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Coronavirus: The Echinos community in Greece is quarantined

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‘Nine people in Xanthi found to be positive for the virus – There is evidence of a high epidemiological proliferator in the area,’ said Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection – Quarantine started at 6.00 pm and will be valid for the next 14 days

The compulsory restriction of all movements of all residents of the Echinos community in the municipality of Mykis, Xanthi, announced the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, as 9 people in the wider area were found to be positive for coronovirus, which is interpreted based on rhythmic patterns. available to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection as a high epidemiological site for the disease. Recently, and while the spread of coronavirus had begun in other European countries, immigrants living in but originating from the municipality of Mykis returned to the area – among them the original carrier of the virus, which is now in the community and imposes the measures taken.

“From 6pm this afternoon the Echinos community was declared a state of emergency,” said Mr Chardalias, adding that all food and medicine care for locals had been taken in co-operation with the local government. At the same time, the EKAB Health Center has been strengthened by EKAB, with the ban in force until at least April 7.

“The highest risk”

“We call on the residents of the wider area and villages of the municipality of Mykis if they stay in their homes” repeated the deputy minister and warned that “the risk of spreading the disease in the area is high”.

At the same time, Mr Chardalias emphasized that the majority of citizens have complied with the measures, while “the few who do not endanger the health of many”, the minister noted, announcing further tightening of controls by tomorrow, and especially those remaining compulsory in conditions of self-restraint.

16 destinations for .. coronavirus

In a celebratory tone, “today we are celebrating the national anniversary, but we are writing our own history as a society,” the Undersecretary of State for Civil Protection recalled, referring to the case of 263 Greeks who returned from Spain, who said that 30 people were negative, have left the hostel, 21 virus-positive passengers are in the hospital, and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection will carry all virus-negative passengers to each destination. At the same time, however, 21 fellow citizens from 16 different destinations in the country found positive on both flights, and 7 from destinations that have shown no outbreak so far, Mr Chardalias said, seeking to capture the potential extent of the virus.

Care for strays

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection also made a special reference to the movement for the care of stray animals. Citizens who care for strayers outside their municipality should contact animal companies or permanent residents of stray municipalities to avoid displacement, while in the case of stray animals from their local government, a movement certificate will be required issued by the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities, indicating the location of the strollers and the days and hours of care, but not exceeding three hours.