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Instagram models go wild for lingerie set that comes with built-in collar
Instagram models go wild for lingerie set that comes with built-in collar avatar

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Instagram models can’t get enough of this naughty lingerie set.

The Fashion Nova three-piece is unlike other undies on the market – because it includes a very kinky feature.

A collar wraps around the neck, giving the look a BDSM feel.

This, paired with the lacy garter and harness detailing, helps wearers to unleash their inner dominatrix.

The online retailer is selling its Shut It Down 3 Piece Garter Set for £42.99.

And judging by the online response to it, shoppers think the red lingerie is well worth the money.

Scores of Instagram stars have posed in the sexy undies.

And one of these lovely ladies is Chloe Saxon, who has 535,000 followers on the app.

A week ago, the British model donned the lingerie before taking a sultry snap.

She then shared the image on Instagram, where she racked up 18,300 likes and dozens of comments.

Many responders were complimentary of her bedroom attire, with one writing: “Red passion! I like your collar.”

And another added: “Fashion Nova have got her looking sexy.”

Nicole Thorne attracted an equally positive response when she wore the underwear during the festive period.

The Brisbane-based babe matched the red three-piece to bold lipstick, before striking a pose in her living room.

Her post racked up 26,200 likes on Instagram – and many gushed over her outfit.

One commenter wrote: “Well that red lingerie you’re wearing is absolutely gorgeous.”

Another said: “You’re killing it in the red!”

And a third remarked: “It’s so so pretty.”

Laura Amy and Laurence Bédard are other influencers to rock the look.

Previously, the latter sported the lingerie in her bedroom.

She snapped two pictures, which show the undies from the front and back.

A similar image was posted by the tattooed Instagram star.

But Laurence put her own spin on the look by pairing the underwear with knee-high red stockings.

This isn’t the only racy lingerie trend to take off in recent months.

Previously, bras with built-in suspenders were all the rage.

Meanwhile, celebrities went wild for wearing underwear as outerwear.

And these were the sexiest lingerie trends of 2019.


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