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“ROOMS 2018” with 22 new artists

 The Cappados Art Gallery organizes, carries out and presents for the 20th anniversary of the first event in 1999 the annual ROOMS2018 Contemporary Art...

How can Surprise be captured on the lens?

This is a Project of 8 photo expositions inspired by the Circle of Emotions, which includes the 8 basic feelings that determine the life and the course of the people. How do Hara, Tribulation, Love, Anime, Fear, Anger, Surprise and Shame of the Modern Greek depict? How can these feelings be inspired by an artist living in Greece? What we are happy with, what makes us sad, what we love, what saddens us, what scares us, what makes us angry, what else can surprise us and what are we embarrassed in our country today?

The aquatic world of plankton in works of art

Plankton (from the word plankton, ie wandering) is all the organisms that exist in the seas and the fresh waters and are moved drifting with the streams of water. It consists of microscopic predominantly species (<1mm), with amazing shapes, but it also includes large-sized organisms, such as jellyfish.

Dubz Against The World 2 (#DATW2) Art Exhibition is back! April 6-8 at SOMArts...

What’s up Warrior fans! I wanted to share an amazing art exhibit called Dubz Against the World 2 going down April 6-8, 2018 at SOMArts Cultural Center! It features 50 worldwide and Bay Area artists showcasing their creative talents. I’m also honored to announce I will be one of the participants of this show! When Art Meets BasketballConscious Basketball teamed up with Kitzy Studios to bring over 300 pieces from across the at SOMArts Cultural Centerfor #DubzAgainstTheWorld exhibit Posted by Golden State Warriors on Thursday, April 27, 2017Vid..

21 Art Exhibitions to View in NYC This Weekend

Advertisement Our guide to new art shows — and some that will be closing soon. ‘TARSILA DO AMARAL: INVENTING MODERN ART IN BRAZIL’ at the Museum of Modern Art (through June 3). The subtitle is no overstatement: In the early 1920s, first in Paris and then back home in São Paulo, Brazil, this painter really did lay the groundwork for the coming of modernism in Latin America’s most populous nation. Tired of the European pretenders in Brazil’s art academies, Tarsila (who was always called by her first name) began to intermingle Western, African and..

A Secret Exhibit That’s Better Than an Art Fair

Sometimes a dumb joke is a smart move. Last Saturday, as the city’s art scene was bogged down by eight art fairs, “All About Frank,” a weeklong exhibition, popped up on the second floor of a town house in Little Italy. As its title suggests, the exhibit—a rangy group show, including works by forty-one artists—is a free-associative riff on the syllable “frank,” from Walter Robinson’s breezy paintings of mustard-frilled frankfurters and Andrea Bergart’s teen-dream abstractions of Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers to Larry Rivers’s misty-eyed portrait of..

Tate to stage its first Van Gogh exhibition since 1947 in London

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Tate to stage its first Van Gogh exhibition since 1947 in London The GuardianTate Britain to explore Van Gogh's links to UK in major new show Art NewspaperTate Britain exhibition to explore van Gogh's UK years WTOPFull coverage

Zosima Gallery’s Newest Exhibition Is Hanging on a Flagpole in an Arlington Suburb

Last time we saw artists Billi London-Gray and Daniel Bernard Gray, they were hosting a political pop-up at Umbrella Gallery in Deep Ellum that featured a pile of dirt and a Trump-inspired hairpiece. The duo is back with another installation to satisfy your appetite for unconventional art, but this time the gallery is a flagpole in their front yard in Arlington. Billi and Daniel founded their co-curating effort, Zosima Gallery, in San Marcos in 2011. After moving all the furniture out of their living room, they began to host regular exhibitions. “A house gallery is typically a bootstrapped art space set up in an artist or curator’s home,” Billi says. “We moved to Dallas in 2015, and Zosima Gallery lost its brick-and-mortar location. So we modified the house gallery idea and made it mobile. We’ve organized an international exhibition, Cambio, which travels in one small cardboard box, we put together a show at Umbrella Gallery in Dallas and now we’ve designated the flagpole [series] on ..

Freeport Art Museum to open Aspiring Artists Exhibition

FREEPORT — The Freeport Art Museum, 121 N. Harlem Ave., will open the Aspiring Artists Exhibition with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Feb. 23. The show will feature the talent and creativity of youth in grades K -12 from ten Freeport schools, four Stephenson County schools, one JoDaviess County school and one Ogle County school. Awards for first, second and third place in each age group are sponsored by Blick Art Materials. For information: 815-235-9755. Let's Post Your Story on Open Magazine!

Tooting His Own Horn

History tells us that the trumpet is a call to action. Legendary player Herb Alpert is making beautiful music to draw attention to his other creative outlet: fine art. Herb Alpert: A Visual Melody opens Feb. 17 at Heather James Fine Art in Palm Desert. The show consists of Alpert’s artworks — from mixed-media abstractions to large and small bronze sculptures — which, like his music, leave an indelible imprint on the heart and mind. This side of Alpert’s artistic palette might not have emerged in quite the way it did had he not picked up the trumpet when he was 8. “When I finally did make a sound on the trumpet, it was talking for me,” he says. “I was an introvert. I was pretty mute as a kid. The horn was saying things for me that I couldn’t get out of my mouth. It was transferred into the horn in the best possible way.” Alpert would go on to form Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass in 1962, launch five No. 1 hits and nab nine Grammy Awards, the latest from his 2014 album “Steppin’ Out.” He..

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