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Lavrov says Russia will work with next US president, if there is ‘mutual respect,’...

Russia’s top diplomat has told journalists the country is ready to work with presumed US President-elect Joe Biden provided basic commitments are met. However, a new poll shows most Russians believe things are unlikely to change. In an interview published on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the Kazinform news agency, “We will accept an..

U.S. School Policies Shift to Bring Back Younger Children

Younger students, like those lined up for the first day of kindergarten at P.S. 161 in Brooklyn last September, would return to in-person learning under Mayor de Blasio’s plan.Credit...Juan Arredondo for The New York TimesAfter a summer of uncertainty and fear about how schools across the globe would operate in a pandemic, a consensus has emerged i..

These ‘Little Land Mines’ Could Prevent a Summertime Boom

Kevin Boehm, center, is a co-founder of a restaurant group in Chicago where sales are down 90 percent from normal levels.Credit...Lucy Hewett for The New York TimesFor the first time since the pandemic shuttered the economy eight months ago, the end is in sight. The development of vaccines that appear to be safe, effective and ready for wide distri..

Reinventing Workers for the Post-Covid Economy

Rob Siminoski has been in the theater, in one way or another, since he graduated from college. But after 10 years at the Universal Studios theme park in California, he is only No. 13 on the stage-managing roster. Even if the park, closed since March, reopens some attractions — the WaterWorld stunt show, say, or the Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Cast..

Nuclear war between US & Russia more likely as Americans ‘share’ bombs with European...

Russia has called for the US to halt the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of NATO’s European members, arguing it both violates the terms of existing treaties and makes a devastating conflict more likely to happen. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told a meeting sponsored by energy companies Chevron and Transneft on Monday that ..

Moscow to ban state officials & military personnel from holding foreign citizenships & residence...

Russian President Vladimir Putin has introduced a new bill to ban civil servants and armed forces personnel from holding other allegiances. The measure is set to apply to around one million state employees. They will be prohibited from holding foreign citizenships and residence permits under the plan, which has been published in the State Duma’s o..

Irish PM ‘hopeful’ of Brexit deal this week as talks reach ‘endgame’

Ireland's prime minister has said he is "hopeful" a Brexit free-trade deal can be made this week, after leaders warned time is "running out". Speaking to the Irish Times, Prime Minister Micheal Martin said British and EU negotiators have now reached an "endgame". "It will require political will to conclude the deal and there are options to c..

Scott Atlas, a Trump Coronavirus Adviser, Resigns

WASHINGTON — Dr. Scott W. Atlas, the former Stanford University radiologist who espoused controversial theories and rankled government scientists while advising President Trump on the coronavirus pandemic, resigned his White House position on Monday. The move was not entirely unexpected. Dr. Atlas joined the White House in August as a special gover..

Trump’s ‘fraud’ charges run real risk of costing GOP Senate runoffs in Georgia

‘If voters believe the game is rigged, why should they bother playing?’ President Trump and his supporters have reason to be sore about how they’ve been treated. But their anger about the hypocrisy of their opponents and hard feelings about the way Joe Biden won shouldn’t encourage them to give up. That’s the danger of promoting the belief that..

Why School Districts Are Bringing Back Younger Children First

After a summer of uncertainty and fear about how schools across the globe would operate in a pandemic, a consensus has emerged in more and more districts: In-person teaching with young children is safer than with older ones and particularly crucial for their development. On Sunday, New York City, home to the country’s largest school system, became ..

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