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Homeworker lands andpound;160k booking
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Published on Friday, September 18, 2020

A homeworker with Holidaysplease.co.uk is celebrating after converting an enquiry into a £160,000 luxury booking to the Caribbean.

Senior Sales Adviser Sheila Sparkes picked up the enquiry when it came through the Holidaysplease.co.uk website and the client has now paid the £30,000 deposit for the trip, in January next year.

The group booking is set to become even more lucrative as the clients have not yet booked their flights, as they're still deciding on whether to fly scheduled or go by private jet.

The booking, for 14 people in total, is for a 60th birthday for the client and his family.

Holidaysplease.co.uk director Charles Duncombe said: "The homeworker who made this booking usually works on her own customer base but as you can imagine things had dried up a bit due to Covid, so she started to take more enquiries from 'our pool' – the holiday enquiries that come from the Holidaysplease.co.uk website.

"Homeworkers can take whichever ones they want, free of charge, day or night.

"This particular enquiry was initially from a 19-year-old talking about a lavish birthday party for his dad. Because of the age of the enquirer, our homeworker wasn't sure if it was going to be genuine, but she took it on and helped the client.

"It ended up being a £160,000 booking, without flights, to Sugar Beach, St Lucia, travelling in January. Flights are going to be added later and will either be scheduled or private jet.

"I hope this gives everyone a little hope in these dark times and that if you keep mining, then every now and again you can find a nugget."

Duncombe added the Holidaysplease.co.uk pool gets around 3,500-4,000 holiday enquiries a month.

The company is currently recruiting more homeworkers. For more information, click here.

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