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Designer’s bizarre Sarah Harris rant
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A Melbourne fashion designer has attempted an unprovoked take-down of Sarah Harris in a series of unsubstantiated social media posts.

A Melbourne fashion designer – and evident COVID-19 conspiracy theorist – has targeted Studio 10host Sarah Harris in a stunning social media rampage, accusing the presenter of believing “human rights are a conspiracy theory”.

In the unprovoked rant, bridal designer Shane McConnell took to his eponymous label’s Instagram stories to attack Harris – seemingly because she doesn’t believe coronavirus is a hoax.

Writing in a story that if the vaccine “worked and was safe, you wouldn’t need to mandate, force, deceive or threaten those who question”, Mr McConnell then turned his outrage on Harris.

“Sarah Harris of Studio 10 thinks it’s funny for ppl to be starved and be ostracize (sic) from humanity all because she lives in fear about a fake virus,” he wrote, tagging Harris and sharing a screenshot of her own Instagram profile.

“These TV ppl need to shut their mouths their (sic) are always 2 sides sarah,” the next story reads, alongside an image of a comment he’d left on one of Harris’ posts.

“You need to be quiet about vaccines Sarah Harris. You are showing your NAZI side. There’s a thing called human rights and choice,” the comment from three days ago read.

“Remember that thing called rights that women have been fighting for. Your paid agenda pushing to the elderly is shameful. Your fake belief acting on screen is transparent. Your (sic) helping in killing people. SHAMEFUL!”

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Harris’ response of “Lol. Okay.” to another of McConnell’s comments didn’t deter the designer.

“@whatsarahsnapped Stop pushing your on screen agenda about covid19 (sic) passes. It’s clear you want people to be starved and isolated for your own pathetic security,” he wrote (also sharing a picture of this comment on today’s series of stories).

“It’s disgusting that people like you are on tv pushing all human rights. You need to check back into knowing what it’s like being a human under the eyes of GOD. You are a disgrace.

“BTW: you can pretend to think having people being allowed to live a life they were naturally born to do is funny but I can tell you your kind will not have the last laugh.”

At one point, according to another of McConnell’s stories, Harris had messaged him, writing she was “pretty stunned by your bizarre conspiracy-theorist posts” and his “accusing me of being QAnon and paid by the govt to push vaccines seems very unhinged”. She added that she hoped he was “okay”.

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Apparently this wasn’t enough for McConnell, who rounded up his rant by declaring that Harris “believes human rights are a conspiracy theory”.

The presenter pointed out the attack on her own Instagram, sharing an image of one of McConnell’s stories and writing: “Say ‘I do’ to the Scamdemic with @shane.mcconell.couture! (Not sure why Shane is targetting (sic) me … but here we are).”

News.com.au has contacted Harris for comment.

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