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NBA Draft Lottery 2020: League expected to use same format whenever event is held, report says
NBA Draft Lottery 2020: League expected to use same format whenever event is held, report says avatar

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The 2020 NBA Draft Lottery was supposed to take place on Tuesday night, but that obviously isn't happening due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the season still suspended, all other key dates and ancillary events have been pushed back or are on hold as well.

But while it's still not clear when the lottery will take place — that likely won't be determined until they make a final decision on what they're doing with the season — we do know that it's expected to maintain the same format, according to Tim Bontemps of ESPN.

Although some will inevitably grumble about the order being determined by an incomplete regular season, the belief among several executives is that the lottery will remain as scheduled before the pandemic.

"I wouldn't expect changes," one executive with a lottery-bound team said.

"I don't see anything changing," one executive said. "Where will the collective come from to do it?"

There will have to be some adjustments at every level of league operations moving forward. In terms of the lottery that will mean holding it virtually, and limiting some of the production value. It's just not going to be as big of an event this year, especially without a Zion Williamson-type prospect available in the draft.

But what doesn't have to change is the process. It remains to be seen what the league is going to do with the remainder of the regular season, but even if it's canceled and they go straight to the playoffs, teams have had more than enough of a chance to show what they're made of.

Obviously, there would be some shake-ups over the last 15 games or so, and it's not an ideal situation. But every team has played at least 75 percent of its schedule, and there aren't even really any playoff spots up for grabs. The gap between eighth and ninth in the East is 5.5 games, and the same gap in the West is 3.5 games.

Those are tough distances to close in a few weeks, and certainly not a situation where a team could argue it is just a game or two away from being in a much different position. Plus, now that the lottery odds have been smoothed, there's less incentive to even chase a particular spot.

Again, this isn't a perfect scenario, but there are no great injustices here that require going through the process of switching up the lottery format again.

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