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ISIS: Her life with the “jihadist from Crete” is described by his 36-year-old ex-wife
ISIS: Her life with the “jihadist from Crete” is described by his 36-year-old ex-wife avatar

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Shocking description of Tania Joya from Bangladesh about her life with Ioannis Georgilakis, who rose to the top positions of the Islamic State – Who was Georgilakis and what is his relationship with Al Baghdadi

Tania Joya, a 36-year-old woman from Bangladesh, describes her life next to the “jihadist from Crete”, John Georgella or Giannis Georgilakis in Greek, in a shocking article in the Guardian.

Tania Joya, who moved with her family to London when she was 17, describes how she met the Greek-American Georgilakis through a Muslim dating app.

“He grew up in a middle-class family, knew many languages ​​and seemed smart. I admired him “, says Tania, who married Georgilakis (and) to escape from her oppressive family environment, moved with him to the United States and they soon had their first child.

And as the young woman enjoyed her freedom in the United States, her husband became more radical. In fact, he recalls that in 2006, he was accused of hacking the website of a pro-Israel group and was jailed for three years.
She had not yet realized that she was “in a toxic marriage” and did not decide to divorce him.

When Georges was released from prison with suspension, he took Tania and her three children and traveled first to Egypt and then to Istanbul. In fact, she wanted to go to Syria, but she did not want their children to experience the horrors of war.

Life in Istanbul, however, and the poor financial situation of the family, forced Georgilakis to lie to his wife and move to Antioch. Instead, however, they headed for the border with Syria. When they entered the war-torn country, the then pregnant Tania made sure to inform the FBI (through Georgilakis’s mother), who followed in the footsteps of the jihadist from Crete for several years. From there, she was asked to return to the United States, so as not to be charged with membership in an extremist organization.

Fights and tensions ensued between the couple, with Tania, in fact, stubbornly refusing to wear a niqab to cover her face.

The “jihadist from Crete” was pressured by his friendly environment to separate her and, finally, sent her and their children back to the USA. This process was anything but easy, as it was organized illegally with a trafficker and had many adversities.

Tania learned last year that her ex-husband died, most likely from American bombings in 2017, while she now lives in Texas, close to Georgilakis’s parents, with whom she maintains contact, because of the children.

In fact, he has remarried (as the jihadist did when he was in Syria) and as he says “I enjoy the freedom to be myself”.

The life of Ioannis Georgilakis

Ioannis Georgilakis – also known as John Georgellas (in English) or Yahya Abu Hassan (in Arabic), or Abu al Hassan Hassan al-Muhajir (as he is nicknamed in the Islamic State) – was an American citizen of Greek descent who 1983 in Texas.

He was a child of a conservative family of Greeks with roots in Crete and had been brought up with military discipline. His father, Timothy, was a doctor and a graduate of the West Point Military Academy.

The attacks of September 11 completely changed him, as in November 2001 he left Christianity, embraced Islam and changed his name to Yahya Abu Hassan. He then traveled to Syria to study Arabic, and during his stay in Damascus he met a group of British Muslims, who introduced him to jihadism.

When he married Tanya Joya and they moved to the USA, he wanted to become an imam, but he did not succeed, as his views were considered very extreme.

Very close to al-Baghdadi

When Joya left him to return to the United States, Georgilakis fought on the front lines in the Syrian war zone. He was seriously wounded and went out of action, but he acted in the background, organizing ISIS propaganda.

He was closely associated with the former representative of the “Islamic State” organization, Abu Mohammed Al Adnani, who was killed on August 30, 2016 by an American airstrike and then connected with the self-proclaimed caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

On December 5, 2016, the Islamic State announced that its new official representative and second in the hierarchy of the Islamic State, was taken over by Abu Al Hassan Al Muhajir, that is, Ioannis Georgilakis.

What happened to his death

Following the assassination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last year, the United States announced that a spokesman for the group, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, had been killed.

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