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Chunky thighs and big hips could ‘lower chances of dying young’

A new study found having broad hips or large hips could help someone to live longer. The researchers looked into data for more than 2.5 million people. But it found that every extra 4 inches (10cm) of waist size was associated with an 11% higher chance of dying prematurely. However, many believe waist circumference is an indicator of obesity and risk for illnesses, such as type-2 diabetes and heart disease. The new ground-breaking study was recently published in the British Medical Journal. ..

Vaping while pregnant ‘increases risk of behavioural problems’ claims study

Mums have been warned that vaping during pregnancy increases the risk of having a child with behavioural problems. New research claims that exposure to e-cigarette chemicals in the womb leads to hyperactive progeny, reports the Daily Record. Vapes which use nicotine cause eve worse changes to an unborn foetus’ grey matter, warns researchers. Grey matter is a major component in the central nervous system. Mums-to-be in the UK are already warned that smoking cigarettes can badly affect their ..

How to prepare your immune system for winter as coronavirus continues to spread

With flu season approaching, and the number of coronavirus cases surging, it’s important to prepare your immune system. Having flu and Covid-19 at the same time significally increases your risk of death, according to government scientists. During the cold winter months, colds and respiratory infections pass from person to person much easier. That’s why it’s never been more important to take care of your body and immune system. There are no proven ways to boost your immunity, but there are ..

Woman takes selfies seconds apart to show how before and after pics can be...

The weight loss pictures you see on social media aren’t always what they seem. By working their angles, choosing good lighting and striking a pose, influencers can make themselves look “flawless”. They can also make it seem like they’ve transformed their body by fad dieting or using slimming products. Faking their before and after snaps can make their fans feel bad about their bodies. Many try to keep up with similar fad diets or regimes but fail to lose weight – and they can’t work out why. ..

Common gym mistake to avoid when trying to build muscle with bent-over rows

There's a lot of things to bear in mind when it comes to building muscle. Having a balanced diet and following a workout schedule are both important factors. But did you know that having the wrong technique can affect your gains massively? When it comes to training your back, bent-over rows are one of the best workouts to complete. Daily Star Online spoke to personal trainer John Tamas who gave us the lowdown on getting the right technique. The online coach, who has over 1,500 followers..

World’s ‘hottest’ weather girl works out in minuscule pink thong bikini

Sol Pérez has inspired her Instagram followers with a workout video showcasing her world-famous bum. The 27-year-old model, who became a TV sensation in her native Argentina as the "world's hottest weather girl", gave a sneak peek at how she maintains her peachy derrière in the tutorial. In the clip, a tanned and limber Sol wears a thong bikini to perform a punishing regime of side leg raises and then performs a series of squats while holding weights. To tone her thighs, she exercises wi..

Sarcastic or irritable people ‘more likely to die from heart attack’, study says

People who are sarcastic and irritable may be risking their heart health, new research claims. A study in the United States involving 2,300 heart attack survivors found those with outwardly negative character traits were at a greater risk of dying of a second within two years. Such traits included being sarcastic, cynical, showing resentment, impatience or irritability. Those conducting the study believe that this could be because the emotional state of being regularly negative puts a strain o..

Woman transforms body by shedding 3st in five months – without going to the...

A woman has opened up about her weight loss journey after shedding 3st without joining the gym. In November 2017, Angel Bowyer weighed 11st 4lbs but was motivated to shed a few pounds by a friend who was a personal trainer. The businesswoman, from Sydney, Australia, gorged on McDonald's and KFC every day before she kick-started her transformation. Now in just five months, the 22-year-old proved that it's possible to slim down in such a short time without going to the gym. Instead ..

Woman who was too big to ride rollercoaster is unrecognisable after losing 16st

A woman who was too large to fit in a rollercoaster seat made it her mission to lose weight – and she’s since shed 16.8st. Kayla Hurley felt humiliated when she visited Busch theme park in Florida. The 28-year-old student and part-time delivery driver said: “It started after I was pregnant with twins and I ended up losing the babies. “I was depressed after that and just kind of gave up on life. I pretty much just existed and ate my feelings. “TV dinners, frozen and fried foods, soda, and swee..

Parents urged to learn difference between coronavirus, flu and cold symptoms

With children being back at school, it’s even more important to be aware of the symptoms of coronavirus. From today, groups of more than six people are banned in England, but educational settings are exempt. That means children will still be mixing with others, and are more at risk of catching Covid-19. If a child tests positive for coronavirus, they need to be taken out of school, with fellow pupils and teachers forced to self-isolate. But this isn’t necessary if the child is just displayin..

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