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Woman ‘feels discriminated against’ as PLT dress gets stuck on head

A woman "felt discriminated against: when she was unable to fit one of the two dresses she bought from an online retailer over her head. Hannah Goulding purchased the Snape Red Snake Print Mesh High Neck Cut Out Bodycon dress for £20 from the PrettyLittleThing website. The 22-year-old, from south east London, bought two dresses in the same size but in different colours from the fashion brand. However, she struggled to get one of the dresses through her head even though the other garment fit pe..

The Ballon Bag By Luxury Brand Loewe Is A Touch Of Beauty and Whimsy

Photo Credit Shutterstock Right now we could all use a touch of beauty and whimsy. And though it looks like we won’t be getting out of the house very often this spring, there’s still plenty to love about the season. If you’ve been taking the extra time at home to clean out your closet and redo your wardrobe then now is the perfect time to discover ..

Model Iskra Lawrence shows off final month of pregnancy in stunning swimwear

Iskra Lawrence, 29, showcased her baby bump in a stylish black bikini to her 4.6 million Instagram followers. The British model shared a series of snaps where she flaunted the gorgeous two-piece while showing off her pregnancy. She is expecting her first child later this month with boyfriend Philip Payne after announcing it on Instagram months ago. The mum-to-be flaunted the swimwear and admitted it would probably be the last time she does while she was pregnant. Iskra said: “I’m currently 9..

Fashion Nova launch neon tiger dress – but fans take issue with model’s curves

Raunchy clothing brand Fashion Nova have released a neon yellow tiger-print dress. The on-trend piece is bound to be a popular choice for glamorous women in lockdown. But unfortunately, the brand didn't get the response they were expecting when they chose a model to flaunt the dress on Instagram. Brand ambassador for Fashion Nova, Gina Savage, has more than one million followers on the social sharing site. The young woman often shows off her killer curves in the brand’s revealing clot..

The full bush is back as ladies swerve bikini waxing during coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, ladies won’t be able to book into their usual beauty treatments. And for many, this means swerving waxing for the coming weeks. Thankfully for all of us, growing out your fuzz is actually quite trendy at the moment. According to Vogue, “the full bush is the new bikini wax”. The fashion Bible examples that “the au naturel look is back” as more women decide to embrace their intimate hair. While some do so to express their femininity, others ditch their razors..

Coronavirus ‘lockdown glow up’ is making Britain more beautiful

In a culture-shock moment earlier this week, the UK went into lockdown. No more parties, clubs, eating out or football games. For three weeks, no shopping, going to the gym or dating. So, what will we be getting up to in three weeks of isolation? Well, self-isolation may be enhancing Britain’s natural beauty – an expert explains. We’re giving ourselves an extended self-care moment – and we’re ready to look better than ever. Dr Vikram Rajkomar, Pall Mall Medical’s Consultant Dermatologist sh..

‘Pandemic fringe’ trend emerges as women use viral trick to cut their hair

Now that we’re all stuck at home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, people are taking to cutting their own hair. Salons are closed, and so women are taking scissors to their own locks, and a new trend has emerged: “pandemic fringes”. Many have stated that they cut in the bold, blunt bangs because they were… well, bored. Christine Thomas, 22, from Indiana, told the New York Post : “I was complaining to my friend that I was bored with my hair, and I kept seeing tutorials on TikTok about how to..

Instagram models ‘quarantine and chill’ in sexy loungeware trend

Instagram models haven’t let their beauty standards slip when isolating themselves from coronavirus. Many have been posing in sexy “quarantine and chill” outfits. Aaleeyah Petty opted for a pink three-piece from Fashion Nova, which she wore while swigging wine at home. Her 1.4 million followers approved of her saucy outfit, with 16,500 of them liking her post. Many also took the time to leave a comment, with one responder suggesting: “Let’s chill together”. And another admitted: “I would lov..

‘Coronavirus makeup look’ tutorial criticised for making fun of growing pandemicΤο

The world is beginning to look like something out of a sci-fi novel. The coronavirus outbreak has caused countries to shut their borders, care homes to ban visitors and the tube to reduce its service. People are panic buying and feeling worried about the vulnerable. Meanwhile, a beauty influencer has been criticised for posting a “coronavirus make up tutorial” to Instagram. The pretty Iraqi woman has been accused of mocking those affected by the pandemic by shooting the video. In it she film..

Model confuses fans with sexy outfit that leaves ‘cha chas’ hanging out

A model divided opinion by wearing a tie-dye two-piece. Ariana Sayani looked stunning as posed in Fashion Nova’s In a Bind set. But some fashion fans weren’t sure about the amount of underboob on show. When the retailer shared the photo on Instagram, many commented that they’d feel too exposed if they wore the items out in public. One responder asked: “You all just walk outside like this?!” And another said: “Pretty soon there won’t be anything covered up.” Ariana Sayani dazzled in the dari..

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