Everything to know about Lagree, Meghan Markle’s go-to exercise

The Duchess of Sussex is a fan of this LA-founded workout, but so is Jennifer Aniston, Chrissy Tiegan, Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian West. Give a big, sweaty high five to our new editorial series, Class in Review. This is where the body+soul editorial team put their bodies on the line (literally) to honestly review the latest, greatest, weirde..

“I am focused on being strong not skinny” says cancer survivor who lost 8kg

Natalie came out stronger - literally - after fighting an uphill battle with Ovarian cancer. Natalie May started her fitness journey 10 years ago after realising she was not her best self, but due to unforeseeable health circumstances she fell back into old habits. She told body+soul that “a busy life was a great excuse” for leading her unhealthy l..

What causes a “second wind” during a workout – and how to get it

If you've ever wondered where that burst of energy comes from – this is what the experts say, from scientists to personal trainers. Is there anything better than that sudden burst of energy when you've been slogging through a workout? One minute, all you can think about is how sore you are and what's for breakfast, then suddenly – yo..

This workout machine works 86% of your muscles – here’s how to use it

A study has found the rowing machine works 86% of your muscles when used correctly – here's how to master your technique. We’re all busy. We have jobs to do, friends to see, errands to run. Plus, somewhere, we need to fit in a workout a few times a week. It can start to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Which is why, when it come..

‘I went from clothing size 22 to 14 doing this workout once a week’

No matter what diet or exercise program Sally Suttie tried in order to lose weight, she always ended up putting more weight on. “I just thought that was it,” she tells body+soul. “I couldn’t do anything about changing it as I had tried so many diets and exercise program over the years with some success, but only to put it back on, and more, afterwa..

‘I lost 47kg by following this one long-term weight loss rule’

Mikayla Falla was living on fast food, coffee and chocolate. It was safe to say her diet had hit rock bottom. “My meals consisted of Domino’s Pizza and Maccas – that was after I would consume a block or two of chocolate and a couple of Dairy Milks after work,” the 28-year-old tells body+soul. “I wouldn’t eat breakfast, and my lunch would be some fa..

An honest review of the Whoop fitness tracker

I first heard about Whoop when Nike Master Trainer and human burpee machine Kirsty Godso posted about using the techy tracker on her Instagram. Since then I’ve learned it’s also worn by a truckload of pro sports players and professional athletes, Olympians and even the US military. Being the wannabe-health-aficionado I am, paired with my obsession ..

5 ways your job is sabotaging your weight loss efforts

Considering that on average, we spend most of our waking hours at work, it only makes sense that the food choices we make at work can have a significant impact on our weight and our ability to lose weight - not to mention on our overall health. In fact, time and time again, I have seen people consuming healthy diets outside of work, but during work..

10 habits of people who’ve lost weight and kept it off

Most people who diet will regain 50 per cent of the lost weight in the first year after losing it. Much of the rest will regain it in the following three years. Most people inherently know that keeping a healthy weight boils down to three things: eating healthy, eating less, and being active. But actually doing that can be tough. We make more than ..

This is how the keto diet affects your skin

Despite its cult-like following, the beloved keto diet comes with some need-to-know side effects, from keto crotch to the dreaded keto flu. Now, a new study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has shed further light on how a ketogenic diet can influence skin health. Despite healthy fats generally being regarded as good for our ski..

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