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12 bestselling books to inspire your health journey

Trying to kickstart your health goals but struggling to make them stick? These best-selling weight loss books will change the way you view dieting and exercise, allowing you to succeed with ease. When it comes to achieving your health goals, it's easy to get bogged down in all the varying advice on the best methods, diets, exercise tips and me..

Apple Fitness+ will change the way you work out at home

Apple launches into the online workout market with Fitness+; a fully integrated program that allows members to use iPhone, iPad, AppleTV or Apple Watch to get fit at home. A lot of people would attest to the fact that the global coronavirus pandemic has cancelled 2020. But believe it or not, amongst all the negativity, there have been countless po..

‘I lost 34kg and over 12% body fat walking 30-minutes a day’

Molly Sprocket transformed her life in a year by following simple diet and exercise rules. Here she shares all her secrets. After dealing with the death of her mother, Molly Sprocket put her health on hold. “The grief was very hard for me to deal with,” the 38-year-old tells Body+Soul. “I gave up on life and as a result, didn’t take care of myself...

Zoe Foster Blake is proof you CAN run after having a baby (or two!)

The author and founder of cult skincare brand Go-To, took to Instagram to share her accomplishment of running her first 6km in six years and explains how she got over her fear of running after giving birth to two children. Learning to love to run is no easy feat. It takes time, dedication and a lot of willpower. But the feeling of accomplishing th..

There’s 3 reasons you’re not losing the weight, despite doing ‘everything’ right

If you feel like you're doing ~everything~ right when it comes to trying to lose those last few kilos, but the scales just aren't budging it could be because of a few simple things. Good news: they're easy to fix, according to Jono Castano. There's nothing more demoralising than making a swag of food, exercise and lifestyle chan..

Forget the yogi myths: yoga really is for every body

Self-confessed yogi and teacher Emma Maidment explains why we should ignore many of the assumptions about yoga, and why it’s a practise that everyone can benefit from. Especially now. Top: Nike Yoga Womens Dri-Fit Tank Tights: Nike Yoga Luxe Ribbed 7⁄8 Tights This article was brought to you by rebel When someone says “yoga”, chances are you think ..

How Rebel Wilson lost over 20kg, according to her gym

One of Australia’s favourite celebrity exports, Rebel Wilson has been keeping fans updated on the progress of her weight loss journey, revealing just recently she was 8kg away from her goal. Body+Soul caught up with Simon Anderson, the co-founder of SOMA Collection, (where Rebel works out in Sydney) to find out how we can replicate her results. Ove..

Why HIIT is your friend if weight loss is your goal

HIIT is a fitness trend that has lasted for a while now, and for good reason - expert Centr trainer Ashley Joi explains why HIIT should be your top priority if fat burning (and endorphin-boosting!) is your goal. With a new workout trend every minute, sometimes we can forget about the tried and tested methods. But don’t ignore HIIT - that is, High I..

‘I lost 22kg by walking 15km on weekends’

This passionate netball umpire from regional Victoria says a sensible, sustainable program was her key to success. And now she’s back on the court, better than ever. When Fiona Tanner’s doctor diagnosed her with a fatty liver and borderline diabetes, it was the wake-up call she needed. At 58 years old and 95kg, she’d allowed “poor eating habits, to..

‘I quit my ‘eating for two’ mentality and lost 30 kilos’

28-year-old mum Tarryn Eames used to lead a life "full of extremely unhealthy habits" that left her feeling low on energy and self-esteem. But in the process of changing her lifestyle habits, she was able to shed 30 kilos - as well as her negative self-image. As a busy working mum, Tarryn never could seem to find time to work out her own healthy li..

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