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Fire in Europe’s largest immigration camp
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Many international media outlets have turned their attention to the refugee and migration camp of Moria and the great disaster it suffered due to the huge fire, with extensive coverage and responses.

The “CNN” report refers to the “biggest immigration camp in Europe”, which refers to the testimony of the photographer George Moutafis, who says: “The Moria camp no longer exists. The camp has been completely destroyed. Containers and tents have been completely destroyed. The fires have now been extinguished. “Many migrants and refugees have returned to the camp and are looking for their belongings,” said the eyewitness.

Although the cause of the fire remains unknown, CNNi reports on 35 cases of coronavirus diagnosed at the KYT and local media outlets estimating that the fires in the supersaturated camp may have started intentionally.

Extensive reports on the fire are also made by the British media: “Flames engulf the largest immigrant camp in Greece”, the BBC reported earlier, noting that strong forces of the Fire Brigade are fighting the flames in a structure that accommodates almost 13,000 people, four times the number what officially bears. “With the first light of day I see that there are a few tents that have survived, it is okay, but the rest of the camp has been cremated”, says the resident of the area Thanasis Voulgarakis to the British network.

For its part, the Guardian writes: “A fire in the Moria refugee camp is forcing thousands to flee.” The British newspaper notes that the facilities in the structure of Moria have often received the arrows of aid organizations for the miserable living conditions. “In Moria, aid organizations have warned that it is impossible to implement social distancing and basic hygiene measures due to living conditions.”

The Spanish newspaper El Pais also mentions the issue, talking about injured people due to the intense fumes caused by the fire.

Reports in Moria are also made by German media with Die Welt noting that tensions have always existed in Moria, but with the concern about the coronavirus pandemic the situation got out of control.


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