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Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret to football success involves napping five times a day

Cristiano Ronaldo , 34, is a legend when it comes to the sporting world. He’s not only scooped the prestigious Ballon d’Or award five times, he’s gone on to conquer the Premier League , La Liga and Serie A . Previously, the Portuguese striker revealed the diet plan he follows to sculpt his six-pack , so what does he do to about resting? According to sleep guru Nick Littlehales, Ronaldo follows an amazing routine in order to get enough shut eye for his matches. The superstar was told to ta..

Body temperature: What is the new normal?

A recent analysis of temperature trends suggests that the average human body temperature has dropped since the 19th century due to physiological changes. The authors of the new study also highlight potential causes of these alterations. Share on PinterestNew research suggests that our regular body temperature has dropped over time.Most of us only ..

What to do if bleach gets on the skin

Bleach is a common household product that many people use for cleaning and disinfecting. It can kill most types of viruses, bacteria, molds, mildew, and algae. Bleach also whitens or lightens the color of certain materials. Household bleach tends to contain 3–8% sodium hypochlorite. It is not usually toxic to the skin itself, but it can irritate th..

‘Unluckiest man in the world’ shares incredible 8st weight loss transformation

A dad who felt sorry for himself after his life began taking unexpected turns when he was just 22 has unveiled his transformation. Oliver Pugh, from Derbyshire, lived an active lifestyle, enjoying hobbies such as martial arts, boxing and rugby, alongside his job as a labourer. But his life was turned upside down in 2012 after losing half of his thumb in an industrial accident in June, then a trip to the doctors for a hip pain changed his life. His pain was being caused by a spinal cord tumour ..

How does air pollution affect our health?

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works.Air pollution appears to cause or contribute to a variety of health conditions. The effects of air pollution on a person's health can range from mild breathing difficulties to severe cardiovascular issues, including heart disease and stroke. Harmfu..

Doctor warns men and women to stop using toothpaste as lubricant

We’ve said it many times, but we’ll say it again. Don’t put toothpaste near your intimate areas. Back in September, a doctor warned men not to use the dental product as an antidote for premature ejaculation. And then a month later, another health expert told women to avoid using it to tighten their vaginas. But if this wasn’t enough to dissuade you from using toothpaste on your genitals, this latest warning might do the trick. This week, a doctor urged couples to stop using the flouride-base..

What is Lyme disease? Is disease Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with curable?

Justin Bieber has spoken out about his battle with Lyme disease, which he has been receiving treatment for throughout 2019. The 25-year-old told his Beliebers he had been diagnosed with the bacterial infection, and it had been a “rough couple of years”. The Canadian singer told his 124 million followers: “I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my skin, brain function, energy, and overall health.” However, he said he ..

Common pesticide linked to increased mortality risk

A recent study has concluded that exposure to a common pesticide increases the risk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality. Although the study has limitations, its authors call for urgent follow-up. The study focused on a class of pesticides called pyrethroids. People use these chemicals in agriculture and for residential pest control...

Doctors urged to prescribe ‘kindness’ to cancer patients to help reduce pain

Doctors are being urged to prescribe “kindness” to patients as it can help reduce pain. Carrying out good deeds can help cancer sufferers, a study found. Researchers asked cancer patients to cook and clean for themselves and for other patients. Peking University scientists in Beijing wrote: “Acting altruistically relieved not only acutely induced physical pain among healthy adults but also chronic pain among cancer patients. “Our findings suggest that incurring personal costs to help others m..

How long it takes for your body to fully recover when you stop smoking

For many people giving up smoking is an important New Year’s resolution which can benefit their health massively. The best way for those who smoke to reduce their risk of cancer and improve their overall health is to stop smoking completely. Stopping smoking will also let you breathe easily, give you more energy, help you feel less stressed and lead to a better sex life. And it’s never too late to stop, because as soon as you put down your last cigarette your body will start the healing proce..

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