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Is the black woman 'God' in Alabama?
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After 98 percent of black female voters (96 percent of black voters overall) rejected a good man, Judge Roy Moore, in favor of wicked Democrat Doug Jones for senator of Alabama, it appeared evil won the night. Hollywood celebrities rejoiced and mocked Christians, saying, God is “a black woman.”

One liberal white woman fantasized, “What if we just let black women run everything,” to which actor Mark Ruffalo groveled with a trendy cliché: “I’m definitely ready for that. I said a prayer the other day and when God answered me back she was a black woman.”

However, Roy Moore refused to concede the election, citing uncounted military votes and reported voter fraud. He asked for contributions to his election integrity fund, saying “this battle is NOT OVER!” Regardless, he said, “God is in control.”

Children’s book author J.K. Rowling (of “Harry Potter” fame) sneered unoriginally: “Narrator’s voice: Roy was right. God was in control. What he didn’t realize was, She’s black.”

Even if I were into my blackness the way most blacks are, seeing the godless children of Satan applaud the black female vote would give me pause. Blacks with any sense should recognize these attempts at flattery as a major red flag – a warning that most blacks are on the wrong track.

Black celebrities – including Barack Obama, Charles Barkley, Deval Patrick and Cory Booker – pushed blacks to vote for Doug Jones. Decades ago, Jones prosecuted KKK members involved in a 1963 church bombing that killed four black girls. He’s done nothing good since, but only deceived blacks and others. Whatever happened way back then, today it is black-on-white violence and murder that’s far more rampant than the reverse. But pretending that “racism” is a problem spurs black hatred and hostility toward whites. Both deceivers and deceived will suffer.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

‘Racism’ and ‘slavery’

The liberals put gullible and brainwashed blacks into a hypnotic trance by using the word “racist” against Judge Roy Moore, who told the truth that America was greater when families were together, even though we had slavery.

The unchecked daily massacre of blacks around the country by black gang members, drug dealers and abortions, year after year, dwarfs the few thousand or so lynchings blacks suffered before the so-called “Civil Rights Movement.”

Blacks’ displacement in the workforce and their neighborhoods by the flood of low-skilled immigrants and illegal aliens is worse than Jim Crow or segregation. Democrats and RINOs helped bring about fights and “hate crimes” between blacks and Hispanics, and the continued dependence and competition for government welfare, “health care” and low-quality education.

The absence of men, God, or love in black homes – allowing the unfettered anger of single black mothers and grandmothers and abuse toward children – is more oppressive, traumatic and mentally debilitating than slavery.

Judge Roy Moore’s focus is on the solutions that would sweep away all of blacks’ problems today: Morality and family. As I always say, most blacks suffer from the lack of moral character and the breakdown of the family, not from the made-up word called “racism” (which does not exist, and has never existed).

But Charles Barkley said blacks and the poor need Democratic politicians to do more for them. I say the last thing blacks and “poor” people need is more government “help” by Democrats.

Blacks support evil

You cannot believe in God and support the Democratic platform, which is anti-God, anti-family anti-anything good.

Doug Jones openly promotes abortion – apparently including late-term abortion, with scant restrictions up to the time of birth. He panders to “women” who decide to kill their babies in the womb. Planned Parenthood, a radical group suspected of illegally selling baby body parts for profit, known for targeting poor black communities, strongly supported Jones’ “victory.” They vigorously maligned and condemned Judge Moore.

Moore lamented this week, “We’ve murdered over 60 million of our unborn children.” According to abort73, based on numbers from the CDC, nationwide, “30 percent of black pregnancies end in abortion.” According to Protecting Black Life, using 2010 Census numbers, 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s “surgical abortion facilities” are located “within walking distance” of black and Hispanic neighborhoods. A full 96 percent of blacks – by their vote in Alabama – support abortion.

The radical homosexual group Human Rights Campaign endorsed Doug Jones, who supports so-called “same-sex marriage,” whereas Judge Roy Moore took a moral and constitutional stand in Alabama for real marriage alone. A full 96 percent of blacks in Alabama voted in full support of the “LGBT” agenda forced on children and Christians.

Over the past 60 years, blacks turned away from God – instead worshipping their mothers and grandmothers, in a soul-killing love-hate relationship, distant from their fathers.

Blacks went from being moral, respectful, hard-working and employed, with good families to immoral, lazy, unemployed, complaining, excuse-making, disrespectful and criminal – with non-existent families, angry women, weak men and out-of-control children.

Blacks attend vacuous churches, regurgitate scripture, sing, dance, whoop and holler – pretending they believe in God. They don’t. In 2014, Pew Research reported 83 percent of black Americans said they believed in God. Time for honesty: They lied.

Media wishing to interview Jesse Lee Peterson, please contact [email protected].

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