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Colors at last!
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This photo published by PJ Dwarshuis was a nice pic to see this Sunday morning after months of lockdown, the light and colors of the outside world are starting to emerge once more.
The DNA team is getting ready to go back to water with some cool colors. F1x from Thijs Visser, PJ & Mischa.

Mischa will be expecting the new 2020 D3 riders attack on coming regattas. The constant pursuit of Exploder & DNA camps to get the most out of the current A-Class rules are making the A-Cats to foil early as possible and trying to get that 100% foiling time holly grail.

In our view is time to revisit the rig and we are working on the background for new design that might offer what the As are missing to achieve a proper full foiling mode. DNA & Exploder are slowly getting there with each new platform / foils iteration, but we are seeing a physical limit established by the Class rules which aimed to restrict any foiling.

Pete Melvin first and specially Mischa Heemskerk later in the A-Class and F18 Worlds have shown how a rather simple planshape modification has changed the game in both Classes. We see more room to play along in the future.

When you talk with new rig devels you hear “that’s was already tested, wont work ” etc etc. Those exactly same words were the norm when Martin Fischer targeted a flying racing A-Cat back in 2011. Look where we are now…

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