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Android 11 Update to Reach Eligible Pixel Phones in India Next Week, Google Says

Android 11 is coming to eligible Google Pixel phones in India next week, the search giant said in a statement to Gadgets 360. The latest Android update was released earlier this week, and it was rolled out to the Google Pixel 2 and later models globally following the official debut. However, Google restricted the rollout of Android 11 for all the eligible Pixel phones in the Indian market due to compatibility issues. Android 11 brings features su..

Ninja Returns to Amazon’s Twitch After Year-Long Hiatus

Amazon's video game live-streaming platform Twitch said on Thursday that top computer gamer Ninja has returned to its platform, more than a year after switching to Microsoft's live-streaming service Mixer. Tyler Blevins, known to millions as Ninja, rose to stardom playing battle-royale phenomenon Fortnite and is one of the world's most-followed computer gamers. Microsoft bought Mixer in 2016 hoping to rope in millions of paying sub..

Google Play May Allow Users to Share Apps, Games With Others

Google Play may soon natively support peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing of apps, a teardown of the Google Play store app has suggested. The new offering would allow Android users to share their apps with nearby devices. It is likely to work similar to Nearby Share, the feature that Google brought in August to enable P2P sharing of files such as photos and videos as well as links. Google Play is found to have a dedicated “Send apps” page from where users..

Google Urges EU to Be Flexible in Setting Digital Rule Book

Google urged the European Commission on Thursday to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to the tech industry in its forthcoming Digital Services Act. The EU executive is drawing up new rules for data-sharing and the digital marketplace as well as boosting competition after concluding that multiple antitrust actions against Google have been ineffectual. The Commission's public consultation period ends on September 8. In a blog post and 135-pag..

Google, Apple Begin Rolling Out Built-In COVID-19 Exposure Notifications to Phones

Alphabet 's Google and Apple on Tuesday announced a new system that will enable public health authorities to use smartphones to assist in contact tracing without having to build an app. The new system, called Exposure Notifications Express, will allow public health officials to submit a small configuration file to Apple and Google. The two tech companies will then use the file to set up systems that phone owners can opt in to in order to det..

Walmart Unveils Membership Service Rivalling Amazon Prime With Free Delivery, No Lines

Walmart on Tuesday unveiled the perks of its new membership program, Walmart Plus, which will grant subscribers unlimited free delivery, fuel discounts and no checkout lines. Touted as a rival to Amazon's Prime subscription, Walmart's new loyalty program will cost $98 (roughly Rs. 7,200) a year or $12.95 (roughly Rs. 1,000) a month. It will become available to all US-based customers on September 15. Amazon Prime, which offers US shopper..

Rocket Internet to Delist to Enable Long-Term Investing

German tech investment company Rocket Internet said on Tuesday it plans to delist its shares as it has sufficient access to capital outside the stock exchange and can better pursue a long-term approach to investing. Investors have long suggested that Rocket Internet, with a market capitalisation of EUR 2.6 billion (roughly Rs. 22,734 crores), would be better off going private again since it successfully listed all the major firms it helped found,..

Facebook, Google Battle Australia Over Proposed Revenue-Share Law

Facebook said it will block news sharing on its platforms in Australia if the government goes ahead with a law to force it, and Alphabet's Google, to pay local media outlets for featuring their content on its platforms. The matter is being watched closely around the world as it represents the biggest challenge so far to the way the US tech giants use news on some of the world's biggest websites. What Does The Proposed Legislation Say? T..

Google Play Found to Have 23 ‘Fleeceware’ Apps Luring Customers Into Paying Exorbitant Subscription:...

Google Play contains at least 23 “fleeceware” apps that lure customers into paying exorbitant subscription fees, Sophos researchers revealed in a blog post. The new development comes over seven months after Sophos discovered a set of 25 Android apps that were fleecing users on Google Play. In response to that finding, Google has updated its developer policies with new directives. The research team at Sophos also said that despite roughly two mont..

Google Chrome Improvements Include Faster Page Loads and Better Tab Management

Google Chrome is improving the performance of its tabs and introducing new features to increase efficiency. Google is improving the recently introduced tab grouping, which will help visually distinguish the tabs by topic and collapse and expand tabs accordingly. Improvements in the tabs could lead to 10 percent faster page loads and more battery and memory savings. While some of these features are still in beta mode, the rest will gradually be ro..

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