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Midwives warn against face masks on babies ‘due to risk of suffocation’

Health professionals are warning parents to not put masks on their infants and young children after seeing face coverings attached to dummies. Adults are expected to wear face masks on public transport already. And from July 24 it will be mandatory to wear them in shops to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However these rules do not apply to children under the age of 11. The government has stated fines of up to £100 will be given to those breaking rules. But those with a legitimate reason ..

New coronavirus symptom to look for as study shows mouth rashes could be a...

Mouth rashes could be a warning sign of coronavirus, health experts warn. Doctors from Roman y Cajal University Hospital tracked the symptoms of 21 Covid-19 patients from March 30 and April 8. Their study showed 83% of participants had purple, red or brown rashes in their mouths, while a third (29%) displayed oral cavity lesions. The paper, which was led by Juan Jimenez-Cauhe, reads: “This work describes preliminary observations and is limited by the small number of cases and the absence of a..

Bikini model shows off hard work by sharing transformation snap from three years

A bikini model gave her fans an insight to all her hard work and dedication in the past three years. Tammy Hembrow amassed a huge following of 11.4 million on Instagram – thanks to her stunning posts. The Australian mum occasionally delights her fans with photos of her progression and adorable snaps of her two kids. But now Tammy took things to another level by showing off her transformation over the past few years. In a short clip, the fitness babe shared two images wearing a crop top and ..

Common mistake to avoid with protein shakes if you want to build muscle fast

Protein is the building block of your muscles. When it comes to building muscle mass and strength, it's important to increase your intake for maximum results. By adding a protein shake to your diet is pretty much enough to help boost macros and even help with recovery time. But with anything in life there are common mistakes we could make which might affect us in the long run. With protein shakes, if you're not taking it at the right time it could be enough to slow down your muscle ..

Slimmer sheds 10st after swapping Xbox binges and unhealthy food for exercise

A gaming fan piled on the pounds when she sat around all day playing Xbox – but she looks completely different nowadays. Josephine Desgrand said she developed a “lazy and unmotivated” attitude at school. She skipped breakfast and felt too self conscious to eat in front of others in the dining hall. During her teenage years, she also swerved outdoor activities and stayed indoors in the evenings instead. Instead of joining her friends, she slumped around her computer with a pile of snacks to ke..

Bread and pasta ‘is good for you and can increase life expectancy’, study says

When trying to eat more healthily there’s a whole world of contradictory and confusing advice out there. Especially, when people equate healthy eating to mean weight loss. For many years, carbs have been seen as the dietary “bad guys”. But, a new study shows that beige foods – like pasta and bread – could be good for our health. While it’s important to eat a whole range of colourful fruits and veggies to get the right nutrients we need – it’s not all we can eat. The research shows that eatin..

Skin rashes and blotches could be coronavirus symptoms, study says

Rashes could be a symptom of coronavirus, new research suggests. KCL scientists looked into data from 336,837 users on its Covid Symptom Tracker app. Of 27,157 participants who were tested, 7.4% were positive for coronavirus. And among these patients with Covid-19, 8.8% reported having skin rashes or blotches. Dr Mario Falchi, who led the study, also noted that the skin problems seem to linger on for more time than typical symptoms. This is because viruses weaken the immune system and can c..

Four simple moves to burn triceps for maximum results which promise bigger arms

With gyms reopening in a matter of weeks in England, people in the UK are still heavily relying on exercising at home. Whether it's arms or legs, fitness fans have been forced to think about a schedule to target all their muscle groups. When it comes to building muscle it's also important to note that eating well and rest days contribute to effective results too. So if you're training your triceps today, then you've certainly come to the right place. Just find some space a..

Some brains ‘find it harder to say no to alcohol’, study finds

New research has found that turning down booze isn’t easy for everyone as some brains struggle to say no to alcohol. Have you ever promised yourself that you wouldn’t drink when you go out, but end up tanking down the vodka cokes? Planned just “one drink” and end up out until the early hours? Well, your brain may be to blame. Medical journal, eNeuro, published a study which found that alcohol addiction is down to our brains. Hence, why some people become hooked on booze more easily than othe..

You’re wearing your face mask wrong – follow these seven rules to stay safe

While wearing surgical masks in shops is not mandatory in England, they are recommended for enclosed spaces. And, it’s reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to make it compulsory. It is believed he will discuss the possibility in parliament next week. Your mask must cover your nose and mouth when wearing your mask for it to be effective protection (Image: Getty Images) In England, it is a requirement to wear a mask in hospitals and on public transport. Many Brits are choosing to ..

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