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CLIA announces mandatory cruise ship health protocols
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Published on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Industry body Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) this week announced a set of 'mandatory core elements' which will form the basis of new health protocols for the return of cruising in the Americas.

CLIA has come up with a set of measures decided by health experts from CLIA member cruise lines.

CLIA said it has taken heart from the mostly problem-free return of European cruises.

The core elements comprise a range of measures on testing, the wearing of masks and social distancing, ventilation of ships, shore excursions, and medical response plans.

Implementation of these elements will be mandatory for all oceangoing ships under the CDC's No Sail order.

These are minimum measures which can and will likely see additional measures adopted by individual lines.

"Based on what we are seeing in Europe, and following months of collaboration with leading public health experts, scientists, and governments, we are confident that these measures will provide a pathway for the return of limited sailings from the U.S. before the end of this year," said CLIA President and CEO Kelly Craighead.

Each cruise company's CEO will sign off the implementation of all measures on board each ship under the CDC No Sail order.

It calls for 100% testing of passengers and crew prior to boarding each ship.

CLIA calls this a 'critical component' in its goal of restarting cruising from American ports.

Written by Ray Montgomery, US editor

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