Home Entertainment Monsta X's Wonho Rips His Jacket While Showing Off His Muscular Arm

Monsta X's Wonho Rips His Jacket While Showing Off His Muscular Arm
Monsta X's Wonho Rips His Jacket While Showing Off His Muscular Arm avatar

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The 'Hero' singer tries to explain to his fans why he can't make a cute heart pose with his arms when he suffers the wardrobe malfunction.

Having a bulked-up body may come with a little disadvantage. At least that's what recently happened to Monsta X's Wonho. The member of the South Korean boy group suffered a wardrobe malfunction while attending a fan signing event with his groupmates at Mihwadang Record in Hongdae, Seoul on Sunday, December 10.

The boys expressed their love toward their fans by striking cute heart poses with their arms. But when Wonho tried to put his elbows together and bend his palms to create the pose, he unsuccessfully made the heart sign due to his tight-fitting jacket.

An embarrassed Wonho tried to explain why he couldn't make the pose. "I can't put my elbows together because I'm wearing uncomfortable clothes," he claimed. As he demonstrated how uncomfortable his outfit was, the jacket ripped.

Wonho was left flustered while his friends couldn't help poking fun at the wardrobe malfunction. "It's because of Wonho hyung's broad shoulders," they said. Wonho, however, was finally able to make the heart sign with his arms.

Wonho is a no-stranger to showing off his well-build physique, which he's got as a result of his daily routines to hit the gym. Despite his healthy habit, the "Fighter" singer recently had to succumb to a severe flu.

Early last month, he was sent for a thorough medical examination due to symptoms of encephalomeningitis. Sharing the result of the examination, his groupmate Shownu said during the group's show-con on November 7, "They said that it's not encephalomeningitis. It seems like we'll be able to appear together as a group soon."

A representative from Starship Entertainment then clarified it in a statement, "The final examination results show that it's a severe flu. It's possible that the full group will be promoting together starting with the next performance."

After being absent from the group's activities for a while due to the illness, he finally rejoined his groupmates for a performance at music show "M!Countdown" later in the week.

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