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Model confuses fans with sexy outfit that leaves ‘cha chas’ hanging out

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A model divided opinion by wearing a tie-dye two-piece.

Ariana Sayani looked stunning as posed in Fashion Nova’s In a Bind set.

But some fashion fans weren’t sure about the amount of underboob on show.

When the retailer shared the photo on Instagram, many commented that they’d feel too exposed if they wore the items out in public.

One responder asked: “You all just walk outside like this?!”

And another said: “Pretty soon there won’t be anything covered up.”

Others said they’d be nervous about suffering a wardrobe malfunction.

One Instagram user admitted: “Lowkey scared of a nip slip.”

Another said: “Nah I’d be scared it’d just lift up and my cha cha bingos are let out.”

And a third remarked: “Lol girl you are about to slip out and not in the fun way.”

While some were critical of the outfit, others couldn’t get enough of it.

Fashion Nova’s set has sold out online, which suggests that it’s popular.

And more than 13,300 people showed their love for the garment by liking the brand’s post on Instagram.

Others gushed about how great Ariana looks in the two-piece.

One commenter remarked: “Amazing.”

And another said: “I need this outfit.”

This isn’t the only divisive garment that Fashion Nova’s launched recently.

Previously, the brand’s “Borat” style bodysuit went viral.

And earlier this year, the store confused customers with a dress that comes with a built-in denim bra.

Meanwhile, Instagram models went wild for the website’s romper that leaves a lot of cleavage hanging out.

And in other news, Fashion Nova shoppers joked its tights are cut-out for the crotch for “easy access”.

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