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Pfizer for GPs, Moderna for rural clinics and pharmacies in plan for vaccine ramp-up

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeMore than 4400 general practices will be able to administer the Pfizer vaccine while another 850 rural and regional clinics and 1000 pharmacies will deliver Moderna injections from October as the vaccine rollout sprints to the end of the year. Doctors will also be paid to make home visits to vaccinate the frail and elderly who cannot visit clinics to get immunised and ensure people moving into a..

Singapore’s Lee Advises Australia to Engage With China

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has advised his Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, to engage more calmly and directly with China, amid a historically frosty spell in relations between Canberra and Beijing. Morrison made a brief stop in Singapore yesterday night for a meeting with Lee, en route to the G-7-plus meetings in Cornwall, w..

‘Consequences of blinking’: Cash warns about taking softer line on Biloela family

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeA Tamil asylum-seeker family that was living in the Queensland town of Biloela has had no discussions about a potential relocation to New Zealand or the United States as a cabinet minister warned of the “consequences of blinking” on border security. The Murugappan family has been detained on Christmas Island since August 2019 as the federal government attempts to deport them from Australia. That..

Experts unclear how Australian encryption laws were used in global crime bust

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeControversial Australian encryption-busting laws played a key role in bringing down hundreds of organised crime figures, with federal police monitoring communications on US soil. But legal and cyber experts say it is unclear exactly how the laws were used, and concerns remain about the scope of the legislation passed in 2018. AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw revealed on Tuesday that the agency had..

Checks and balances needed for new police surveillance powers

June 9, 2021 — 6.13pm June 9, 2021 — 6.13pmNormal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeThe Australian Federal Police has had a big win helping the FBI in the battle against organised crime through Operation Trojan Shield. Following the lead of US colleagues, the AFP used an informer to convince organised criminals to use smartphones installed with an app called An0m in the belief that they were untraceable and encrypted. In fact, the FBI ..

What We Can Learn From Australia’s Sikh Community

One of the many structural shifts that the COVID-19 pandemic has created is the return of the state as a more interventionist actor. After several decades where it has been less inclined to use its weight, the pandemic has forced its hand. There simply could not be an effective response without states using their powers in ways that have not been c..

‘Watershed moment’: Review recommends independent body to deal with parliamentary complaints

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeAll after-hours access to politicians’ offices could be logged and security required to report serious incidents to a new independent body in a bid to prevent future sexual assaults or harassment at Parliament House. The recommendations stem from one of three reviews initiated after former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins went public with an allegation she was raped by a colleague in a ministeri..

Vaccination is a race and Australia must catch up

June 4, 2021 — 5.35pm June 4, 2021 — 5.35pmNormal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeNational cabinet had one of its more productive meetings on Friday but it is the federal government that must take the lead on the key challenge of getting the country vaccinated. The profile of national cabinet, which has brought together state and federal governments to fight COVID-19, has waxed and waned over the past year. It was crucial in the earl..

NDIS independent assessments will be introduced this year despite concerns and mistrust

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeThe new Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme has stood behind a plan to introduce independent assessments for people with disabilities by the end of the year, but conceded in a budget estimates hearing the original plan needed more work. National Disability Insurance Scheme Minister Linda Reynolds told senate estimates on Friday afternoon it became clear when she took on the por..

New law would allow AFP to track terrorists for three years after jail release

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeBeefing up federal police powers to monitor convicted terrorists for longer is at top of Michaelia Cash’s priority list, with the new Attorney-General hoping to introduce new extended supervision orders by the end of 2021. The orders will allow police to monitor convicted terrorists who have served their time and been released from jail for up to three years, significantly more than the six mont..

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