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EuroLeague FabFive Challenge is here! PLAY NOW!
EuroLeague FabFive Challenge is here! PLAY NOW! avatar

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Good news, fans! Euroleague Basketball has unveiled a new fantasy game for the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague. It is called the EuroLeague FabFive Challenge, and it promises to brighten the new season for all fans by giving them a new opportunity to enjoy the games, learn about the players and compete for prizes!

The EuroLeague FabFive Challenge is fun, unpredictable, easy to play and very addictive! The way it works is simple: just choose one player from each of five scoring ranges. Your goal is to predict which player at each of the ranges will score the most points in the next round of games. Players whose teams win will have a 20% bonus added to their scoring total. There are no other restrictions; players from any EuroLeague team or any position may be chosen. The manager whose five-man team puts the most points in the basket wins the weekly prize. Easy as that!

But the prizes don't stop there! The team with the most accumulated at the end of the season wins the grand prize, which consists of a Spalding official EuroLeague basketball; a €600 Turkish Airlines flight voucher; a EuroLeague TV subscription for the 2021-22 season; and a €500 cash prize, presented by Euroleague Basketball. The next four finishers at season's end are also in for some rewards. Check out all the prizes here.

What makes the EuroLeague FabFive Challenge so fascinating is that there are countless combinations. The game is simple to understand for beginners, but will test the instincts and game knowledge of even the most veteran fantasy managers each round. While it is very easy to replace players – all five can be replaced in one week, if you choose – it is also difficult to choose the best option in each range from among hundreds of players. You've got to know your stuff and trust your instincts!

As their scoring averages rise and fall from round to round – and as bonuses for team victories are factored in – the players will move between ranges. When that happens, the place such a player held on your team will show as empty if he is no longer in that range. Empty scoring ranges subtract from your total, so be sure to update your team consistently to have a valid, five-man team in each round. Fortunately, you'll have every chance to do that, because you can even make late changes after a round of games has begun – provided that neither the player you are changing nor his replacement have started their games yet.

With so many players on so many teams to choose from before each round, the EuroLeague FabFive Challenge is both easy to play and unpredictable. A teenage EuroLeague newcomer in the lowest scoring range when the round starts could have a big game and send your team to the top!

The EuroLeague FabFive Challenge promises fans a new way to have fun and win prizes while watching great basketball throughout the 2020-21 season.

So register now and get down to choosing your teams!

It's going to be fab!

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