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“Mobile Views” Art Exhibition at Workhouse Arts Center
“Mobile Views” Art Exhibition at Workhouse Arts Center avatar

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“Sunset Silhouette” by Kathy Strauss

Opening on Feb. 4 and on exhibit until March 4, the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton will showcase an exhibit by artist Kathy Strauss. In her show, Mobile Views, Kathy explores the ‘fine art’ of cellphone photography.

Kathy will be on hand to talk about her work and the process she used at the opening reception on Feb. 10, 2018. It will be held from 6:00-9:00 p. m. in W-9 in the Arches Gallery at the Workhouse Arts Center, 9518 Workhouse Way, Lorton.

In this age of technology, most people own a cellphone that has a camera in it. The impression is that this little cellphone camera has made everyone an “instant” photographer. Besides the instant gratification of being able to take a photo on the spot, people still struggle to really “see” what’s around them. Kathy says, “having a cellphone with a camera has allowed every person to claim they are a ‘photographer’. But in my opinion, they have lost the ability to really ‘see’ what’s around them and not focus on the true details of life. The goal of this show is to share the fine art details of everyday life—in a sense— it’s how I see the world around me. Through my photography I explore shape, pattern, and emotion… but, now, at a moment’s notice and with my cellphone, I can quickly capture minute details of a piece of graffiti to a man’s personal contemplation as they stand in the warm ocean water. I wanted to show people (and myself) that there is a fine art aspect to cellphone photography – not just Snapchat silly faces. All of the photography in my show has been taken and processed using just my cellphone.”

“Going My Way” by Kathy Strauss

Photographer, creative coach, artist, teacher – each of these describes Imagewerks co-founder Kathy Strauss. Her graphic design background gives her imagery a distinct clean style that electrifies each image with precision and harmony. The camera is an extension of how Kathy sees the world. She looks to connect her imagery to her viewer – showing a right brain person’s view of the world. From that simple blade of grass, to the stark graphic look of a building, to the sparkling eyes of the bride and groom, she captures beauty with her lens. She knows she’s done her job when a person looks at her photographs and they know they’ve “seen a story.” She is a member and President of the Arches Gallery Artists at the Workhouse Arts Center where she exhibits her work. She exhibits her work at art festivals and other galleries throughout the Washington Metropolitan area and the mid-Atlantic. Both her work and business have garnered numerous awards.

For more information about Kathy, visit imagewerks.net. You can also find out more about the Arches Gallery at archesgallery.weebly.com/ and at the Workhouse Arts Center at workhousearts.org.

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