’00s trend hits the catwalk – and celebs love it...

An unlikely fashion trend is having a revival. Chaps, which are trousers cut-out at the crouch, used to be associated with cowboys. Then in 2002, Christina Aguilera catapulted the craze into popularity by wearing the leather bottoms for her Dirrty music video. Chaps soon became an Xtina style signature – and other ‘00s stars wore them too. But while they were hugely popular, the trend disappeared as soon as it started. That’s until 2020, when the trousers returned to the fashion world. Chri..

Vegan hair salon bans mirrors to protect the self-esteem of customers

A vegan hair salon has banned mirrors to protect the self-esteem of its customers. Bosses of Pixal-Rose Hair Design say their clients pick out their imperfections while sitting in the chair as stylists get to work. And instead of them feeling bad about themselves after hours looking at their own reflections, staff want to remove the mirrors in the hope they will feel happier about themselves. Boss Kelly Vowles, says not being able to see what they look like as they get their barnet cut will im..

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